Unexpected Finds–Teapot Palace

The Queen has a new abode, a upturned teapot.


There are no maker’s markings, so let me know if you recognise it. I got this for £2.99. 


Here are the palace people and the size relationship to the teapot. I think with some paint and imagination it could be made charming.  I can already see the maid having to sleep in the rafters.  Love the round door and window.

Then I found this royal door!  This was 99 pence.


Nothing could be more perfect for the Queen.  It was amazing to find with the other things, but I also found a tiny throne for her:


The chair was 49 pence.


Yes, yes, she can come out and wave her hand.  Maybe someday well find a castle to put behind it.  lol.


This was an odd find.  It is a resin decoration to hang on the wall.  But I thought it would make a fab garden for her.  It was certainly in scale.


I was thinking it would be great as a backdrop too.  Besides, all Queens must have a garden.


I can imagine all the lovely conversations held in the garden. 

Now this gal was another 99 pence, I could not resist.  A resin sculpture, not well painted.  I thought that I would repaint her myself, make her less gaudy.  Her hair curls nearly to the floor, but I may giver her better hair, this stuff is cheap stuff.



She has the sweetest face, but I think I may give her a more made up look, because it doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the get up.  I plan on waiting until I really see the changes I want to make, but what a fun little project.  Too bad she is immobile, cause I would love to have a jointed doll like this.  I have set her near my computer.  I like her.


A Christmas Box from Anne-Marie and Peggy-Sue!

Christmas 2012 008Christmas 2012 009

Rosey was absolutely astonished that she received a Christmas box this year!  A beautiful Christmas card too, one that was written JUST FOR HER!  ‘’My very own Christmas card!’’ she whispered.  And a red ribbon for her hair….now she could be pretty for Christmas!

Christmas 2012 010

She carefully unwrapped the most lovely tea set she had ever seen!  They had a little Hummel girl on them and Rosey was delighted! “Meredith Bear and I can have proper tea parties now!’’

Christmas 2012 011Christmas 2012 012Christmas 2012 013Christmas 2012 014

Rosey never had a Christmas decoration of her own either!  She sends her warmest thank you’s to Anne-Marie and Peggy Sue!

She also received a lion brooch from Santa.  Oh so pretty!

Christmas 2012 015Christmas 2012 016

And then there was one more present….a strange looking present.  What could this be?

Christmas 2012 017Christmas 2012 019Christmas 2012 021Christmas 2012 022Christmas 2012 024Christmas 2012 025

No matter what she tried to do, it made the most horrid noise!  Screeching and hurting poor Meredith Bear’s ears.

Christmas 2012 026

Meredith asked her to please stop.  Rosey just wasn’t sure just why she received such a gift, it made terrible noise and she thought maybe Santa must have mixed up the presents somehow.  ‘’This must really be for a musician” she told Meredith.  But Meredith wasn’t so sure.  ‘’Perhaps you are suppose to LEARN how to play it’’. 

Christmas 2012 028  That left Rosey wondering if there were hard lessons ahead.  Oh, oh!

More Musings


Taking the dolls off the shelves and placing them in interactive places, I felt better.  I have been visiting them and handling them more and without that weird feeling of not touching them at all looming over me.

New Beginnings 054

And she got new shoes!  I found these MSD panda shoes in my stash that fit her nicely!  She beamed.


I changed out the little boys eyes.  He has such large eyes and this is the first time I have actually liked his eyes, I put in very dark grey’s and they sweetened his face up wonderfully.  These size eyes were for an SD size doll, (more than twice his height) and the one eye socket wouldn’t allow me to place the eye straight forward.  I will have to carve or sand it a bit, but until then, the side glance is cute on him.


There wasn’t any intention to leave this guy bald, it was just that I washed his wig.  But the look was interesting for a change of pace. (Sweater knit by Sisko)


These eyes I never thought I would use.  I love them!  She has re-stirred my interest in her with these eyes.


And these two look so warm and inviting.  It’s like they are glowing.

New Beginnings 056

The childish look came back to this one.  Gentle and softer, I put her most often worn eyes back in, a mixture of blue and brown.  These are the most expensive glass eyes I have and they have always suited her large eyes well.


