Patsyette Pose

2012-10-21 011 Sometimes Rosey does something that makes me smile.  The way her head tilts, or the way her eyes may be sparkling or the way she is standing or sitting.

This photo shows the goofy way she was standing, the unbuttoned shoe, the way her round belly pulls up the dress in front.  This position of her feet made me think of Patsyette.


3 thoughts on “Patsyette Pose

  1. Very cute! I love the Patsy dolls too. The hem of the dress is very pretty. Would love to see the entire photo!
    I would love it if you would visit my blog and meet my little Sally. She wants so much to be friends with Rosey and Anne-Marie. :o)

    • I made this dress from vintage fine, fine thin fabric for a SD bjd I had for many years. She was my original Evie. I just love the fabric. I made it years ago, and yet it is still unfinished! lol. The bottom lace is the kind to thread ribbon through and I keep forgetting to finish it with the ribbon, and of course now I have none. Sigh. Several of Rosey’s clothing are things I made for Evie who is no longer with me.

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