Traveling Companion

Today I had to choose the travel companion so that I could pack the boxes with the remaining dolls.  This was sort of hard, as I have been comforted by Ann and Jeanette and of course the usual thought…probably someone small would be easiest to carry.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Yorik is the traveller and to be able to capture him in London and Stonehenge would be far more appropriate than just having cute girl dollies in pretty dresses with background shots.  Husband agreed and got all excited all over again about Yorik’s potential.  This means though, that I have to manage two large suitcases, a backpack and a bag to carry Yorik in on the Tube.  It also mean that Yorik will be my only companion for about 70 days, or whenever our boxes arrive.    So it will be Yorik and I who will be exploring Glasgow and Loch Lomond and the River Clyde.  That is the area we are hunting a flat.  We gave up on Edinburgh, we were just not finding the right place there.

2012-03-30 012 I spent the rest of the day packing my dolly things, yarns, fabrics, notions, sewing stuff and the dolls.  I managed to keep it three boxes.  They are filled to the brim!  We haven’t weighed them yet, they have a limit of 66 pounds.  I may have to take something out, but if not, I will be very happy with what I took.  I managed to get Miette’s trunk in there and the dark grey sofa.  Also a bicycle and a scooter.

2012-03-30 011 I found Sila’s sweater that Sisko made, and it fits him beautifully.  I also found several items for him to use that belonged to Silas.  Yorik was pleased with the new loot.

I am so relieved that the dolly stuff is done and fingers crossed that the weight is ok.


Caught in the Act!

2012-03-29 0072012-03-29 008

I caught husband playing with Yorik and Evie…..

How sweet….he had them hold hands and Evie’s leg is up over Yoriks.  I loved the pose and commented on how there was a story in seeing them this way.  Yorik has completely blossomed in my eyes since the wig change and the addition of glasses.  Evie too….there is something about her wild hair too.  I sense the difference in how these two are and how my woodens are.  I get a very different feel in playing with them.  Interesting.  Still, right now I have little time to play.  It made me smile to see this and soon, I will be able to play to my hearts content. 

All dolls must be packed except the one that I will carry.  I haven’t decided that yet, but hopefully will today.  it can take up to 70 days for our boxes to arrive, so that is going to be considered.

More Musing About Nothing

I love my Sasha doll!  Even without the ability to bend legs or elbows, I find her proportions to be so charming and easy on the eyes.  I really love BJD’s but have always disliked the long legs.  I also love her beautifully shaped head and limbs.  What the surprise for me was to see how small she is, I guess in my mind, I always saw Sasha’s at the size of American Girls, only slimmer.  She is petite and thick bodied.  

image We haven’t settled 100% on a name, but still leaning towards Jeanette.

I did get many dolly things sold on eBay, but of course the work and time involved doing this is a bit much.  We sold our car, so now I have cart all the boxes to the post office on a dolly and by walking.  So no more sales at this point.  The rest will have to go by Free Cycle.  I am ok with that.  I am so glad I did make going through the Dolly things the first thing to do.  It is done now and I am reconciled to the losses.

Evie got the soft green eyes back and Audrey went back to her original hair and eyes.  Hammie kept the big brown eyes and went back to his original brown wig.  All of my faceup supplies were given away, so how the dolls all look now is pretty much it for a long time.  I did keep a handful of wigs and all of the eyes I had, that was just too much of an investment to let go of.  I don’t know where I will lean in the future about dolls, but I am certainly enjoying the 16 inch size right now.  They are a good solid size, not too small, not too large.

Miette is my resident antique girl.  I am so hoping I can keep her trunk.  I know that I cannot keep Evie’s.  I am debating whether to sell it now or leave it with my daughter to send later, if I can afford it.  The packing boxes for Seven Seas is arriving today, so I will see what size they are.

Size Comparisons

2012-03-27 006

I had a break from packing, to take some time with the midsized gang.  I was dismayed that I could not get the middle girl to stand and had to borrow Charlotte’s.  We played around with trying on new names, and thought about

(from left to right)

Mikko to Peter.

Jollyann to Ann

Allina to Sophie

Sasha Caleb to Jane, or Jeanette.  She likes the latter.

Evie to nothing but Evie.  She stood defiant on that one. 

All five dolls can all wear the same clothes and shoes.  A dream come true for me.  Although it appears that Evie is the most slender, that plain dress of Jeanette is hers. 

