Princess Rosebud’s Duds

I tried to crochet with fine silk thread.  It was impossible.  I moved up to silky tapestry thread and that was actually too thick.  I had nothing in-between.  Sigh.

So as I played with it and it was becoming a joke, I thought I would set it aside and give it a creative think.  Rosebud has only one good leg (and a half leg).  I thought maybe I could use the bulk of the crochet and some stiff lace and make a 1880’s style dress that could get her to stand!


2012-08-24 002 If the dress stands on it’s own, surely it could keep the Princess up!

2012-08-24 032 And it did!  Oh, she looks so lovely!  I have or had a tiny crown, I haven’t seen it yet if it still is in the myriad of my dolly accessories bags.  I wish I had it now, she would be so regal looking.

2012-08-24 020 I shaped up the bustle and gathered the stiff lace to hold it out and give Rosebud the support she needs.

2012-08-24 0412012-08-24 044

2012-08-24 0432012-08-24 045

This is a little antique lead dog I found in a bag of toys from a thrift shop.  Only recently I discovered he had a slit in his mouth so he can hold a piece of paper.

Now I know how to work a dress for her.  At 3 1/2 inches tall, she is a challenge for these big hands of mine.  I also wish I could paint her eyes and lips, but her tiny features are out of my realm.  It is a shame, as she has finely defined features.

2012-08-24 011


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