Audrey’s Faceup

It is really different to work with tan skin.  It is hard to keep the skin tone even whether sealed or unsealed.  Sigh.

I took advantage of removing her faceup to round down the tip of her extremely sharp pointed nose.  This, along with not applying the black eyeliner she had before, has softened her face in a wonderful way.  I did not want to change her faceup, I liked it, but now, after spending the day with her, I can see the softness adds rather than diminishes her Audrey-ness.  I really worried on this one, as Evie is always open to experimenting, Audrey needs to stay Audrey.  Know what I mean?

2012-08-01 003Before

2012-08-02 0172012-08-02 014During

2012-08-02 036After

The last remaining problem is her eyelashes, it is impossible to reuse old ones, so tomorrow I will pick up a new pair and let Audrey and Evie share a net set. 


2012-08-01 Audrey Faceup Click to enlarge.  She had straight across eyebrows, I did thicken them and curve them a bit. She was blushed on the chest and shoulders, toes and fingers and knees.  I did not add back the black corners to her lips so her lips actually appear somewhat thicker because the illusion of wideness is gone.  I think she looks younger.

2012-08-02 0342012-08-02 033

The only downside is that the sealer started to make the pastels more hazy under the 3rd coat.  It took away the subtle colouring I spent so much time with.  Over all, with her now button nose and her softer look, I am please Audrey is there and still melting my heart by the minute. 


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