Evie doesn’t really fit into the same head size realm of the others, but I am getting less and less indignant about that sort of thing.  Knowing Evie, I doubt she’ll hang around the others anyway.  What makes me think so?


2012-03-27 Bad Ass Tattoo 003 She just won’t stop bothering Yorik.

Out with the old, in with the new

Wow.  I got so much done ON SCHEDULE!  Yesterday two ladies came and took away all the yarn, fabrics and dolly stuff.  I am slightly (but not fully) embarrassed over how much I have accumulated in dolly stuff. Laughing out loud

I put it all out on the balcony so that I could get a sense of what was going, what I still had to do and so on.

2012-03-25 0032012-03-25 0022012-03-25 001 By 10am, two ladies came by and took it all.  I was surprised to find that I was at peace with it all.  I liked knowing these things delighted the women to no end, the one having granddaughters who would be delighted with it all.

We then drove out to my parents for dinner.  I was again surprised by a gift from my husband!  I now knew why he was so adamant that I keep my dolls, because he added one to the mix!

This doll I had seen in a remote antique shop while we were trucking.  I remember seeing the doll in a cabinet, and hoping beyond all reasonable hope that the doll would be cheap since this just didn’t seem like a place that would have dolly nuts like me looking for dolls.  The excitement I had while the clerk took the doll down for me to see made my husband laugh.  When I saw the $500 (or something equally out of my range, I can’t remember) I was so dismayed.  Well, husband found Sasha Caleb and bought him for me.

I have always been intrigued with them, ever since I gave one to my daughter in the early 1980’s.   She still has that doll.  I’ve always liked the quality of them, but hesitated over the painted eyes.  I do like their simplicity and lovely bodies and proportions.  Now I had one in my hands!

2012-03-25 004 My mother was excited too!

2012-03-25 0052012-03-25 006

2012-03-25 008 I did not see Caleb as a boy.  She is a she.   When I got home, I put one of Evie’s dresses on her and was so delighted to find out that she joins Allina, Evie and Jollyann in being able to wear the same clothes and shoes.   A dream come true for me.

2012-03-25 019 Sigh, I am not sure how this is going to work with adding one more, but I am delighted with her and she is definitely a sweetheart!   What a wonderful weight, feel and cute look. 

Oh, and I found shoes for Yorik that fit!  Shoes that fit an SD that I had, he now gained several pairs!

2012-03-26 003Lazy butt.

Yarns, Fabrics and a Choice

Yesterday I got all the yarns and fabrics sorted and I pulled out what I wanted.  I also added more stuff on eBay.

Then came the time to make the decision about the dolls.  Who was to come with us and who would be sold.  I don’t care how many times I go through this, I don’t care how many times I think I can figure this out, no matter how many times I write novels about the decision making process, when it’s time to do it, I go blank.  I love each and every one of my dolls.  But I could not start the next step, sorting out the clothes, shoes and accessories until I knew who was coming.

To stay on budget, we can only send about 20 boxes.  Each box will cost us $120-150 to mail.  What is in the box has to first be necessities to set up a household.  The next important is the precious art and personal things.  We figured I could have 4 boxes for all my dolly related stuff, but with my sewing and yarn, I am already at 2 full boxes.  Dolls have to go in these boxes, clothes and shoes.  I sat down and nearly burst into tears (which is why the dolly stuff had to be done first, I wanted it all over with.  I just couldn’t choose which dolls, no matter how I logically tried to rationalize it.

I went to Husband to talk it out.  I felt somewhat shamed that this thing about my love for dolls should cause me this kind of grief.  I felt somewhat shamed that I would fuss over this when we have more important issues to get through.  We talked it out and went over all the issues and after realizing that there won’t be any more dolls for a very long time, and in all reality, perhaps not again if our financial situation doesn’t change, that it would be best to keep what I have and not let go of anyone.  I was so relieved.  I made him swear that he agreed to this 100%, I did not want to later hear that my dolly stuff took up too much space!

After that, I relaxed and sorted the wigs, which of course led me to trying on the wigs to see which ones I wanted to keep (if any).  I tried on a brown wig on Yorik, but hated the pin head look it gave him.

2012-03-24 005  I LOVE the glasses, but there just isn’t any drama here.  Nerdy?  lol.

I would never have thought of it, but put a Tibetan wig on and about fell off my seat:

2012-03-24 0382012-03-24 012

OMG.  Really, OMG.

