Wake Up Glynnis Ellin!

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No Name Yet

I still have not found the right name for the little one.  I can tell she is going to require a very special name.  After searching through hundreds, she is still not satisfied.

2012-05-11 009 I gently washed her hair, which is hair that is glued on, I see a seam down the centre part, but other than that, it is glued to the scalp.  I washed the ends to take away the frizz and dust, and it falls in lovely curls now.

2012-05-11 012 I wish I could capture her on film.  She is not very photogenic, but in person, she is marvellous in her colouring and in her face and eyes.

2012-05-11 007 I wish I knew who she was.  I wish she would say her name!

The boys….well they are being boys.

2012-05-10 019 2012-05-10 021

2012-05-10 020They spend a lot of time in the window and plotting something.  I hope the window washer didn’t give them any ideas.

2012-05-10 001

Little One

The new little girl is fascinating and irrepressible.  Each and every time I look at her, I feel I have stumbled upon an unexpected gem.  Those eyes, I gazed at her for a long time as I fell asleep last night.  They were brilliantly blue, sparkled with life.  I am so close to calling her Vivian which means ‘’life’’.  Yet there is a nagging feeling I ought to let her be my long lost Alice.  She has the look, the wild hair and the where-with-all to be a perfect Alice.  She almost could be that Tenniel drawing I so clung to as a child.  It was my personal dream world and I have always wanted an Alice of my own.  What makes me hesitate is the sitting legs and age.  Although modern productions have made Alice much older than she was in the story and I have read that the real Alice and the model Tenniel used for Alice were both about 5-7 years old, I hesitate to have too young of a girl for my dream Alice.  Perhaps it would be a challenge of sorts, to use a doll companion that wasn’t able to stand directly.  I suppose I could create the illusion.

I will give it a bit more thought.  I still searching through lists of names, wondering if she ought to be Scottish, or represent the UK in anyway, or maybe just be a sweet thing with an unusual name.  Whatever or whomever she will be, it is taking time and I am okay with that.

I took more photo’s after I finally undressed her.

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On these last two photo’s, see how her shoulder plate is not attached to her body?  I have pressed the body for the photo, but it is pretty clear on the gapping.  In fact the plate is too far away from the body and I worry about it being vulnerable to breakage.  I could make her plumper in order to brace or fill the gap, but her head stringing is inside her body and I am not at all familiar on how that works.

2012-05-06 0972012-05-06 098

Her body is well made and I hesitate to mess with it.  So for now, I am not changing anything.  Of course I fantasize about her having a perfectly formed wooden body, but I am not that skilled to accomplish it.

Still, even with this small drawback, I am entranced by her and cannot seem to leave her side. Sometimes she looks like a little troll, sometimes a fairy and often just like a little girl with unusual eyes.  My imagination kicks in, and to me, that is what a doll is all about.

Odd Sweetness

I still working on a name for the new little girl.  I am partial at this moment to Deirdre or Elspeth, seems she needs a specially odd name.  I spent all of last evening with her, astonished at her fabulous face and shape of her legs and feet.  For all of 12 inches, she is so unusual and I just love that.  I can’t stop looking at her face, the way her smallish eyes are, the shape of her nose and mouth.  The crazy hair, the heaviness of her body.

image She is not a great poser, but a wonderful floppy, cuddly type.  She is a sitter, but every since my Zwergnase experience, I have found a love of floppy sitters, they give a different feel from the perfect posers with multiple joints.

image If her head tilts down, she is cranky looking, if up, inquisitiveness takes over.  I marvel at the shape of her perfect head, so realistic.  There is something about her legs, so beautiful and soft.

2012-05-06 0082012-05-06 0092012-05-06 0102012-05-06 0112012-05-06 0122012-05-06 014

She has a shoulder plate and a strung head.  I have not fully investigated her whole body yet, I will add more photo’s when I do.  I haven’t figure out how the shoulder head plate is attached to her body as there aren’t holes and it is not glued to the fabric.  Another thing I noticed, is that when holding her, the bisque warms up from my hands.  I like that too.

A New Little Girl Arrived

I picked up the little girl I bought while still in America, but asked the seller to wait to mail her until I was in the UK.  Our post office is only open from 9-12 week days, and 8-11 on Saturday, so I’ll have to be quick to get packages!  At least it is just down the street.  She is coming from Canada.

2012-05-05 New Doll 001Box opening picture.

2012-05-05 New Doll 002 Here she is, so sweet and what an unusual face!  She doesn’t have any markings on her head, shoulder plate or body, only on the foot:

2012-05-05 New Doll 007I have no clue who made her.  She is well done, blushing is perfect and although I am not much for porcelain type dolls, there is something about her that I like.  I also like the smallness, the well shaped feet are adorable.  She is 12 inches.

2012-05-05 New Doll 0082012-05-05 New Doll 003

2012-05-05 New Doll 010

She came with a fabulous beaded Victorian purse and hat and a strand of pearls, but I think I will save those for Evie. The shoes are too large for her, but they will fit my Schoenhut and perhaps Sasha.

2012-05-05 New Doll 016 2012-05-05 New Doll 015

Now I have a little girl to fuss over until all the others arrive mid summer.  Oh, and we stopped at a charity shop for a book, and while I was looking at some yarn they had for £1.95 each (I was actually just noting in my mind that I could have a quick source of dolly yarn if needed right around the corner from where I live) and the clerk said he had something just for me!  He brought out a large boxed filled with gorgeous yarns, all quality and plenty for wool and mohair, enough in the same colours for a couple of adult sweaters and tons of dolly ones and he looked at me and said…it just came in, you can have it for 5 quid.  YES!!!!  Husband shook his head, but paid for it and carried it home too.  Happiness!  I’ll take a photo later, I already put it away for now.

