Touch Ups

My eyesight is definitely not what it use to be (actually nothing is, lol) and I knew that there would be touch ups as I watched Rosey, but more always comes in the looking at photo’s.

The changes are subtle.  I decided the pupil was too large, so I added a bit of blue into the brown to touch up the iris, colours used were raw sienna, burnt sienna, yannine blue (cobalt) and a dab of white to high light after applying a smaller pupil.



You can see a bit of the blue.  The work light is too strong for the photo, bleaching her skin and muting the colours, but I need to see the close-ups at all angles and lights to see how this will work for future photo’s.  Photo’s and real life, always look different from each other and my concern is that Rosey has been looking much better to my sorrowful eyes than she has in photo’s.  Now the photo side has improved quite a bit.  I will feel more confidence in close ups and in all kinds of lighting.

I added a bit more depth to her eye lashes, thinning the less-than-fine strokes by scraping off paint with the tip of an ultra fine carving blade.   Too thin and they get lost against her wood mottle, too much and she looks like a painted horse.  Rosey can’t do too subtle, it gets lost.  More colour (vermillion) to the cheeks.  Rosey can’t be Rosey without excessively rosy cheeks, lol.

026  I love this photo.  It’s moments like this that make me wonder why I disliked painted eyes.  I have been keeping her wig back so it won’t bother the drying paint, but I am really liking the high bangs on her, bringing an emphasis t her eyes and a more childish look.  When I glue it down, I think I will do this.

For the first time since I have had her, colour photographs do look much better.  I have been hiding her in the sepia tints, which now don’t improve her as they did before.


In fact, the sepia on the right lost her subtle rosy cheeks and her paler lips are lost. So I also darkened the lips.

After taking a bazillion photo’s, staring at her, I think I achieved a look that is far better than I expected and have deepened the antique look, resembling some of the dark eyed antique beauties that I have seen and admired.  She will never have the porcelain perfection in colouring but for a wooden doll with real wood mottling and dark spots, she has come a long way from her badly painted and paint damaged origins:

Jollyann Before Re-do  Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Maxthon Browser


As an aside, I use to think that so many of the badly painted Schoenhuts were from home remedies when they got a bit banged up in play over the decades.  But I now have seen so many similar faceups, that I now believe they were indeed as sold.  In painting Rosey, although I can’t say I spent more than a handful of hours on it, I can see why when having to produce a huge lot of them in a factory, perhaps the unskilled faceups were more due to speed painting than trying to achieve a certain look.  Plus, the gesso underneath the paint and the paint dunking did take away a lot of the facial definitions.

Anyways, I am happy.  I think she is positively beaming.  Now just comes the wait, this paint will take awhile to dry and there is glossy yet to do.


2 thoughts on “Touch Ups

  1. Wow! I haven’t gone back far enough in your posts to see Rosey as she was when she arrived with you. You have made massive improvements – what a doll surgeon you are, congratulations to you and to Rosey.

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