For the Love of Audrey

I remember the day I found Audrey at DDE.  At the moment, I can’t remember what I was looking for, but it wasn’t her.  I didn’t even know she existed. 

I remember having a list in my hand for several BJD dolls that I wanted to see in person, and Wendy carefully pulled them all out of boxes for me to paw over.  I wasn’t finding IT amongst some of the dolls I had drooled over in photo’s.  I walked along the shelves of dolls and saw this little urchin peeking out behind a bench and I picked her up and was instantly smitten.  She was a heavy little thing and she immediately conformed to my hand.  She had on a horrible wig and awful eyes and I spent the next couple of hours going through loads of eyes and wigs until I found the right ones.  I was so in love with her and she was the most perfect poser, the most perfect size…..everything I had ever wanted in a little companion.

When I brought her home I could not put her down.  There is something in Audrey that is lacking in the same dolls by the same company (including Hammie).  Tonight I picked her up (half afraid to) and after all this time, she poses as though it were the first day I brought her home.

2012-07-31 Audrey 0012012-07-31 Audrey 0022012-07-31 Audrey 0032012-07-31 Audrey 0042012-07-31 Audrey 0062012-07-31 Audrey 0072012-07-31 Audrey 0082012-07-31 Audrey 0092012-07-31 Audrey 0102012-07-31 Audrey 0112012-07-31 Audrey 0132012-07-31 Audrey 015

I remember feeling terrible guilt over loving her so much.  Evie was the prima donna companion doll, but I was falling for a new girl in the same way I fell for Evie.  I set Audrey aside for awhile to try and break the bond.  I started playing with her again and decided that having another like her (Hammie) would help keep her occupied and my intention was that they were both small enough I could bring them on the truck.  Soon, I bought more of them but as cute as they all were, they were not Audrey.  I sold them all.  I set Audrey aside trying to get involved in other dolls.  My plan (then) was to find the perfect companion doll and sell everyone else.  Audrey would be sold, I was pretty sure. Well…sorta kinda. 

I have not really realized it until now, but I have been afraid of loving Audrey!  I figured that if I did not handle her, didn’t pick her up, I would lose the connection.  I was wrong.  I picked her up tonight and my heart melted.  I wasn’t even going to pick her up, I headed into the bedroom to get Jollyann. 

This perfect little cherub still has her original faceup, her original eyes, lashes and wig, the only bjd I have had, that kept their originality.  Perfection from the very beginning.  Silky smooth resin, poses like a dream come true, cuddles in the hand like no other doll I have ever had.  And no wonky long legs!  lol.  Oh, what am I going to do?


Evie’s Latest Faceup

I tried once again to re-do Evie’s faceup. 

I also decided to scrub her completely down, removing manicures and the  residue of sealer on her neck which was scratched.  I loved how clean she was, and after the faceup, I blushed her shoulders and chest.  In her faceup which is really difficult to detect in the natural day-lighting, I used many colours, including olive, blue, grey to blend into making a more fragile skin tone.  She’s got freckles again and the sun kissed look across the nose and shoulders.  I have a few freckles on her shoulders, neck and chest.

2012-07-30 017 The face up colours allow for more variety in wigs, and it was really hard to choose!  They all looked so cute on her!

2012-07-30 0312012-07-30 0372012-07-30 0422012-07-30 056

I decided to play with the last one.  It is a human hair wig in a soft sandy colour.  It gave her a little girl look I haven’t seen in awhile.

2012-07-30 066 Strange photo, but I was just gluing down the wig.  This one is not a stretch cap, it only rests on top of the head so it does have to be glued.

2012-07-30 0872012-07-30 075

2012-07-30 1102012-07-30 112

2012-07-30 1222012-07-30 126

Also hard to see is the blue blushing between ribs and under the collar bone.  It really brings out the bones.  Knees, tops of knuckles and toes blushed.  I do not like blushing the joints.   You may see more detail if you click on a photo to enlarge. 

