Blonde China Head

Yesterday we stopped at Walmart and I wanted to get a small clip on fan for the next time we have to sit for the day and the truck heats up.  With the two cubbies, I thought I could clip one on one side and let the fan circulate that very hot air around.  Surprisingly, they had only 2 fans left, a big box fan and a small stand type fan.  I grabbed the smaller one, I have to be able to keep the resin girls cool.


The frustration is that I my husband is really concentrating hard on the logistics of our move and all that is involved.  So we go over it in detail and I am half excited and half depressed over it all.  The packing and moving part is okay, but the year in Hawaii is causing me a huge dose of separation anxiety over leaving all my dolls, my doll rooms, my sewing machine, the apartment, our things and living in someone else’s home.  I can only take what I can carry on the plane.  Whom do I take?  Evie was a challenge.  More?  Less?  No one?  Everyone?


So how do I de-stress?  I shop.  I have been on some sort of mad hunt for another doll, particularly a little wooden doll.  Which is nearly impossible and when I do find them, they are poorly crafted and I know they wouldn’t do.  I found one I bid on and was so excited about her, but was outbid in the last minute.  Then I think to myself, just carve one!


While I was searching, I came across a little figurine we had when I was a child.  I was always fond of her, and my mother had her for many years.  I sent the picture to her to ask if she still had it.  I remember ours had a pale blue nightgown and oatmeal coloured hair.




How funny then, today I find this girl right at the near end of her auction:


greenshot_2010-10-23_15-59-27 I wasn’t impressed with this photo, but the close up made me sit up and take notice…

greenshot_2010-10-23_15-59-52 The painting so delicate, so fawn like and soft.


greenshot_2010-10-23_16-00-14 But it was THIS photo that made me think of the little girl figurine and I had to have this doll.  She is 14 inches.  She is simply lovely.  I had two minutes left in the auction and quickly put in a bid and won.  Whew.  I thought I was going to lose, but finally after several losses….I have this charmer.  A nice companion to Charlotte I think.  Her name is Sarabonde.


A Rainy Day Project

I could not resist this little broken girl.

halbig 2 1/2 inches.  She is completely broken and a bad attempt at a repair. I got her for just under $5 including shipping.

halbig 2

halbig 3 Something just grabbed me about her.  I will attempt to giver her a solid repair and carve a wooden body for her.  I already (hopefully) have glass eyes for her (if they fit) and a wig.  If I can do a decent repair, I will make a little wardrobe for her and put her out for adoption around Christmas time.  She deserves a second chance, the seller said she was going to throw her out!  I adore her two little teeth!  lol

Crocheting a Dress, 1889 French Fashions for Young Ladies

The smallest crochet hook I could get at Walmart the day that I was last there was 2.25mm, which would be fine for the regular cotton thread, but the colours I had were brown, black, red, and a multigreen.  The cream/taupe I had was a thinner thread.  I went ahead and did a single crochet stitch and it felt soft and lacey because of the size of the hook, but I like it.  I started the flounce, but later when looking at french fashion illustrations from 1889, the older girls did not wear the dropped waist styles. 

After see this, I am inclined to make the thing I started perhaps just a simple summer dress with a low waist, but not particularly dropped.
Hopefully on the next home time, if I can get everything unpacked quickly, I can go through some of the dolly things I packed and for the life of me, I cannot remember it all!  I believe I will have some small objects for Miette that are too old fashioned for the Nisse children.  I also have a wooden lane chest for her, so she can have a hope chest filled with things she makes for her future marriage.  I will put together some scraps of fabrics and ribbons to hand sew a few things too, I especially want to make a nightgown for her.  As badly as I want the apartment, I am most annoyed that the unpacking and errands I must do will keep me from having some relaxing fun time with dollies!  lol
The dress I am working on now is another one of my organic works in progress, meaning I am shaping it as I go without a pattern or a clear picture in my head as to what it will look like in the end.  I like how it looks so far!