Rosey’s Ballerina Costume

I had an old ballerina tutu that someone had handmade.  It was always too big for any of my dolls, but I kept it, thinking one day something will come of it.

2012-10-29 087 I also had another piece of tulle that someone had made into a petticoat?  I thought to combine them, hoping to fill out the skirt.

2012-10-29 089 I sewed the pink to the tutu, tucking it in as I went to make it stand straight out and finish the seam as I went.

2012-10-31 Ballerina Rosey

And here is my angel, in her ballerina costume for Halloween!  I did not have any ballerina slippers to fit, but did find some fabric shoes that would pass okay, I just wished I had some ribbon to tie them up with, but none to be had right now. 

Please see Rosey’s Room for a photo shoot.


Rosey’s Rug

Husband bought a rocking chair for me and when we went to pick it up, the lady “threw in” an old needlepoint pillow as an extra.  I was thrilled!  It was a flat disc, very dirty and useless since we haven’t any sofa’s or lounge chairs, but it was the perfect rug for Rosey’s Room!

2012-10-30 002 My new-old rocking chair.

2012-10-31 0012012-10-31 002

This is the pillow. 

2012-10-31 003

Completely handmade and very well done.  The stitching was admirable.  I snipped some thread to make an opening and pulled out the pillow.  That also was handmade, two different what fabrics and stuffing, both sides having a seam to piece together smaller pieces.  I delight it this frugal use of scraps and re-use.  There was proper batting around the inside edges to bolster the sides.  It was a silky spun batting, an extra special free gift, I can use that for tiny doll body stuffing!

2012-10-31 004 I washed the  piece after carefully making sure the backing fabric was colourfast.  Lots of dirty water and it took many rinses to clear it.

2012-10-31 005  It will take awhile to dry and I no longer have my wooden blocking board, so I will be frequently hand pulling it to keep the round shape and when dry I will iron it and re-sew the opening.  Leaving the back fabric on keeps the rug “lined” and if ever I wish to make it a pillow again, it is ready to go!  But I sure that it will remain a rug.  I love the twisted wool trim.  Since the rug is still wet in this photo, it is darker than when it is dried.  The lighter coloured leaves are actually a lovely rose pink, the background is a taupe.

Bobbed and Beautiful!

I gave Rosey a haircut today.  It most mostly trimming and cutting it just a bit shorter for that antique look.  I love it!  It has given her a childish lift and sweetness.

2012-10-29 011 Still a little damp here, I used tape to give the hair a curling under.

2012-10-29 013 Now dry, she has a bit more curl.

2012-10-29 026I cut a slightly wider fringe because the sides were so wont to cover up her face.  I need to find large thick ribbons for her hair to complete the look. 

I think she looks marvellous! 

Backstage of Rosey’s Room

2012-10-26 0022012-10-26 004

I love the early morning, after husband goes to work and Rosey joins me at my desk.

Whew!  I spent all day photographing two story lines, then spent all evening preparing them to publish.  I finally designed a watermark I liked, one I can use on all my photo’s (not just dolly ones) and discovered how I can batch mark my photo’s in one fell swoop.  However, I also discovered that while I thought I had been clever in watermarking as the first step, I soon saw that I could no longer use the book shape filter as it cut off the watermark.  I now know that I can change the setting for moving the watermark up next time, but it is ruining the consistency I am trying to achieve in the look and presentation of Rosey’s Room and her stories.  I am learning though how to do things in a different way and that is part of the fun for me.

That, aside, I am still trying to narrow down the font situation, because I have very limited space for wording, attaching the verbiage to the photo instead of writing.  I want the font to indicate who is speaking.  I already messed up for forgetting to change the storyline font from Meredith bear’s font on the first few chapters.  Sigh.  I think I need to write up a cheat sheet so I can stay consistent.  I decided it would be too much to have a font for each doll, so only Rosey and Meredith bear have their speaking fonts, and since the rest will always be a story told by Meredith bear, it can be a book type font. 

The Lost Crown has 12 chapters, one for each of the next 12 days.  I broke the simple story down to about 4 photo’s a day, to keep from getting too long winded as I am want to do.  After that will come the next storyline of Jones and Madeira, which I need to rework a bit to Rosey’s Room, as I deleted Thistleshire.

I took all of the photo’s of the Lost Crown on my husband’s shelf where he has his swords, a statue of Robert the Bruce, and the brass crown my dad made for my husband as a joke, where I crowned him the King of my heart many years ago.  The shelf is up high, so it is wonderfully easy for me to photograph.  Husband saw the dolls there when he got home and said they could stay, he thought it looked fun.  I was surprised by that one!  He also noticed Rosey’s room all walled up and teased me all evening about how I had gotten rid of most of my doll stuff for the move and it seems to be building back up again.  I tried to look as innocent as I could.

Second Wall, Smokey Eyes and a Purse

Sometimes a person’s head is too foggy to see it right away.  It bugged me that she had three different coloured walls.  Dummy me, why not put contact paper on the opposite wall, and leave our painted wallpaper alone (afraid the paint might come off if removed later)?

2012-10-25 047

That’s much better.  And since it is just a wooden wardrobe, it can peel right off without leaving damage.

2012-10-25 048

This is what it looks like outside the camera angle.  I don’t like the look of it in our bedroom, but we haven’t any people visiting and I need a story place.

2012-10-25 054 2012-10-25 049

Charlotte and Yorik.  I really want to make Yorik a 16th century garment, I just don’t have any fabric that would work right now.  I just realized when I saw the photo, he’s still got a yellow pin holding his shirt closed because I completely forgot to finish it with snaps or buttons.  Sigh.

2012-10-25 055 I also have been meaning to show Charlotte’s purse.  It actually opens up and is lined in silk.  I dream of finding a lovely antique kid leather body for Charlotte and beautifully shaped hands. 

2012-10-25 051 The bears are guarding the royal princess and her staff.  I have got lots of stories about this group in my head.  Someday I will build them a grand palace.

2012-10-25 058 Not a good photo, but her round tummy caught my eye.  Sigh.

2012-10-25 057 Today, instead of adding eyelashes back on, I decided to make the eyes stand out by shadowing them. It was very difficult to do because of her very uneven eyes, but with lots of tiny dabbing with oil paint and wiping off, I finally achieved an illusion of lashes and glass eyes.  When I thought about keeping the lashes, as pretty as they look, I also thought how I dislike the attention they need when dressing and undressing and the potential of crushing them, or the constant single hair caught in them when photographing.  Rosey is not photogenic and few of the photo’s I take of her are good.  But that doesn’t bother me in the least because in person, Rosey’s mottled wooden self is the most beautiful little girl who has captured my heart and makes me sigh a whole lot.

2012-10-04 007 Comparison photo from before.  I was able to shadow without removing any paint which is so different than working with resin dolls.  I diluted artists oil paints with lots of oil and was able to layer over her paint.  I was also able to tone down some light spots around her eyes that made it difficult to photograph her.