Unexpected Finds–Teapot Palace

The Queen has a new abode, a upturned teapot.


There are no maker’s markings, so let me know if you recognise it. I got this for £2.99. 


Here are the palace people and the size relationship to the teapot. I think with some paint and imagination it could be made charming.  I can already see the maid having to sleep in the rafters.  Love the round door and window.

Then I found this royal door!  This was 99 pence.


Nothing could be more perfect for the Queen.  It was amazing to find with the other things, but I also found a tiny throne for her:


The chair was 49 pence.


Yes, yes, she can come out and wave her hand.  Maybe someday well find a castle to put behind it.  lol.


This was an odd find.  It is a resin decoration to hang on the wall.  But I thought it would make a fab garden for her.  It was certainly in scale.


I was thinking it would be great as a backdrop too.  Besides, all Queens must have a garden.


I can imagine all the lovely conversations held in the garden. 

Now this gal was another 99 pence, I could not resist.  A resin sculpture, not well painted.  I thought that I would repaint her myself, make her less gaudy.  Her hair curls nearly to the floor, but I may giver her better hair, this stuff is cheap stuff.



She has the sweetest face, but I think I may give her a more made up look, because it doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the get up.  I plan on waiting until I really see the changes I want to make, but what a fun little project.  Too bad she is immobile, cause I would love to have a jointed doll like this.  I have set her near my computer.  I like her.


4 thoughts on “Unexpected Finds–Teapot Palace

  1. What fabulous finds, and for such good prices as well! We never have such cheap bargains in our charity shops now…must be too close to London or something! Still I always hope. I am currently on the lookout for a desk for Anne-Marie, for ‘our school’. May have to try making one though as the chance of one turning up in a CS are quite slim I am thinking. Still you have inspired me to pop out tomorrow to have a browse around. Will be the first time out since last Saturday.

  2. What wonderful treasures you found!! I love treasure hunting in charity stores, you just never know what you might find for your dolls. 🙂
    p.s. you have a wonderful assortment of dolls!

  3. Great finds for your little royal family! I too can see the made sleeping in the rafters! LOL! Hubby & I went to a huge thrift shop today and I found a cheap porcelain doll with a desk like Rosie’s. I wanted it, but not for the price they were asking! $125.00!!! Good grief! Even ebay is cheaper than that! LOL!

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