Wool Leggings

It’s getting cold!  Time to make a pair of wool leggings for Rosey.  I will make a matching sweater or sweater dress (haven’t decided yet).  I wore woollen leggings when I was a child, under my dresses to keep legs warm in winter.  I remember they were scratchy.  lol.

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I don’t have a pattern, I just started knitting and keep a piece of paper near to mark the casting on number, the adding or subtracting points and the number I end up with for the leg.  I am making two halves that will be joined in the centre front and then across the inseam.  I measure against Rosey as I go.  These will be pull on, leaving the foot free, just like the ones I wore.  I love the deep colour, but as I was knitting, I thought once again that I should be more careful with coordinating her wardrobe.  I just made her a soft pastel turquoise coat, these would not go under that coat at all!  Maybe I can find some wool yarn in a light pastel colour and make leggings, a scarf and mittens to go with the coat.

My days are spent 100% with Rosey and I still find myself feeling at odds with the rest of the dolls.  I walk past them several times a day and since they are close to my bed, I often lay there and look at them.  What to do?  My imagination hears the conversations that could make for some funny little stories, but they come and go and I lose interest quickly.  Each one had their moment in the sun, when loved and adored.  Now they sit there reminding me that things change over time and circumstances.  Husband likes to call me fickle in dolly love, but I wonder just how much of it is more about addiction to new dolls than it is in being fickle.  The lure of a new doll, the lusting after it, the thrill of the acquisition, I admit is so entrancing.  The possibility of a new character sparks my imagination like nothing else.  Rosey could be having her moment in the sun right now.  I wonder what it is that changes?

I noticed that with all of our reducing of things owned since selling the house in 2009, the more I get use to having less.  Some of my biggest collection of stuff was in kitchen ware.  I once had a dinnerware pattern complete to serve 14 people with all the matching pieces.  Now I have two plates to serve all our meals on.  All of our clothes fit on one shelf in the wardrobe.  The only furniture we own is two desks, a kitchen table and two beds, two bookcases.  No TV, no stereo, no entertainment except two laptops.  Lots of artwork, but little else.  We don’t even own a towel, we use the items that came with a furnished flat.  Husband says we lived for 3 years in a space no bigger than a closet, what do we really need to be happy?  Each other! (and a doll, I remind him, lol).

We reduced all our stuff when we sold the house.  Reduced it again (22 boxes!) to move to Europe.  I thought I would feel lost without my stuff, but I like it.  I now feel compelled to let go of even more.   Things are settling down and all the upheaval of a major move is over with.   So much has changed within my dolly realm, my interests have shifted and my desires are no longer tangled up in who will come on the truck with me on the next run!  These days, all I want to do is work little one at a time projects for Rosey, much like the Bleuette magazines had a new pattern to share and create for a beloved dolly.  I am not going to be rash, but I have a feeling that I am getting ready to reduce slowly over time even further until I feel I am in the right place with my stuff and where I want to go down the road with it.


One thought on “Wool Leggings

  1. They are looking good, and will certainly keep Rosey warm. I admire your ability to knit without a pattern, I very much need one…but then I haven’t really tried to knit without, perhaps I should one day give it a go. Worth a laugh if nothing else!
    We don’t have a TV either, so few of us around! I think we are better able to entertain ourselves than those who do have one.
    I hope to one day have a more less cluttered lifestyle,..at the moment though I have to take it one step at a time.

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