The Return

My, it has been a long time hasn’t it? 

I certainly drifted away from all things dolly, between massive illness and resulting depression, I was fairly lost.   A happenstance threw me into the loop again, but was quite surprising, but here I am ready to play again.

Even though I am sure my situation caused my mindset to sort of give up on things that I loved, I did find another new venue that sparked my imagination in a new and different way, so all was not lost in the shuffle of illness and dark days.  I became an avid Second Life-r and in so many ways, it was truly like playing with a doll, creating her, dressing her, making a home for her.  In so many ways, having an avatar in a virtual world is like stepping into one’s imagination and getting to play inside that realm.

Long story dramatically shortened, because I am sure I will be talking about this virtual and real life switch-a-roo all quite a bit….but as I suddenly had the opportunity (money-husband permission-timing) to buy a new and significant doll the thought occurred to me to find a doll to represent the avatar I had spent an entire year playing with and developing.  This is of course, if the doll is willing, lol.  Those of us deep into companion dolls know that we can have all the ideas about a new incoming doll that we want but it doesn’t mean the doll is interested in playing the part.  Some dolls love to dive right into a new realm to please us, other defiantly hold their own.  Remember my Evie?  She was a defiant one, ever bucking me on every idea I had.  I miss her so.

So after spending days researching, looking at what was out there and in my price range….I considered all the usual dolly drools, like Zwernase, Schoenhuts, Dewess Cochran, Patsy and a host of others.  But nothing was really grabbing me.  I then decided to see what was new in the BJD resin world and headed to Denver Doll and Den of Angels.  After seeing way too many dolls, I sat quietly for awhile, thinking what was it I really wanted?  I knew that this was a rare opportunity and I didn’t want to make a mistake.  I thought about all the dolls I have experienced, and what was the thing that pulled me the most?  Well, it was Evie of course, hands down.  I ruined that wonderful relationship with my continual greedy lust for new dolls and the imagination that they sparked in me.  I will never make that mistake again.  So how would I go about it?

It seems simple enough….I can see that since I spend so much time in Second Life having a doll outside that would probably eventually gather dust.  I would love to believe a doll would carry me away like in the past but I am sure it would no longer be the case.  So somehow getting my doll and Second Life to co-exist seems the ultimate solution.  I can delve deeply into both at the same time.  Now after making this decision, I began a different kind of search.

I would need an adult BJD and one that was similar to my avatar, but of course I can adjust the appearance of my avatar to look more like the doll if needed.   I can also adjust the face-up and eyes/wigs to match the avatar. With this in mind, I became excited (for the first time in ever such a long time) about the prospect of a new doll and all it could potentially bring me.  I have always dreamed of trying an Iplehouse, but of course there were a few others that have always pulled me like Dollstown and Dollzone.  So the new hunt was on, but I was becoming increasingly dismayed at the horrendous waiting period for production, often listing 60-70 business days.  My plan was to have the doll sent to my parents in America and while visiting, I could then bring her home with me to Scotland, avoiding the customs and postage.  But I will only be in America for 3 weeks and in that time, the doll may not come which would put me right back to square one with customs and postage and extra waiting time as my parents would need to send her on to me.

Denver Doll did not have any dolls that appealed to me (rather surprised that they had very few dolls in stock) and so I headed to DOA marketplace to get a feel, along with the usual eBay listings.  When I first saw her, my jaw dropped.  Literally.  She hit me that hard.  An Iplehouse EID, who not only had the same look as my avatar, but was named of all things, Luna.  My avatar is Zana Zyluna.  It was eerie and exciting and filled with that old dolly stardust magic.  There she is….how perfect is that?  Price was good….condition was good…and OMG…she is in the UK!!!  I went into convulsions I am sure.  I am now in the waiting stage, having bought her last Saturday, and watching the currier tracking which is inhumanly slow.

Here is my Avatar, Zana Zyluna as she looks before any adjustments:

Profile Pic Feb 2014


Here is the doll with a face-up already done:


It will be so much fun matching the two, but as you can see, they already have a wonderful start.  I had my husband drag down my big box from on top of the wardrobe to see what I still had of anything in her scale (she is a big 26 inches!) and I was surprised to see that I have 7 wig choices, although some may not fit.  I shampoo’d them yesterday so they will be fresh and ready for her arrival.  I see that others use 12mm eyes which seem incredibly small for such a size, and I am not sure what (if any) I have in my eye box that will work, but the seller said she would add the eyes and a wig for her and thank goodness a pair of shoes.

So my blog just may become more active now and I will be getting to know a new doll which is always a delight!