Tights, T-shirt, Wool Dress

I have been wrapped up since the holidays, dealing with so much stuff.   It is only this week that I have been able to pull enough time together to sew a bit.

I made a pair of white tights for Evie, with a sheer-ish white T-shirt out of a pair of ripped nurse’s stockings.

2012-01-19 Evie in White 0062012-01-19 Evie in White 0082012-01-19 Evie in White 013

2012-01-19 Evie in White 035I ended up playing around with the camera, just loving her wild hair.  You really can’t see the tights well in these photo’s, but I love these photo’s anyways.

This morning I was able to make a wool plaid dress out of a thrift shop dress I had bought for the fabric:

2012-01-20 Evie Plaid Dress 004 2012-01-20 Evie Plaid Dress 016

I am going to try and get as much sewing done as I can, as I cannot possibly bring the fabrics I have collected back to the Mainland.  I am now at the 9 week mark.   Sigh.


Freckles and Purple Stripes

Evie received freckles, just a sprinkle across her cheeks.  Wow, we are both loving the red headed Evie!  It’s SOOOOOO her.  Another thing, her eyes have really lit up, the blue is more intense and the brown that is mixed in is very apparent with the red hair pulling it out by colour.


I had only intended to make her a pair of tights from the tights my daughter wore for Halloween, but there was enough to make her a dress too.  I found a tiny zipper on a pair of children’s jeans that I harvested for the neck opening.


DSC07327 I should have attempted to match up the sleeve stripes to the bodice.  I also made a pair of stockings in small red and white stripes. 

I loved being able to sew today.  It felt so good to finally have this kind of day.