Microwave Installed

Yesterday we went to the store, so I was able to grab some fabric and I saw adhesive backed Velcro and grabbed that too.  I used it to hang Ane Thea’s microwave oven:

2011-05-09 003 I also had 4 containers from the gumball machine that had mini foods in them, so for now, I used them as legs to raise the dresser, using the Velcro to stabilize it.  It’s still not as high as I would like, nor really the item I would like for her kitchenette, but will do for now.  Nice that the Velcro is easy to remove. 


Since both the stove top and the microwave are pink, I would really like a white cabinet.  I’ll be on the lookout for something suitable.  I looked through my printouts that I had made for her, but I missed printing more Hawaiian posters for her walls, guess I will have to be on the hunt for mini art to hang.  I also found some fab fabric that I can make pillows from, perfect scale:

2011-05-09 007 I will cut out the squares in the print for the pillows, they will have that vintage souvenir pillow look.  I will also use some the same fabric for a curtain in front of the commode.


A Liquor Cabinet

2011-05-07 004 Ane Thea and I worked a bit more on her house last night. We switched the sides, because I found her a new cabinet for her clock and her liquor.  It is a jewelry box, shaped like a book.  I pulled out the ring pads so that she had a shelf to use.

I set the “book” upright.  It has gold lettering on the spine that says Music Treasures. That’s strange as it is not a music box.  Anyways, it looks more formal and is a good height for her.  It was $4.99, more than I wanted to pay for it, but I kept thinking it would work best until I could find something else.  There was a perfect wall unit, but they wanted $10 for it, definitely not worth that price.

2011-05-07 0082011-05-07 009

2011-05-07 0102011-05-07 011

The little dresser is still too low, but as I was looking at it, I thought since it is sitting on the outside of her trunk, I could probably just raise it a bit with a piece of wood, and then if I bought some double sided sticking foam, I could “install” the microwave I bought above.  What a cute kitchenette that would make, although I think if I can find a better kitchen cabinet I could paint it white and it would all be more coordinated. This little dresser has such lovely painting on the top, I just hate covering it up.  Besides, I do think this dresser looks better in Miette’s home, so eventually I will find the right thing for Ane Thea.

2011-05-07 0052011-05-07 012

I will be making cushions for the dinette chairs and pillows for the two ottomans, but I am waiting until I have the right fabric, probably a powder blue.  I also want to make a seat cushion for her rocker that I keep by my computer and a pad for her hammock, both which will be in some vintage Hawaiian fabric I have.


Lastly, I did find two Liv (I think) dolls at the thrift shop for $2.99 each, they had complete outfits on, both that surprisingly fit Ane Thea!  The jeans needed to be cut at the bottom and I removed the velcro and added a snap over just bit for a smaller waist, and one top needed a couple of darts at the neckline.  So I will be keeping an eye for them for the clothes.  I got a bit gruesome and harvested their eyes, which ended up being eyeballs with eyelashes attached to the eye itself.  They had no wigs, so I couldn’t grab them.  I also salvaged the undergarments from the Suzanne Gibbs doll, which made really cute clothes for her too.


I have been trying to get my thoughts wrapped around what I want to do and I think I need to once again create a to-do list and spend more time figuring this whole issue out.  Yesterday, just dressing and undressing her was having one on one contact with her and I noticed how pleasing it was, calming because I was playing.  My hesitancy with her is that she is so easy to create a home for, that I feel as though I am playing with a dollhouse.  Because I don’t directly sew for her, I don’t really hold to as much as I do a larger companion, I feel some distance. 


I once again told my husband I may have him mail me Jollyann or Allina, but I can’t make up my mind about it.  I love that in the evening before I go to bed, that I open my cabinet door and sit with Ane Thea a bit, but for the most part, it stresses me to have her out with these hardwood floors and the big dog and the boys bumping into my TV table as they walk by, I have had several near falls with her sitting by my laptop.  It’ll be two more weeks before my husband is home, so I will give it a good thinking-through.  A wooden companion would most likely fair well.  I miss brushing hair, holding a companion.  Whether I can direct my husband to find Allina’s clothes and shoes will be a challenge all in itself.  lol.   And can I deal with the mailing of her?  And should I then mail Ane Thea and her things back?


It’s funny, because I thought of Ane Thea’s size being perfect for travel, but in the end, all her tiny food items, her fragile body, well, I feel like I am overprotecting her and cannot just sit holding her during the day.  There is something in me that wants to give it a longer go, to get use to what I have and find the joy in what is already present.


Just musing.

Thrift Shop Finds

Here are my recent finds here in Hawaii.


Today I found a solution, a Baby So Beautiful that feels to be about the torso size of Allina and Jollyann.  She was only $4.99, NRFB. 

2011-04-29 008I will use her to make clothing for my girls, then finish up with her own wardrobe and leave her for my granddaughter.


I found Ane Thea some things too.

2011-04-29 010A Bathtub!

2011-04-29 012Table and chair set.

2011-04-29 014 Here she is in the cabinet in my room.  I found the white rose trees for her too.  She fits in the tub perfectly!