We took a long walk this morning, we have Robertson Park just down the street.  We walked through it and I saw a pond.  As we approached I told my husband that for this place to be perfect, there should be a swan.  As we got closer, there was one, NESTING in a tiny island in the middle of the pond!  I nearly fainted from happiness!  I will definitely take a photo tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see the babies!  It is a lovely park too, a perfect place to come to relax, have a lunch and knit or read.  I can’t get over how perfect this place is for us.  We are already hoping to stay longer than 6 months, husband said he will soon start looking for a job and see if it is possible.  It is my turn to take a break from working, so it is up to him to carry the load for awhile.  If we stay, it will mean penny pinching and I am okay with that.   I am happy just knowing my sewing machine is eventually going to be here and I have a big box of yarn to play with.  I should be content for a long while yet.

Finally in Scotland

We are finally settled in our new flat in Scotland.  Wow, what a journey that has been.  I won’t write about it here, if you are interested, the on-going saga, it is all here with lots of photo’s.  http://thepotatowife.wordpress.com/

But for this blog, I will show my UK dolly experiences.

The first experience was on Portobello Road in Earls Court, London.  This is an antique market that is filled with shops and stalls.  There was one lady in particular I wanted to meet, she has all antique dolls and when we found her, I was in seventh heaven, as I got to personally handle the most exquisite dolls on earth.  Bru’s, Juneau’s, a darling automaton, and many more.  I about fainted from the delight of it.  None were under £4000 and so there was no hope I would ever have one.  Two I handled were all originals, at £6000 each.  Sigh.  She is here:


Reluctantly we moved on and I of course had my eye peeked for a doll, but none were found.  I saw a few tinies, all over priced and not in good enough condition.  One ultra tiny china head caught my eye and the seller let me have her for £4. 

2012-04-28 0112012-04-28 014

2012-04-28 015 She is dug up girl, but I liked her features and she had so much personality for such a tiny head.  Someday I will carve a body for her.  I marvelled thinking about who once played with her and how she ended up buried.  The seller was overly eager to tell me the name of the dump site and that it was closed in 1892, which led me to think it was all talk and really of no consequence.  She was not an investment by any means and china heads were as common as pennies.  Still, I love her face and someday I will make her live again.

The next experience was at Harrods in London.  I was dismally annoyed that the huge toy department had NOTHING exquisite as they do in most of their departments.  Where were all the fine dolls from all over the world?  I was so annoyed I swore I would never set foot in Harrods again.  Even Dayton’s in Minneapolis had a doll section back in the 1980’s that had dolls I had to save all year for to buy my daughter for Christmas.  Anyway, the only doll I did see and was very taken by was a boy Kids n Kats.

2012-04-28 005 He was delicate in face features, I loved the posability (they had one in a glass case and I asked to handle it, so I got a chance to test all the joints).  These dolls are much smaller and more petite than American Girl and the face on the boy was so delicate and fine.  I really wanted him, but at Harrod’s prices, I could not.  We are not in the doll buying mode, husband gently reminded me.  Sigh.  I really wanted him.  I did not care as much for the girls for some reason.

2012-04-28 0062012-04-28 007

So I left, feeling sorry for myself.  No more dolls?  I guess we made the decision to move here and that means being very thrifty until we know what the end result will be. 

While we were in Weston Super Mare, we had finished dinner in a pub and walking back to the car.  We walked passed a game shop that had both new and used character toys.  I found Indiana Jones, by only seeing his feet on a bottom shelf.  I had to have him.  He is much larger than a GI Joe, fully dressed, but missing his rope, hat and pistol.  I don’t know what else came with him.

2012-04-29 068 he talks, says three things, one of which is ‘’SNAKES, WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SNAKES?’’

I though at first he may be almost the same size as Yorik, but he is smaller.

2012-04-29 070 Not that it matters.  I found myself enjoying Indiana Jones, he poses quite well, had double joints in his knees and enough personality in his face to amuse me.  I am thinking of making him a leather hat when I get my supplies.

The last experience came with staying at a wonderful inn, in Carlton.  Here, I was inspired to take Yorik out back and just photograph him.

2012-04-30 0482012-04-30 023

2012-04-30 0242012-04-30 027

2012-04-30 0252012-04-30 028

2012-04-30 0322012-04-30 030

2012-04-30 0312012-04-30 0412012-04-30 0422012-04-30 0432012-04-30 0442012-04-30 045

I didn’t have anything in mind, other than to just spend some one on one time with him.  He needed to get out anyways, he has spent too much time tucked in a travel bag anyways.

2012-04-30 049 I then took a couple of the dolls I have right now, each giving me a unique thing that only they can give. 

2012-04-30 060In the bedroom window sill of the Inn.

2012-04-30 057 What a goofy face.  Love it.

Once we moved into the flat, I put the boys on top of my wardrobe until I have time to play.  The vinyl china head girl I have by my bed.  I have been looking at her as I fall asleep at night.

2012-05-03 016  In a few days, after the craziness of all the things we are trying to get done settles down, I will start playing again.  I want to name the lady doll and I think Indiana Jones may have either a new nickname or perhaps another name so I am not obligated to a certain personality.  But who knows where that will go….I think he is just glad to get out from under all the aliens and the Star Wars fleet.

Word is that our boxes (all my dollies and sewing machine and TOYS) will arrive in Glasgow on June 30th and be de
livered about 2 weeks after that.  I am practically frothing at the mouth to get my hands on my sewing machine.  Over a year now since I have sewn on it….I am having withdrawals!  Oh, and there was a shop that had hundreds of antique sewing machines….I was really delirious with happiness seeing them all.  Husband had to drag me away.