This little one is blossoming as well even though I would never thought I would have changed her wig from the copper red to any other colour.  But this wig (the bangs need to be curled) is a very soft colour on her and the green is complimentary in an unexpected way.  The colours in the photo are muted, the hair is much richer in tone against her tanned skin.  Her eyelashes match the wig perfectly.


This one really continues to surprise me, as the wig has given her more depth I think than the thinned out bits of mohair glued to her head.  It suits her in her paleness and I just sigh when I see her.  Again, the colours are muted, so you cannot see the fabulous almost violet blue eyes, here in a over flashed photo, they show a bit:


I have not referred to anyone by name on purpose.  I think that I am going to let them all come out of their shells and find a way to express themselves.  I feel like they are trying to take a stand somehow and maybe a fresh start for us all is in order.  A whole new naming scheme might be an idea, which would give everyone a chance to start again without the old baggage of the past hanging on.  I spend the afternoon looking at Victorian flower meanings and I thought this could be a way to give names to my “garden” without any prior associations, but instead, completely new ones.  I grouped the dolls in the usual pairings so you can see how the names are together. 

Old Name to New Name + meanings (keeping the same personalities)

The Wooden dolls:
Rose Marie ???  Perhaps a wooden name? (Schoenhut Miss Dolly)
Alina to Hazel means Reconciliation (Handcarved by Sisko)
Mikko to Filbert means Reconciliation (Handcarved by Sisko)

The Resin Dolls:
Audrey to Sweet Pea means Shyness (Dollzone Ani)
Hammie to Sweet William means Gallantry/a smile (Dollzone Kai)

Evie to Rue means Distain (Dollstown seola)
Yorik to Mandrake means Rarity (Souldoll Vito Lester)

The Vinyl Dolls
Jones to Bulrush means Indiscretion (Indiana Jones)
Madeira to Valerian means Accommodating disposition (Effanbee Vinyl)

Jeanette to Jonquil means return my affection (Sasha Caleb)

The Bisques/China’s
Miette to Oleander means Beware (Thuillier repro)
Glynnis to Mimosa means Sensitivity (unknown)

Rosebud to Queen Anne’s Lace means Regal (antique all glazed china)
the maid to Myrtle means Fidelity (unknown antique bisque/wood)
The countess to Lady Slipper means Capricious beauty (antique china head)

Charlotte to Wisteria means Steadfast (antique large chinahead family heirloom)
Kameko to Cherry Blossom means Spirituality (her vintage Japanese gofun baby)

Oldest Teddy to Cosmos means Peaceful (my childhood bear)
Younger Teddy to Aster means Contentment (my childhood bear)

White Troll to Pansy means Think of me (my childhood troll)
Dark Troll to Peony means Bashfulness (my childhood troll)
Little troll to Periwinkle means Early attachment (my childhood troll)

Olivia the Pig to Truffle means Surprise! (Madam Alexander)

The Attempt

I took the deepest of deepest breaths and without knowing what the heck I was going to do, I went into the bedroom and looked at the dolls.  I decided to put them away in a box and see how that felt.  Maybe if I did not see them, I would forget about them, and if that really happened, I could sell them next year.

I got out a box and put each doll on the beds and I thought how sad they all looked.  Without thinking about it, I took all their wigs off.  Then, out of curiosity, I started switching wigs.  Something started to move me. 

I thought, maybe the problem was that these dolls had changed and I was keeping them locked up in times that no longer exist.  Old names, old times….everything is different now.  Maybe they need to be different too. 

I took down the small doll trunk I had brought with me and set it up in Rosey’s room.  Rosey has been sleeping on my table by my bed anyways.  So duh….why not make my table Rosey’s room?

New Beginnings 008

Wow!  She has a place to sit and read, listen to the radio and plenty of floor space to play. We both giggled, it was so perfect.  The rug is a hand crochet towel from our summerhouse when I was a child.  I thought how well it would work for Rosey’s pink theme.  I need to make cushions for her chair.

So perhaps, if I put the small dolls in the old room, they may be calling me to play?  Get them off the shelf at least and try to see what happens?