Next I switched Evie’s green eyes for Audrey’s reddish eyes:

2012-03-24 034 2012-03-24 002

The white wig on Audrey was fun, I am not sure about it, but the green eyes worked great with the white.  I liked the red eyes (multicolour fall colours, but the green are more dramatic.

I played around with Hammie’s look, but haven’t really found that yet.

Another very startling difference was changing Miette’s wig to a Tibetan:

2012-03-24 0092012-03-24 030

I could squee for the look!

Ok, I need to hit the dollroom, here is the companions going to Scotland!

2012-03-24 029

Miette, Evie, Audrey, Yorik, Hammie, Jollyann, Allina, Kameko, Rosebud and Mikko.  Oh, and who can forget:

2012-03-24 023

Day One of the Cut

Yesterday went ok.  I filled two big boxes with items I am willing to give away, but so far have not had any responses for takers.  I got a couple of responses from the sewing group for sewing notions and fabrics.  Oh, well, I guess if need be, I will just bag it up and give it to a thrift shop.

I got about 20+ items on eBay, starting out at .99.  That in itself takes such a long time.  I have not begun the final cut on the dolls or what I am going to take to Scotland, that will be done today.  I need to clear the two tables and get what goes on the big table and what I keep on the small.

image  On the brown box I put all my dolls of importance to me.  I put the dolls I never really considered companions, but were like sidekicks in photo stories or I had planned on something in the future for them.  I put them all on eBay.

image So here was my dolls as of yesterday.  The china head in white was put on eBay yesterday, so it is down by one.  She is incredible lovely but I purchased her while we were trucking and didn’t have the chance to bond with her.  In the middle is my core….my woodens and Olivia.  They are who I feel the strongest about.  Yorik is my husband’s doll but he can’t wrap his mind around him yet, but when I mentioned possibly selling him, he thought that we should keep him.  I smiled because we are only starting this process and he is already wavering himself.

 image These are all on sale, except the gofun, as I need to put her kimono back on for the sale.  I have not listed little Rosebud either.  Wavering on her.

And Evie…..well she has certainly been a big part of my dolly days since 2006.  The difference in play is that the resins seem to need more care and with their expressions, have more intensity.  There is always the fear of them toppling while photographing and the fears of skin turning yellow, fingers or noses chipping.  I noticed that the smaller resins, Audrey and Hammie had a delightfully heaviness and solid feel to them, they were more fluid in movement.  Evie’s stringing is getting quite loose and is floppy, Yorik is so tightly strung he is stiff.

The woodens on the other hand are cheerful in expressions, have a nicer feel to their skin (I have always loved the feel of wood and natural things).  They are not as poseable as the resins, although my Schoenhut is better than the resins in holding her positions.  To me, the woodens are the best for everyday fun and play.  I simply adore them.  Has my attachment to Evie kept me in the BJD world when my heart has been leaning towards the simpler dolls?  Honestly, I never thought I would go in this direction, the perfection of the doll with perfect bodies and glass eyes were always important to me.  Now, with my husband and I simplifying our lives with everything else, it only seems natural to let go of the top of the line thinking and let myself find the companionship and joy of a simple wooden doll.

I am still feeling a warm companionship from Jollyann, loving her whole being, from her size, shape and the way those eyeglasses make her eyes so real.  I toyed a few times in thinking maybe just her…pack the big trunk and items just for her.  I have toyed with this idea of a single companion for many years, but this is truly about the last time I could have the valuable dolls that I do have.  I want to go as simple as I can, but I am still wavering and sometimes all it takes is just seeing a sweet face and I feel guilty for thinking about it.  Yet for years, I have been feeling torn about the idea and here I am with only a short few weeks to make final decisions.  The reality is, that not having jobs and not sure if we will ever be able to work again, we are living on savings and eventually pensions, and dollies become frivolous purchases that cannot be expected.  So here is my point, whether to simplify the dolls, or keep the top dolls?  Today that is my challenge.

image Before I started working on it, here is my doll room.  It is messy because when my husband emptied my storage dressers he plopped the stuff in here.  This was NOT how I left it a year ago, LOL.  So that is a bit disconcerting to deal with.

image  Here is outside the doll room, other things to sort through.  I can see at a glance that nearly none of it can be kept.  The table was cleared on top and made into my eBay sales station. 

I’ll take more pictures of the process, and try to write every day.