I am pleased with how it turned out.  It made all the difference in the world to warm the  can of sealer in warm water first, them shake well.  The finish is fabulous and much harder to remove than Testors Dullcote.  This is Citadel Purity Seal in satin finish, only it is not at all satin, it is very matte. 

Unpacking and Reunions

I’ve been so busy with unpacking and arranging.  If you are interested, there is this post on my family blog:

Settling In with our Stuff « The Potato Wife

I did find Charlotte, but not Rosebud.  I have only two boxes left that have been looked at but not emptied, Rosebud many be in there.  I will go through them soon, right now I want a break.

2012-07-28 030 I am ever so grateful that all of my dolls (and hopefully tiny little Rosebud) made it through the trip.   I am not happy to see many of my ziplock bags ripped open on the sides, as though I would hide drugs amongst my dolly things.  Customs is a pain to deal with on any occasion, but they really messed with some of our stuff and it leaves me feeling creeped out.  I hope one of my dolls bite one on the finger!

2012-07-28 0282012-07-28 029

Yesterday, I played with Evie.  I found the bags of wigs and eyes and just played.  I got the can of sealer and created a whole new face up only to find the sealer (which is the one they rave about in the UK) left a powdery white grit all over the faceup I did.  I went back in DOA and discovered that one has to warm the can in warm water and shake it thoroughly, which I did not do.  It’s very temperamental to humidity and cold and well, I am just not use to those issues after living in Colorado!  Anyways, I will try again.  I love doing face-ups, so it’s fun and creative, something I have longed for during all this upheaval. 

2012-07-28 043 Here you can see the white powder on my hands and her lovely colouring was all gone.  Weird stuff, but I read rave reviews about it so I will try again with the warming and extra long shaking of the can. 

2012-07-28 047 I am playing around with making her look more like a child again, but I am also pulled into making her a teenage 1920’s  flapper, with the right face up and hairstyle, she could pass for a flat chested flapper girl.  I have thought this before, but it’s pulling me more these days, especially since I have the other child dolls to be children.  I like adult dolls too.  I’ll play with the idea for a bit before sealing the faceup.  It could be an interesting even if she does make such a sweet forlorn child.  Most of the fun is in the imagining of it all anyways.

Right now, it seems that Jollyann is the one I grab first.  There is something about her that I really like.  The simplicity, the dolly-ness.  Before I left the USA, I was holding her the most too.  She is certainly not the pretties of my dolls, and with her refinished wooden face and her rudimentary hands, she is, well, homely.  But I just get such a cosy delightful feeling from her.  I like that she always poses perfectly, can’t yellow like resin, can’t break easily and all those kinds of things about her.  And to think that she is over 100 years old!  Nothing fragile about Jollyann!

2012-07-27 030 2012-07-26 014

2012-07-24 My dollies 001 2012-07-24 My dollies 003 I am sure over the next few weeks, each dolly will be a sort of re-union as I play again.  Each one will have it’s charm and I will enjoy the things each one’s uniqueness.  We are still in the settling down process, and after next week, husband has his first week of vacation which means I will have my hands full.  He’s set on traveling already, which I am not at all interested in.  I never seem to be allowed to get bored with just staying home!

Arrival Day

I did not know when the household goods would arrive until yesterday.  They said they would arrive on the morning of the 24th and early!  I got a text that they were on their way and I was so excited I could hardly stand it!

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 0012012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 002

I expected a moving truck, but only a van came.  When I saw it was only one man, I got nervous.  But that’s our boxes in the van!  Those boxes left Colorado, went to LA, then to Singapore, then I suppose through the Suez Canal and on up to Scotland.  The boxes went west, we went east and now we are all re-united.  lol.  They sure have been a lot of places before coming here.  Amazing!  My little seafarers!