Then I thought, Glynnis Ellyn had mohair pieces glued directly to her head, what would she look like in a proper wig? I had a human hair wig that absolutely transformed her!  I put boots on her and loved her older look.  I changed Miette’s eyes and gave her pale cream eyes that a elf use to wear.  They looked spooky straight on, but side glancing was intriguing!  In fact she looks mysterious!

2012-08-13 008-horz

New Beginnings 018New Beginnings 031

My wooden dolls switched wigs too.

2012-08-09 002-tile

I smiled, so much nicer.  They match in their pale strawberry blonde hair. 

The one that surprised me the most was seeing my dollstown seola look completely different in Audrey’s wig.  I had never tried it on her and when I did, I saw a spark.  A tiny one, but something made me think she wanted to say something.  I did not sense or feel Evie, but someone different.  At least it wasn’t the empty shell I held yesterday.  I am now thinking perhaps everyone needs to be nurtured and allowed to blossom as to who they really are.  Maybe I have been clinging to what doesn’t exist anymore.

New Beginnings 029-horz

The little boy who always wore a brown conservative wig suddenly had the crazy cut wig and looked mischievous.  I took the bow off the straw hat and he looked very different.  And changing her eyes to soft green and a human hair wig in dark blonde transformed Audrey into a different little girl too. 

New Beginnings 013-horz

New Beginnings 012

I have not fixed this room up yet, but I think just maybe, there can be a new form of play here in this place. 

In the meantime, the trolls got their hair washed and I think perhaps the bears need sprucing up too.  These are the last of my childhood toys.

New Beginnings 024New Beginnings 023

I am not sure if anything will come of this attempt, but I do feel better.  My intention was to put them away and somehow they held their ground.  Some of the wigs were washed to remove glue and reshape as they dry to different heads, so I am still forced into handling them more, I wonder if this will bring them out more?  I really don’t know, but I am open to anything.


This will be a weird post for a dolly blog and as I start I really have no idea where it will go, but I feel a need to express something almost intangible.


I have been feeling a great deal of fear lately that is preventing me from doing all the things I wish to do.  Sometimes it is like I am constantly waiting for a ball to drop, some ball of doom and I am curiously resigned to it. 

I had hoped to be permanently retired from a regular job, but husband is nudging me to go back out in the workforce.  Aside from that unpleasant issue, is the realization that I have hardly accomplished all that I had imagined I would do with this wonderful time on my hands.  I don’t play with all of my dolls, I have hardly worked the photo-stories I planned, I haven’t carved a single doll, not sewn a single garment on my beloved Jones, and I brought art supplies to re-ignite my drawing which has not  been touched.  I finally have the time and what do I do?  Knit and talk to Rosey.  I know I needed the time to calm down, get use to the new life we are creating, the new country, new home, the acceptance of leaving family, the death of my grandmother…..many, many life kinds of things.  But there seems to be more too it than just an adjustment period.

I feel fear of the weirdest things.  I clench so hard to keeping everything stable that I refuse to venture past my comfort zone.  When I knit, I do exactly what I know how to do.  I want to learn to knit socks and fancy patterns, but find myself refusing to attempt it.  I feel a huge sense of guilt that I cannot pick up any doll for more than a few minutes and even that leaves me feeling so estranged from them I can’t quite figure out why.  Why on earth am I so hesitant to play with them?  They are mine to play with, they don’t have to be sold, they don’t have to take turns traveling with me on the truck or to Hawaii.  Doll size is no longer a critical issue, so there is no need to seek the right size doll.  I had looked so forward to the day we would be all reunited and play would be unlimited….but here I am clinging to Rosey and not touching them.  I keep mentioning it because it really bothers me, but I can’t seem to break the spell.  And there IS some sort of spell.  It’s becoming unnerving to me to walk passed the doll shelves.  I am now avoiding eye contact with them.  What the heck is going on with that weirdness?  Believe me, it is weird to me to even attempt to mention this in a public place.

