Does a Name Travel with a Wig?

Audrey continues to enchant me.  She sits by my laptop and plays away the time.  Gets into everything she can. 

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So this morning, I decided to pick up another doll….any doll, just because I was feeling neglectful with my Audrey mania.  It was still dark in our room early this morning, so I sat for a few minutes, in the dark, staring at the sofa and suddenly just reached out for Sophie (aka Allina).

2012-03-24 040

I went into the front room and tried to get her to stand.  It was not working.  I had noticed this before, before we packed and moved.  Was it her stringing that had loosened?  Did she need sueding in the joints? I tried to figure out what was causing this flop over when standing and figured it must be her heavy hair.  I went back and got Evie and Jollyann and played wig swap.  Husband winced as I peeled wigs off, but someone has to do it.

2012-08-05 001 The dark wig was on Sophie (right), the blonde wig was on Evie (middle)and so I swapped them and found that the blonde was thinner and more light weight and better suited to Sophie.  The black hair was dense and heavy and more suited to Jollyann’s big head.  So Evie played for awhile with a few wigs in the bag (I have so few now) but with her waif like looks the wild red hair does seem to suit her best.  They are not glued down yet, I am going to get a feel for it throughout the day, so they are sitting and being observed.  I wonder if dolls get creeped out when we just stare at them?  lol.

These three girls could not be more different from each other.  I am enjoying that for a change.  The differences, in their skin, hair, eyes, size and build.  As I look at the wigs, I see how the differences in being delicate or fine textured and being more hardy and bulky can be reflected in the overall look.  The black wig is human hair and is the most luxurious and shiny, thick and bouncy wig that I have.  It was too overwhelming for Sophie, who seems to be graced by blonde hair (she originally had a flax wig in soft blonde, which I still have).  So now she looks like Allina again.  I smiled, because that name Sophie seems to go with the wig and I would not be surprised if I start calling Jollyann, Sophie.  lol. 

I have noticed that I feel like I am becoming more aware of each of the doll’s individual presence.  Instead of the way it use to be;  making do with wigs, eyes and clothes before we get back on the truck, I now like to watch and see what seems to fall into a rightful place.  I have the time to do it now. I am practicing mindfulness in other area’s in my life and so it seems appropriate to let it continue on in the dolly realm.  There is no hurry for anything, I don’t know why it feels like I must make decisions about them all the time. 

I guess I still have this urgent sense of impending travel constantly nagging me.  Husband has this next week off from work and wants to go see Glasgow and I cringe at the thought.  I love to explore, but not now, I am so sick of traveling!


Allina’s Love

I have calmed down.  Good ol’ Allina, ever so gentle soul that she is, she’s my rock.


Allina confided in me that she wasn’t at all sure she could make it a whole year without her brother Mikko. I told her I wasn’t sure I could carry them both and my stuff too, so we went over different possibilities and she thought that perhaps the smallest ones would be best for traveling.  We talked about Audrey and Hammie, as is was plenty to have one brother, but if she had to care for Hammie too, that might be too much.  She thought maybe Charlotte could care for him, but I said that I could take them both, it wasn’t so much and of course, they could keep each other company when I was busy.  Allina agreed with me, but we also agreed to wait until we were home and had a chance to feel this on all sides, getting all my companion’s input.  See what I mean about Allina? 


And that brings me to my great news, they are diverting us to Denver instead of Utah, and so with a delivery tomorrow, we should be home tomorrow evening!  It was so unexpected!


Also, the BIG decision is just about completed, that I will go back on the truck for the next run, which will bring me home the middle of March and then I will leave for Hawaii about April 1 or the end of March.  Here it is already!  As soon as my daughter and I figure a date, I will be buying the ticket while home this week!  YIKES!


At this moment, but of course, it will not be final until everyone has had a say, I am thinking of bringing both Audrey and Hammie back with me on the next run.  It will help me decide if two is too much of a handful.


I also bought two matching wigs, in carrot red for them both, I thought it would be fun to try giving them a more unified look:


greenshot_2011-01-29_15-32-06  I am not sure how Hammie will take to having a few curls, but if not, I can trim them a bit. 

Love Grows

DSC00227 DSC00226

A sweater coat for Allina.  Done in a seed stitch in a tweed type yarn.  I will make a matching hat,  It’s not wool, but I need to knit and it is at least a pretty colour.


DSC00228 As I am keeping Allina and Mikko in a early 60’s style, I have to get use to shorter dresses and skirts.  I hem this calf length dress (originally made for Evie but she has such long legs) to Allina’s knees.  It is actually shorter than it appears here, be cause I kept the camera high as not to see that now her petticoat is too long.  lol.  It is knee length.  It’s funny how resistant I was to shorten the dress, but because she has shorter legs, it really does help with her overall style. I like seeing her socks and leggings.


DSC00230 I had started a cream wool coat with light blue    insets for Allina, but I decided it wasn’t quite her, and would suit Jollyann better.  The pattern idea was to make a dress coat gathered at the waist, and again, my tendency is to old fashioned when that would be the right style for Allina.  Once I started the green sweater, I could see the difference.  The old fashioned clothing is for the Chinaheads and Jollyann!


