A Dollhouse Find

I wasn’t looking for one, in fact I had resisted several dollhouses I have seen in the local charity shops since we have been here.

But this one, I could not resist.  It is a Snow white cottage, with fanciful chairs and a charm I knew I could really get involved with.  As much as I hate plastic anything, I decided that I could paint and age the cottage to look more real.

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I bought this for £5, which is a bit more than I wanted to pay for it, but still cheaper than the ones I saw on eBay, which ranged between £10 and £65 depending on whether Snow White (looks to be like a Barbie) and the dwarves were included.  One chair is missing, the candelabra is missing the base and I didn’t have the characters.  All fine with me!  I haven’t counted the bowls and small items (should be 7 of each I guess) but that doesn’t matter either.  All main pieces are present and in excellent condition. 

There is wood grain in all the pieces, so I think with some paint or pastels, I can enhance it all.  I love that some of the plates and cups have chips cut out.  That will be fun to enhance too.

I can see wallpaper on the inside and some sort of white stucco on the outside.  The walls are a pale pink (there is a pink plastic obsession in the toy world, sigh).   Now to dream and scheme, my favourite thing to do!  I haven’t decided on whether to carve my own creatures to live here, or purchase them.  I doubt, but I am not sure, whether to keep it a Snow White theme or go into some other fairy-tale type thing.  I’ll let it play itself out.


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