Rosey Underthings

2013-02-28 001

Here is the vest I am crocheting for Rosey.  While I had originally thought I would make it more like a child’s corset, I also thought how the buttons would show through the dresses if they were in the front.  So I opted to put the buttons to the back.  The bottom has button holes to attach knickers to.  After doing it this way, I thought why the heck I didn’t just make it all a one piece garment? 

2013-02-28 0032013-02-28 0052013-02-28 006

I am crocheting two sides to join in the front and back.  Sorry for the awkward  holding thing going on.  Not sure how I will finish the bottom.  As I study 1920’s clothing, I notice a lot of the short dresses have bloomers or culottes underneath. This might be a way for her to have shorter dresses, but she does have twiggy thin legs.  lol.  How punny.  Chubby legs do look cute with short dresses.

2013-02-28 008

Sigh, poor dear has been infinity patient with me, sitting for long hours while I hack up my lungs like Camille.  I still waver on whether to redo her eyes with a super fine brush or not. Most of the time I think they are fine as is, but then days later, I get the bug to give her thick feather stroked brows and better eyeliner.  Then I worry I will change her look and she won’t be the same as I see her now.  When I was in art college, an instructor told us to stop before we thought we were finished.  It was the finishing touches that often ruined the original concept.  Leave well enough alone and enjoy what exists.


Rosey’s Style

2013-02-24 0012013-02-24 004

I finally after much delay, finished the wool lime dress.  I decided to keep the sleeves short as we are heading into spring anyways.  Two shell buttons on the back are the closure.  This was knitted in all one piece, sewn under the arms and down the sides.

2013-02-17 009

I have been searching for a style for Rosie, I really feel I am not keeping her in anything that I feel really bring her out.

As summer is approaching, I will  be dropping the knitting and sewing more. I researched for idea, and I think I might have stumbled upon a look I think will be good on her.

1920sKids Fashion-1920s-children-catalog-page-from-free-vintage-digistamp-729x1024I really like the 1920’s styles, so as I found the photo’s I became more and more interested. 



Then I stumbled on Dolly Dingle and I was hooked.  lol.

220px-1922_Dolly_Dingle_by_Grace_Drayton Wish Rosey as this plump!  How adorable!

ddingledolly dinglegdollyd2


All I need is to see the shapes, the trims, the style of it, I can make the pattern myself.  Plenty here to give me a direction anyways for summer.

I have been wanting to crochet an undergarment, which I started today, ecru fine cotton.  I have a basic idea, sort of like this:

antique  eBay - Maxthon Browser

I want more thickness on the shoulders, and perhaps bloomers that button onto the vest.  It’ll be designed as I crochet, lol.  My usual method of madness.

First Snow Where We Live in Scotland

2013-02-05 003

Having our first snow was really exciting for me, even though my husband cursed.

So exciting, we all decided that the moment husband left for work at 5:30 am, we all got dressed and went out to play in the snow…in the dark.  I had a feeling it would all be gone in no time, and so we decided to take advantage of the moment. 

Here is the story:

In the second photo…my husband is walking down the path to catch the bus and train to work.  I  am pretty sure he was still cursing!  There are I think 4 or 5 parts to this little story, which wasn’t planned at all, but I will have it lead into the subject I had planned on, which will have to wait until next week.  I was surprised to get any photo’s at all.

Here it is when the sun came up, which lasted all of a couple of minutes, then the rain came and the snow is already gone.  I am so glad we ventured out in the dark, even though it felt sort of scary.

2013-02-05 046

2013-02-05 048

2013-02-05 049

Rosey’s lime & cocoa dress is coming along, normally I make each panel separate, but I am yearning to try different ways just to amuse myself.  So far, I plan on crocheting a lacy collar in cocoa and making long sleeves but not sure yet as to the stripes.  I thought maybe I would do the opposite stripes in the sleeves and make matching leggings to the sleeves.

Lots of planning going on for a joint effort, co-authored doll story blog which I will post a link to once it is up and running and ready to be announced.  It will be a while yet, but the planning part is the most fun anyways.  I will be tying some of Rosey’s blog to that one and I will talk about the production and designs ‘’backstage’’ here.