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 004 He started stacking them in the hallway and I asked him why.  He said he coodna brrrrring em up no stairrrs.  I was informed that door to door meant DOWNSTAIRS doors.  I asked him if he expected me to take 22 heavy large boxes up the stairs, he said yes.  I signed the papers and thought OMG.  I can’t get all these upstairs and husband is at work all day!

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 003 I managed these and nearly passed out.  I was seeing stars.  After sitting down and getting my heart rate back to normal, I decided to get them at least to the first landing and husband could finish it up.  At least I could leave my door open and watch over them, I wouldn’t be able to if they were all down in the hall and risk getting stolen.  It took me a long time.  I just didn’t have the strength anymore.  I tried walking them up each step.  Gads.  A hundred breaks, a hundred deep breaths until my asthma kicked in, my knees turned to jelly.  My face went brilliant red and I had to cool it down with a cold wet cloth. 

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 005 This is from my door.  I am leaving my flat door open to listen for any disturbances of the boxes.  I feel like I am vulnerable to monsters and burglars and what ever comes up stairwells.  Ew.

I found boxes 1-3 and brought them up.  I made a cup of tea and sat down again to get my breath and take this whole experience in.    I then opened box number one and it wasn’t the dolls!  I stood back and thought something was wrong.  I distinctly remember packing the first 3 boxes with dolls and their stuff and numbering them so I would know.   But 2 and 3 didn’t have them either! 

In a panic, crossed my fingers that one of the boxes I did bring up would have the dolls.  I opened them, one by one and nope.  The last one in the flat had some of them:

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 007I found Jollyann first

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 008 I just held her so tight.  OMG I kept saying.  I told my husband last night that I will NEVER be separated from them again, when we move they are riding in our backpacks.  He laughed, but I told him I was dead serious.  Since 2009,  I have been separated from all but one or two at a time and this is the end of that era. 

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 009 I then found Kamiko and Olivia.  I know I dressed Olivia before packing, why she was nude made me feel like I was losing my mind.  What the heck is going on?  Did customs unpack our boxes and repack them? It was surreal.

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 010I found Jeanette.  Lots more hugging.  She is still new to me, I haven’t had much time to get to know her yet.  I still amazes me how petite and tiny Sasha’s are.  My mind wants to make them the size of AM’s.

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 012I then found Allina and Mikko who have changed their names:

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 011I think I was in heaven hugging these two.  I like their new names, it suits them.

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 013Audrey and Hammie.  OMG so cute. I adore them, so glad I did not sell them.

Now, where was Evie????  I found Miette

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 017 She looked a bit dishevelled but fine.  Evie was not in the any of the boxes I opened.  I went back out into the hallway and dragged up another box.  I kinda got mad, because I realized that I was not going to be able to wait until husband came home to find Evie, so it meant mostly likely I would have to kill myself getting the rest of the boxes upstairs.

I grabbed one and brought it up.  No Evie.  Then another….and there she was!!!!!

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 0142012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 015

My Evie.  Sigh.

2012-07-24 Boxes Arrived! 020 I am still missing Charlotte and Rosebud, but I am okay with waiting on their find.  I am overwhelmed with where the heck we will put everything, so for right now, I am just going to spend the day playing with my dolly-loves.

Yorik’s Sweater

2012-07-12 0052012-07-12 0062012-07-12 007

I make Yorik a free hand sweater, which turned out really nice.  I love the heathery tweed look.  I have already started another with a soft red wool.  He’ll need the sweaters here in Scotland!

The ship with our household goods was suppose to arrive on the 10th, it is the 14th and no word.  Sigh.  I try to take deep breaths and not give it too much thought.  I don’t expect to see my dolls until mid August.  I guess I’ll just knit away the time!

Yorik Gets Duds

2012-07-03 0022012-07-03 003

I made Yorik a pair of jeans from an old pair of mine, using the side seam as his side seams.  I then took a sheer vintage man’s sock and made him a muscle tee. 

2012-07-02 005 Sigh.  He looked so handsome undressing.    It wasn’t the six pack, it was the look in his eye.  Heavy sigh.