A Twinge…

A couple of days ago, I arranged the dolls on the cabinets.  I again looked at their stony faces and watched for something to stir. Nothing but memories of them came to mind.

Then I find that my parents in the USA want me to come for a visit in Autumn of this year.  After we talked about it, I soon started the practical thoughts, like not traveling with all that I did last time.  I would not bring anything but a carryon.  It will be an arduous journey by bus to Edinburgh (2 hours) and a 10 hour flight.  I no longer have the stamina to lug suitcases nor deal with the stresses of travel.  And I shake my head about it, because at one time I loved to travel and explore.  Now, airports and security are enough to make me want to swear off travelling altogether.  So to turn my mind away from the negative thoughts gathering their own storm, I thought that perhaps this could mean a new travel doll companion adventure.

For the first time in well over a year I looked on eBay for some ideas of what is out there.  As usual, the extremely expensive dolls like Zwergnase grabbed my attention and a handful of antiques made me drool a bit, but all in all I was simply enjoying the revival of something I use to do with a passion.   Nothing was found and I held myself in reserve as I know it is still many months away.  But I liked how it felt.  I really liked it. Hmmm….


One thought on “A Twinge…

  1. After my last trip home to visit my parents and hardly doing anything with my travel companions while I was there I have resolved to travel much lighter next time! I always come back feeling very strange about my dolls as well…

    I hope your interest is stirred and your enthusiasm renewed.

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