Playful Playground–Fears


2012-08-30 022 How did you get up there so fast?

2012-08-30 023 I think very hard about where I want to be and I am there!

2012-08-30 024 But it makes my tummy feel funny.  Please hold me.

2012-08-30 025 Oh careful, Meredith Bear, we might fall!

2012-08-30 026 Hold me ever so tight.  I am scared of heights.

2012-08-30 027 You are choking me, Meredith Bear!

2012-08-30 029 Can we go now?

Lady Violet Petal

She was so small, I thought I had lost her!  I found her head at the Portobello Antique Market in London and the seller was quick to tell me her history, although I suspected he made it up as he spoke.  Claimed she was a dig-up from (I can’t remember where) and was at least a hundred years old.  I didn’t care, she was the smallest china head I had ever seen and she was dirt cheap (sorry old girl).

2012-08-29 0092012-08-29 007

I remember I stuck her in a case of some kind until I could sew a body for her.  I thought it had been an eyeglass case but in the end, I found her in an ear plug case.  No wonder I could not hear her calls.

2012-08-29 012

I did have some thin doeskin in white, and although her tininess was way too much for my large hands to work with, I gave her a bit of a chunky body.  It could have been made a bit smaller, but I consoled myself in knowing that china heads usually had home made bodies and I have seen some really huge bodies with bad shapes and small heads.  At least she is in proportion without the head.  Poor dear.

2012-08-29 0202012-08-29 025

I then took a very old thread bare handkerchief and made her a gown.  This on is sewn on.  I just couldn’t deal with trying to make a removable dress with my sore hands from sewing leather.  She is stuffed with kapok.

2012-08-29 026

2012-08-29 0272012-08-29 0332012-08-29 031

She is nice to hold, the leather is butter soft and she is delightfully squishy!  I wonder what she thinks about her new body?  Do china heads who have lost their original bodies feel happiness to get a new one?  It could be she never had one to begin with.  Did she live in a dollhouse? Or perhaps a cigar box!  She has not spoken a word yet, I think she might be stunned.  lol.

A Crown and Sceptre

We had a Spanish wine with dinner tonight that had gold wire wrapped around it.  A crown had to be made!

2012-08-24 053 I had a chatelaine with tiny keys and a mirror and ball with jewels.  Perfect for Princess Rosebud.

2012-08-24 069 I made her a double strand necklace, a crown, a sceptre and attached the keys to her waist.

2012-08-24 0672012-08-24 071

She looks like a tiny Queen!