Rosebud’s Room Box

I haven’t quite decided what to do with little Rosebud’s faceup. I played around with a extra fine felt tip but it wasn’t really doing anything for her. I will try a few other idea’s I have, but her blank face is actually beginning to grow on me.  In the meantime, I found a fabulous room box for her!  I paid 99 cents for it.  Don’t know what it was, perhaps to hold photo’s or gardening cards?  There is a garden poem in the front (which is on a card that can be removed should Rosebud want a picture in there.

2012-02-18 001 The top flips over to the back (it’s on a hinge).  The front has a removable wood panel that slides up and out.  The front green floral grille is metal and slides up too.

2012-02-18 002 2012-02-18 003 2012-02-18 004 The grille could be used as a screen.

2012-02-18 006 Here is Rosebud in the room.  What I really like is that when I put it on my nightstand by my bed, the light from my lamp shown down into the room box lighting it up.

2012-02-18 009 My daughter found a small cradle and tiny chair for her out of a big bag of toys.  These are just temporary until I can find the right bedroom set.  I can’t wait to decorate it, lovely wallpaper, wall sconces,  rug…..oh what fun. 


She’s Here and Safe

This morning, a woman came to the door with a package saying the mailman had left it in her box.  It was such a relief.


2012-02-16 002 This is my first glimpse of her.  All 3 inches of her.

2012-02-16 003She is solid, not hollow.  She has dirt in her eyes,so first thing the little dear had a bath.

2012-02-16 004Her details for this size are incredible.

2012-02-16 007 She has eye lids for heavens sake!

My first attempt at adding hair and a face were all wrong.

2012-02-16 035 She lost something in the. translation.  I wiped it off and went a different direction

2012-02-17 001 I used wool yarn instead of human hair, made a wig cap and sewed the yarn on, made braids and sewed them up around her head.

2012-02-17 002 2012-02-17 003

2012-02-17 005 2012-02-17 010 The dress is not done, it needs buttons in the back and trim of some sort.  I am not sure yet of how to do her face, even with a magnifying glass I can barely see her eyes!

The Search, the find

I’ve been meaning to write this up earlier, but life keeps getting in the way.  It’s is now 4 1/2 weeks before I leave, time is ticking away so much faster than I thought it would.

Most of the furniture was picked up last week, husband is sleeping on an air mattress on the floor.  Daughter wants the TV, dining room table and my leather chair.  We will put those things in a storage unit for her to pick up later.  They will not be staying in Hawaii, but don’t have their orders yet.  All that is left is a glass top desk, file cabinet and the chair and misc. householdy stuff.  The doll room will be a huge challenge for me and I am sure we will have our moments of upset as we try and choose the things to keep.  For the most part, everything seems to be on schedule with all the selling and hopefully the dinnerware (huge amount) and the car will find buyers closer to April.

What I wanted to mention was this incredibly  intense thing I went through for a few weeks.  I longed for something, but did not know what it was.  I mean I was on a mad hunt for a doll but could not find it.  I found many that I liked, but not enough to try and talk my husband into it.  I would have strong reservations because I knew now was about the most impractical time to even consider a new doll when I have yet to lessen the few I have at home.  In moments of crazy desire, I would run upstairs and grab Evie or Yorik and I knew instantly that I had exactly who I wanted to have.  They are perfect in every way, and why I was searching so hard was beyond me.  But on it went, and periodically I would be relieved when I held my companions and be comforted that I was not going to lose them.  Part of the problem is not being able to have them sitting by my computer anymore, as the baby is at the grabby stage and we have had some near disasters in them being grabbed faster that I could react.  So they stay upstairs and I miss them.  Since Evie received her new hair and eyes, she has blossomed so much that I am awe struck by her.  I sometimes just sit her on my pillow at night and gaze into her eyes.  There is no longer any trace of sallowness in her skin, sadness in  her eyes, nor is there any need to change her further.  I utterly adore her like never before.  I have been wanting to write about this, but I simply fail at finding the right words.  Evie has become everything to me.  If I could find any fault it is just the desire to take her about with me.  I still want a travel companion, one that could stand the sun and weather and being tousled about in a purse.

Then I came across a tiny doll late one night.  She was so incredible!  I had never seen one like her and I fell in love.  Tiny, less than 4 inches high, she is an antique glazed china full china body doll.  I did some research and I am guessing she could be between 1850 and 1870.  I will try and find more about her, but they can be pretty elusive.  She is not marked that I can see.  My second guess is that she is French or made for the French market.  Possibly a dollhouse doll or pocket doll but those really came into popularity much later in the 1800’s.   If anyone knows more, I would love to hear your opinion.  I will write more about how I came to these conclusions in another future post.  If you can, enlarge the photo to see the incredible detail on her boot.

She has a missing lower leg and foot.  Her face is not easy to see in the seller’s photograph, but I detect real potential in her sculpting even though the paint is long gone.  She had once worn a wig as there is no hair detail.  It appears one arm may be more bent than the other.  I had to have her.  Amazingly I was the only one to bid on her and I saw that she had only had 10 views.  Wow!  Could no one else see her potential?  lol. 

 1800's Bisque China Wire Jointed Doll!  eBay - Opera_2012-02-12_11-04-47 httpcgi.ebay.comwseBayISAPI.dllVISuperSize&item=230743283310 - Internet Ex_2012-02-12_17-05-49Click to enlarge.

