Removed in More Ways Than One

Well, here we are, in Port Glasgow.  A new flat we have just settled in, and so much more room to breath in than our last place.  We live on a quiet street and there’s little traffic on it. 


We are quite close to the shops, a huge Tesco (much like a Walmart in America) and the usual handful of local shops.  We remain on the River Clyde, only now we are much closer to the outlet to the sea.   So we are looking forward to what this will bring us.

One of the reasons for moving was to gain more flat space, so we searched for a two bedroom, where one could be converted into a dolly/sewing room.  Of course it soon was called a study, so that husband could perhaps set up a table and work on puzzles.  We’ve put our bookcases in there and there is a lovely fireplace to sit by and read or knit.  It has french glass doors and a large window to the back garden where we saw roses and flowers still in bloom when we  first saw it in September.



My sewing table fits nicely under the window.

The room is not finished yet, there are swords to be hung up yet, and the pictures on the fireplace too.  And I was in the middle of ironing when I took the photo, so excuse the clothes on the rocker.  What is more important, is that this is the first time in well over a year that I have had my dolls out at all.  We had to buy some necessity furniture first, so the next piece in the plan is a storage unit against the longest wall opposite of the fireplace that will be just for dolls, their stuff and sewing/art supplies.  Hopefully they will not be sitting precariously on top of the bookcases too long.

The rush of emotions to see them out again was not easy to deal with.  You would think I was thrilled and full of bouncing joy, but no.  I was not.  I felt a horrible guilt and sadness.  I had done the most unthinkable thing I had never thought I would do, I had put them in boxes and stopped playing.  Piper Maris was the only doll that stayed out and she got one dress out of me and that was that.  She sat in a chair on my desk and we simply looked at each other periodically.  What happened to take this all away?

Illness and depression.  Lack of space.  A new country to get use to.  Separation from loved ones.  This and that, and the other.  I delved deeply into Second Life, because it was so easy to get lost in creating there.  I didn’t have to find fabric or go out and take photo’s and make stories…it was so much easier to create a virtual doll and dress her and make dollhouses for her at the whim of the moment.  No hunting for supplies, no make-do’s with  doll items or clothing.  The appalling lack of dolls in the UK is a subject that can get me worked up into a rant.  But of all the things that came to be or what faded away still leaves me now with my beloved dolls sitting on a bookcase and what shall I do about it?