I continue to enjoy my companionship with the woodens.  There is a comfort factor I just haven’t had with other dolls before.  Deep down comfort.  Allina in particular, with her calm manner and practical countenance relieves my daily stresses like nothing else.  Just holding her relaxes me.


DSC00222 They take turns sitting in the front with me, there is a perfect place in the window that keeps them safe and they can watch the scenery go by.


DSC00223 I love them so much.  That is strange, as I usually can only comprehend one doll at a time and have trouble with two.  But Allina and Mikko seem able to not have any personality conflicts, neither has an edge over the other, they seem equally separate and together.  Hard to explain, but I don’t feel as though I am the third party when we are all together, nor do I feel as though I am playing favourites when I have one out and not the other.  This is a new direction for me in my dolly world.


It is also strange that my love of dolls is shifting.  Since Allina and Mikko came into my life I have not had one ounce of dolly angst.  I have not pined, whined, moped, or felt any separation anxiety at all.  Just a deep down contentment.  Like I had as a child, when the only doll in the world that mattered to me was the one in my arms.  Allina and Mikko are a connector to my childhood in a way that my BJD’s could not be.  I needed the simplicity.  I needed their cheerfulness, their natural skin, their reminder of what I love most about dolls, their comforting ways.  It is no longer about “watching” a doll and dreaming up stories, it about just sharing the everyday moments and playing with them. 


Last night, I watched an old Christmas special that was done by Red Skelton, called Freddy and the Yuletide Doll.  Freddy the Freeloader is alone on Christmas and sitting in a park.  A shopper drops a Raggedy Ann.  He picks it up and begins to like it’s company.  The doll comes alive for him and they dance and share love.  It was quite touching to see a man play this scene and the tenderness towards a doll.  I smiled and thought how heart warming a moment like that was.  This is how I feel about my woodens, they just bring a warmth and glow to me.




Something definitely shifted and I believe that it will continue to blossom. 

Their first thanksgiving meal

Allina and Mikko had their first American style Thanksgiving.  It was still raining and so dark even though it was only 3 in the afternoon.


DSC00212 The had turkey and squash, corn and apple pie.


I finished Mikko’s hat and he could keep his head warm as it is quite cold out.  Allina needs her sweater next.  I have started a cream wool one for her.

DSC00209 Later, Allina was laughing at Mikko….


DSC00207  because he insisted on wearing his het to bed!


For us, the thanksgiving meal was not quite as nice.  If you want to read about it, I wrote up my frustrations here: Overkill on Turkey Day

mikko’s sweater and love

DSC00178 I finished Mikko’s sweater.  I added the pocket to over compensate for the missing stripe.  I think it still looks odd.  I need to add buttons yet, but I will wait until I find the right ones.  I think black would be nice.


DSC00182 DSC00179 It’s is a bit big on him, as it was meant for Allina who is slightly larger, but this is a sweater meant to wear like a jacket, so that is ok with me.  I can’t block and press it, so it does look bulkier than it really is.


DSC00184 DSC00187


DSC00189 Last night, I found myself hugging Allina.  I was really feeling down and hugging her brought relief.  I marveled that I had no worry of crushed eyelashes and that her wooden warmth penetrated through me.  I could really hug her unlike any doll I have had since my Gotz Anna.  But even Anna did not have the warmth, she was stiff.  I then picked up Mikko and hugged him too.  There is something these two bring me, something I have been missing before.  There are not dolls I watch and look at like my resins or antiques.  They are very much hands-on and nurturing.  My mood changed as I held them, I could feel the tensions drain away.  The comfort permeated through me….the love of these little wooden hearts!  I have been playing with dolls for 6 years now, and never had the connection I feel physically with these two.  I hug them, I feel better.  I play with them, I do not have fears of chipping or crushing or damage.  I hold them and feel their sturdy little bodies.  I am grateful for short legs and solid torsos and cheerful faces.  I have never cared for painted eyes, but I see them in their eyes….I love their simplicity and yet they are more than just that…..


I am in awe of Allina and Mikko.

Wood and wool







At the end of my bunk, Allina and Mikko play their games, read books and talk about the world they see outside the window.  So fat, the have seen CO, KS, PA, MD, NJ, OH, IN, VA….and we have only been out a week.  I have been watching them, getting to know them and enjoying every moment of it.  Mikko is a little imp, so charming, so full of life and quick to please.  He is helpful and kind.  Not at all like I imagine boys to be.  Allina is resolute, steady, comforting.  I love to hold her and feel her easing my tensions away.


I am almost done with the pocket fiasco sweater, but we have been doing night driving and I cannot knit at night,  Hopefully I can have it done soon.  Mikko wants the sweater and I have to admit it does suit him.  I want to make a matching hat too.  I am longing to knit the new yarn I bought, just to get away for the knobbiness of the cotton yarn.  I like the look, but knitting a yarn with multiple thicknesses is irritating after awhile.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the wools I bought.  I need a pair of bamboo needles too.  I love the feel of wood and wool.