There is wonderful modelling to her body and face for this tiny size. 

eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & mor_2012-02-12_17-21-50 I tried to blow up the photo a bit, I swear I see a smile! 

Rosebud I added some photoshopping face colour to see how she would appear with a bit of a face up.  Being glazed china, I could add glass paint to refresh her without it being permanent.  I found a great tutorial on making a wig in this size and I already used some of my own hair and made the tiny swatches.  I will post photo’s on how I do it when she gets here.  I would rather find a mohair wig, but since I have some at home and I will be home soon, I don’t want to invest in anything right now.  I am NOT looking forward to making clothes for her and I am desperately hoping she is not a clothes horse.  I dislike sewing so small.  Maybe a crochet dress and hair will be enough.  (Fingers crossed).

I had also found a fabulous vintage Japanese box to carry her in in a thrift shop. 

Sorry, bad photo, it is a small lacquer box with silk lining, both the top and the bottom are padded.  The delicate scenery in the shadow box lid is wonderfully deep and layered in 3D style with a pagoda and 2 white cranes.  I made an angora blanket and a pillow stuffed with feathers to welcome her home with. I just need to make a padded bag to put the box in so that it doesn’t get scratched up in my purse.

2012-02-14 Her Box 0012012-02-14 Her Box 002

What my thoughts on her is that she would make a wonderful travel about companion, someone so small that she could go into a purse or pocket with ease.  I could photograph her anywhere and never worry about the sun or the sand, wet or cold.  Her missing limb doesn’t bother me in the least and I may just carve her a nice peg leg if she would like one.  I would love to know what happened to her, when it happened and all of the things she has seen through time.   She is small enough for me to be able to hold her during my flights, take with me when taking walks. 

I am so excited!  I also bought Evie the same size doll but in vinyl so she won’t feel like I am bringing in an OTHER.  I told her we could play dollies together!  I think she likes the idea even though she looked at me with that sceptical look.

Soft Silicone for Eyes and Wigs

2012-02-06 0022012-02-06 0032012-02-06 0052012-02-06 004

This is the product that I mentioned yesterday, the silicone earplugs that I use for eye putty and wig holder.  I pressed the eyes into the mount and pressed into the eye well.  For the wig, I pressed it down around the scalp, and it holds the wig rock solid.  It is also easy to remove the wig too.  It’s tacky and holds well.

No Freckles, Red Eyelashes

So many photo posts today!  I had added the freckles and more eyebrow with a simple coloured pencil over her faceup, so it was easy to wash off with a magic sponge.  I then added red eyelashes, this time making them only covering the outer edge of her eye well, so that they didn’t overwhelm the eyes.  I also used clear silicone eye plugs for her eye putty and OMG what a fab substance that is!  They really held her eyes in so much better than any putty I have ever used.  I then added pressed on on top of her head and smeared it down and it holds her wig perfectly.    This was cheap, less than $2 at the pharmacy and I will not be using anything else for my dolls from now on.

Anyways, I can now see how the freckles were too much and took away from the eyes.  Suddenly, her whole face brightened up, the eyes were absolutely beautiful.   What a difference!  And I am so amazed at how all the subtlety of her face up came through again.   I love these eyes, the 14mm give her a natural realistic look.  The eyelashes give an interesting look and the no-freckles face is soft and give the eyes a chance to shine through:

2012-02-05 Evie with no freckles, red eyelashes 0472012-02-05 Evie with no freckles, red eyelashes 0032012-02-05 Evie with no freckles, red eyelashes 0082012-02-05 Evie with no freckles, red eyelashes 0152012-02-05 Evie with no freckles, red eyelashes 023

2012-02-05 Evie with no freckles, red eyelashes 0062012-02-05 Evie with no freckles, red eyelashes 005

Sock Undies

I had some baby sized socks that I wanted to use up, and rather than making socks, I decided t make undies.  They turned out so well, I made a second pair with a mermaid.  I cut the panty shape giving enough for the back then cut up a higher curve for the front.  I turned under the edges and sewed, then sewed together the crotch.

2012-02-05 sock undies 001


I will be making more of these!  So easy.

Evie With Green Eyes

The green eyes arrived this morning.

At first I was surprised at how they looked to be 16mm instead of the 14mm.

2012-02-05 Evie Green Eyes 001

But once out, I could see the difference:

2012-02-05 Evie Green Eyes 002

The colour is very soft, reminds me of the green sea with lots of foam when we took the ferry to Svenborg.

2012-02-05 Evie Green Eyes 028 The room was too dark to take decent photo’s, with flash, they sort of get lost. 

2012-02-05 Evie green eyes 048 I took her over to the front door for natural light, and I could see them much better.  Excuse the eyelash residue, I will be washing her face and eye wells because i have clear silicone plugs to use with her eyes.  Perhaps eyelashes will help.  I do have reddish lashes to use.

2012-02-05 Evie green eyes 045  They do allow more light to her eyes, but I guess I am so use to the really dark ones:

2012-01-20 Evie Plaid Dress 008 These are the ones she has worn the longest.

2012-01-30 Evie Set 204 I absolutely love the look of these eyes, but they aren’t Evie eyes. 


Not sure yet what to do.  I’ll give them a go to see if they end up being the right eyes.  I keep thinking she needs more dramatic eyes.  I would love to try the sparkle root beer ones.