Rosey’s Room Improvements

Today I worked on Rosey’s room and classroom.  I had a big space between the wardrobe and the table that is Rosey’s room, plus there is a weird indent to the wall in the corner as the place where the table is was originally an opening to a bed closet.  So I pushed the wardrobe up to the table and that created another wall.  To keep anything from falling into the indent, I took the wall down from the classroom.



There you can see the indent and the new wall.  Which ends up being great, because now she has a widow!


Here is the room full on, as I see it from my bed.  I can sit on the edge of my bed to play.  I no longer have the lovely furniture I once had in this scale, so boxes and tins had to make-do.  It took awhile for me to figure out what to use and not use, I have a lot of antiques and vintage and feel unsure about what to blend up.  My sewing machine makes a nice sideboard/mantle and the box ended up making a kitchen area.  I even made a small bathroom using a toilet bank (flush to drop coin) and a small doll trunk for a table, a bowl for a wash basin.  I’ll put up a mirror when I find one.



Here is the kitchen area:


I have since moved the telephone, but I thought it was fun to have the tins and tea boxes out.  This tea set belongs to Meredith Bear as it has bears on it.  I also found a tiny antique bear book, perfect for her too.

Meredith is an adult bear, so I am sure she will take care of the tea, but I will have to make a step stool for her, she is too small to reach this counter!


But I did think the little stove would be perfect for her to heat the kettle on, but I will have to find a kettle, lol.

The classroom was a challenge as I have no bookcases anymore.  I took a cardboard box and wrapped the small piece of scrapbook paper I had, it didn’t cover but the front and one side, but at least I got a surface for the books to be on until I find or make a bookcase.


I had a partial map of Scotland, so I cut that out of a brochure and taped it up.  I got out the violin stand and took some of Yorik’s things, like the diploma, calendar and globe and clipboard and typewriter.  I do have two computers, but I don’t know yet about going that modern.


Here I tested the sepia tint.  I guess the bookcase ‘’hole’’ can be a window.  I found a wooden hanger and thought it could hang there, but I may add a piece of clear plastic and make it a window.  I would love to put up a chalkboard, I am sure I will find one eventually.  Sigh, so many things I already had and had to give away.  I had to really try hard not to get upset about it.

Lastly, I got down a box that had the bicycle in it. 


Poor Rosey’s feet don’t reach the pedals, but she insists that it doesn’t matter, she wants the bicycle so much. 


I am not sure the Duchess approves! lol.


3 thoughts on “Rosey’s Room Improvements

  1. Oh my Elisa, you have been working hard and you have so many wonderful accessories! I am in awe! Is that an American Girl bike? I have one, I never thought of using it for my girls, but would be great if it fits. I wish the photos would enlarge a bit more as there is so much to look at, it is all so wonderful

  2. I agree with Lorraine! Rosey’s room & school room are really nice. Your imagination and re-use of things is wonderful. You are so creative and resourceful!

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