About This Blog

I am not one to place dolls on display shelves or keep them stored ever so carefully in boxes.  I like to create a whole worlds of imagination and play around the dolls that become companions.  Some may come to stay for awhile,  some may stay forever, but each brings something new to explore in my imagination.

Here on this blog, I muse about them, dream up stories about them and sometimes sew and knit or make things for them.  I love dolls of all sorts, but particularly enjoy wooden dolls and those with ball or multiple jointing.  I like dolls that are heavy in weight, those that have something mysterious or magical about them.

If  you happened to stumbling into my little world and feel the same way about your dolls, please consider joining my Yahoo group, My Companion Doll.  Here we discuss our favourite companion dolls and all the things we like to do with and for them.  A wonderful place to talk about it.



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