And Evie!  My dearest companion for so many years, is totally lost to me.  How did this happen?  Was it my gluttony to have yet another doll constantly threaten the relationship we had?  It never was my intention or desire to be a doll collector.  While I loved experiencing many different dolls, it is always with the secret intention of finding THE one companion doll behind each pursuit.  Each new doll brought into my home was under two directives, either they were a character for a story or a potential companion.  I would be lying if I did not admit that even the characters had the hope of being companionship material.  Evie constantly had to vie for my attention as I admired and played with each newcomer.   And here I thought I was being considerate in finding lovers, brothers, and friends for her, even when she expressed her distain of OTHERS.  Even though I eventually came back to her, soon another would distract me and who could blame her for leaving me?  And leave me she did.  I picked her up yesterday, forcing myself to change her dress and she was not there at all.  Not one moment of a sense of her.  The doll body was an empty shell, the eyes were blank.  Evie is gone.  It hurt.  I felt I had pushed her away by my greediness.

I felt another fear yesterday, that this could happen between Rosey and me.  My lustful grabby-hands for a new doll takes on an intensity periodically and the mania grows until I break down and buy another doll.  I cannot understand this process, it is like an addiction.  I want for the thrill of the hunt, the capture, the possession of it.  When the thrill is gone, I start over again.

I have noticed this addiction thing has dimmed quite a bit with Rosey blooming unexpectedly like she did.  I cannot find another doll out there that compares to her in any way (and I have been searching!).  I think, perhaps this size, this type, this style, this whatever in another doll, but I look at Rosey and I think, but she can do or be more than what I am looking at on the screen.  I saw an antique doll yesterday that had the most exquisite hands.  I marvelled over their grace and perfection.  Rosey has paddle stumps for hands.  I looked at her hands and sighed, then I looked into her eyes and my heart melted.  Perfect hands do not make a perfect companion, now do they?   There was a twinkle in her eye.  She has life in her.  She makes me smile.  Why am I looking at other dolls?  And why do I have other dolls?

I think I know what I need to do.  I need to break the fears apart, one by one.

Green Christmas Tree Dress Done-ish


Here is the Christmas tree dress.  See the right ruffle?  It’s worse than you think.


I started at the under arm seam and worked across to the other side.  How on earth that I got the indent to not match up with the seam is beyond me.  Even worse?  I did this three times in a row!  I had to tear off the ruffle and start again THREE times!  I was about to throw the dress into the trash in total frustration.  Then finally, on the 4th try, I made it as it is suppose to be.  I haven’t taken a new photo of the corrected sleeve, that is because I want to find a way to finish the dress.  I wish I had some red ribbon, but I don’t.  I haven’t seen any ribbon in our town, although I guess I could haunt the charity shops for some in a decoration.  I will think on it.  It needs something.  It knitted up nicer than I thought it would, the fabric is soft and less like a carpet as I imagined it would be.


I am tempted to throw more on the needles.  I don’t know what the impulse is, perhaps a need to keep occupied.  I am beginning to have pangs of missing my family and the stress of it is getting to me.

Christmas Tree Dress

I am probably going to regret this, but I decided to give another go to the crazy green yarn.


The first time I tried it, I used quite thin pins, making it tight and it was like knitting a swatch of artificial grass carpeting.  In the above photo’s, I used a larger pin,  4-1/2mm and it did feel softer and nicer in the hand, but the knit was too large in scale for Rosey.  I switched to 3- 3/4mm pins and it came out much better (below).


I laugh because there is no getting around it, if I complete it, it will look like a Christmas tree dress!  The more I thought about it, the more it became one of those, well what else could you possibly do with it?  the above photo’s look bluish green on my screen, but it is a very bright shiny Christmas ornament kind of green with yellow, red, purple and black colour knobbies, plus shreds to make an eyelash kind of thing going on.  While I had imagined an elegant dress for Christmas, it looks as though we will use a sense of humour this year and just go ahead and see what happens.  I have no plans other than to keep a simple shape, hopefully this time I can manage a high yoke with soft gathers.  I have several skeins of this, so I should have enough for a hat too.  I am still shaking my head because I do have some lovely wool I could be working with instead of this silly stuff.

Here goes…..