Lack of Creativity

Honestly, I just haven’t been able to get into my dolls or in any kind of play since I have been in Hawaii.  A few moments here and there of inspiration, but it soon trailed off into caring and paying attention to the children and household duties.  I haven’t lost interest, but there is a lack of time and peace about it.  I have tried here and there, but overall my dolls have been simply a comfort and a retreat for me, rather than any kind of adventure as I wanted to have.  I miss the play and the creativity and I sure hope it all comes back to me as we settle down in the UK or in Denmark, whichever it ends up being.

Evie and Yorik have been sitting in chairs for weeks now.  I at least stop and look at them each evening before bed.  I feel such sadness.  It’ just doesn’t work well to have them downstairs with the children, two of them mess with them and want to play and damage would be too much of an issue.  Same with photography outside, it’s not just me taking a doll out, but 4 other children as well.  I can’t concentrate this way at all.

Little Rosebud has been kept in a little leather box I found, which will be far more practical when carrying her in my purse, but I have forgotten to bring her along every single time!  I am totally distracted with everything and feel everything is on hold.  Next weekend I will see my dolls at the apartment, ones I have not seen in a year.  Some will have to be sold, some will come with me, but I have yet all those things to sort through.  Fabrics, notions, yarns, patterns and all the doll things I have collected through the years.  About 1/8 will be kept, that is it.  I feel a tug at my heart over that too.

In the meantime, I did find a half scale bedroom suite which seems large to me.  I like the dresser, but the bed is a double and too wide and I cannot fit the bureau in the room at all. 

2012-03-02 0232012-03-02 0242012-03-02 025 It would be nice if the bed was a single.  I haven’t time to look around and will save that for a UK project.  I would like to paper the walls and make a rug and add pictures to the wall.  If I could find a smaller bed, I would love to add a little chair.  Perhaps  a small sofa would be better.  I do have ‘some’ dollhouse miniatures at home, maybe I can find something for her there.

I did score some real silk thread and will attempt to make her a silk dress in crochet, but I am shuddering to think of cramping my hands up in that endeavour. 

I removed the last attempt to paint her face.  I was getting better at it, but I kept feeling like it took away the beauty of her sculpting.  while you can only see it up close and in the right light, she has tiny little eyelids!  Any painting, even as tiny as I can get it, obliterates those lids. 

2012-03-02 006 I took her one day out when walking the baby in the stroller.  But she didn’t photograph well.  She has a bit of left over faceup here in these photo’s, but it is gone now.

2012-03-02 0042012-03-02 011This dress is too clunky for her, that is why I want to attempt to crochet a thinner thread dress. 


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