The View From Here


Sorry, not such a good photo.  This is what I was looking at in the last post while ironing.  It’s a terrible state for some of them to be in.  A few need hair put on, some need clothes and still…knowing this I do nothing.  This reticence bugs me to no end.  I can’t understand why I don’t reach out.  I went to the net to look at other dolls and found a few that interested me, but the nagging guilt that I do indeed have beloved dolls already gathering dust just made me pull away from searching.


One thought on “The View From Here

  1. It may well take time, but you are starting to think about it….I understand the reticence…I have in the past and up until recently (although not for the length of time as you) had dolls staring at me waiting….and yet I just haven’t been able to actually do anything about it.

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