A New Girl

I have been suffering the worst dolly withdrawal.  Just knowing everyone is in a box and sitting in California waiting to board a ship has been undoing me.  No kidding.  I’m embarrassed to admit it.

I searched high and low for a interim dolly.  Sure, I have Yorik, but he’s not a girl.  I need cuteness right now.  Gads, how I regret not taking another girl, I really do.  I am even MORE embarrassed to admit just how many hours late into the night I search for a little companion within a price range I might get away with.  There’s money in PayPal, will husband notice that I don’t transfer as much over to the bank account as I first mentioned was available?  Will I have to confess my addiction? lol. 

So in every spare moment, I hunted, furtively.  I scoured eBay, but no one was calling my name.  I carefully watched mailing times, but I knew there was no promise of being mailed within the given time frame.  I even went through every doll on Denver Doll, because they mail so quickly.  All I wanted was a little girl for a girly connection.  I also could not spend much, as husband would have a fit.  I thought about a Patsy, Patsyette, vintage compo, Kish, gads, I was all over the place.  I kept telling myself, I just wanted a little girl to play with.  She didn’t need to be fancy, elite or anything more than personable.

I found this little one who so captured me, even though I do not care much for bisque, nor mixed bodies.  The photo’s were not very good, quite blurry in fact, but there was something about her.  Something I could not let go of.  She looks huge, but the dear is only 12 inches high.  I can’t manage to get her before I leave, but I am having her sent to my Scottish address and hopefully I will have her to play with before the others find their way 70 or so days later.

ADORABLE VTG BISQUE SHOULDER HEAD W VICTORIAN HAT JEWELS SHOES ETC  eBay - Maxt_2012-04-19_08-52-11 I do not know who she is.  She has a sort of Julie Good Kruger and Hartmann look.  But I could not find anything on her.  What’s puzzling is her tiny size.

ADORABLE VTG BISQUE SHOULDER HEAD W VICTORIAN HAT JEWELS SHOES ETC  eBay - Maxt_2012-04-19_08-52-58I have a thing for well shaped legs and feet.  I love her pinched eyes and Alice in Wonderland hair.  The seller said her foot is marked CC6211 Annie, but I know nothing about who she is.

ADORABLE VTG BISQUE SHOULDER HEAD W VICTORIAN HAT JEWELS SHOES ETC  eBay - Maxt_2012-04-19_08-53-44 The eyes remind me of a Hartmann doll, the intense blue.  The nose is wonderfully oddly shaped, so realistic.  But the small eyes are like Kruger.  Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, there is something about her I really like and I think she will be good company until the others arrive. 

Gads, I feel guilty, I wasn’t suppose to keep as many dolls as I did, and now I am sneaking another one in.  I am truly addicted to dolls.


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