2011-04-29 020 2011-04-29 015 The cabinet is across from my bed, so I can have the door open when I am in my room and enjoy her company.


2011-04-29 001 Some thin yarns.  I always grab the ultra thin ones when I find them.

2011-04-29 002 A set of Victorian doll house dolls for the dollhouse I kept but haven’t put together.  That is a project for much later.


I also found a very shapely hula dancer, her head turns, but that is it.  She can come off her stand.  She is rubber like, very soft.  I will made more outfits for her too.  Merrie Monarch is this week here in Hawaii, the hula competitions.  Some of the costuming is giving me lots of ideas.  http://merriemonarch.com/  I really like her.  I see potential in her.


2011-04-29 0062011-04-29 0052011-04-29 0042011-04-29 007


Here she is with my Tiki Kanaloa.

2011-04-29 013 I see Frank has got his eye on her already.


And even Wensleydale got his very own log with a drawer in it.

2011-04-29 017 You can see he is very excited!

To or Not To

Just a little catch up.


I am still adjusting to my new “home” away from home.  Getting use to my daughter’s lifestyle and the children and all the commotion that brings in comparison to my sedate and quiet middle aged life at home.


Started with a grand sunburn that finally moved into the gross peeling stage, then got walloped with a bad cold.  Gads.


I have felt at a loss most of this transitioning time period.  I am craving a mid sized doll companion and truly miss my Evie, Allina & Jollyann.  I am still debating on whether to have a doll sent here or just buy a similar doll.  What I am thinking of is trying for one that is approximately the size of my girls, then I can sew a wardrobe, keeping some for them and leaving the doll and a simple wardrobe for my granddaughter.  Then I think, I have always wanted to experiment with having just one doll, and now is the time to do that.  Ane Thea serves well as a companion, so why I think I need another is just one of those things that drives me crazy.  I suppose the love of dolls will always keep me hungering.


Right now, I have plenty of “characters”.  I am really pleased with them.  Micky Chu is my favourite and I really like the rat, which my daughter got in a thrift shop bag of stuff and gave to me.  I know he is from the film Ratatouille, but I like him just as a rat. Domo is a fun contrast to Micky Chu.


2011-04-24 0352011-04-22 106


And Ane Thea has so many charms, that I still enjoy just looking at her.

2011-04-24 021 There is something about her dark eyes I like so much.  I trimmed a bit of her fringe in front, as it was too heavy for her delicate face.  I put her trunk room inside the armoire I have in my room, loving that she now has actual walls and I can tape up some posters for her.  Frank is here now, but they have not been introduced, that is for the storyline I need to get working on.  As soon as this dang cold is over with, I can get that started.  Nothing new, just still getting acclimated.

The First Day

Here is my room:

image 2011-04-21 001

I share it with my granddaughter, although she sleeps with her mother at night since she is still nursing.  I found one of those “breathing” dogs in the drawer, I put him on my bed, so I now have a little pet.  By the way, this bed is the first piece of furniture I bought when I was 18 or 19 years old.  It is an old 4 poster maple bed and here it is, after all these years here in Hawaii!  I raised my daughter with this shared bed, and had it as my own bed until 2004 when I married my husband.


image Here she is, my little granddaughter.  Everyone was so tired after waiting so long for me to arrive.  Youngest on the left, middle boy on the right (still sleepy).


image My daughter is cooking bacon and eggs, and my oldest grandson.  He is now 14, his voice is deep and he is so tall just since last August! 


2011-04-21 002 Here is the table set up my daughter did for my Evie, the vintage doll wardrobe, two of the three chairs she has found over the last year.  I set Ane Thea’s trunk room on top.  See this made me feel so sad that I did not have Evie or Allina with me.  I had no idea there would have been any room for a larger companion.  Last year, the baby’s changing table was here, but my daughter moved it downstairs.

2011-04-21 007 I am still feeling out of sorts today, even Ane Thea looks a bit off.  I sure hope it all falls into place soon.

Finally Here

I am now in Hawaii.  Got in last night.  To catch up, here are my entries from the 18th to today:


Monday, 18, 2011 At my Parents

Today was stress filled.  I took the car to storage.  We had bought a box of new rubber cables to use to hold down the tarp, but when I went to open the box, I realized that there was a plastic clip locking it and I needed to cut it to open the box.  I searched around the property until I found a screwdriver, used that to try and break the seal and ended up cutting my finger.  I bled and bled and the tarp was soon soaked in blood as I did my best to get the thing secured while in the midst of heavy winds.  Sigh.  Finally got it all done and leaned against the car holding the wound to try and get it to stop waiting for my parents to pick me up and I realized that if anyone saw that the car tarp was all bloody, my husband would have some explaining to do when I am no longer home to prove my existence! I chuckled over that one.


We went to see my paternal grandmother in the nursing home, it took her a bit to remember me, but when it finally clicked, she remembered me as a child.  That was ok.  I brought her a box of chocolates, of which she insisted we each take one, so I did, and yuck on that sickening sweetness.  I got a cherry cordial one.  "shiver".  I returned to my parents house to spend the night,  Mom made a wonderful dinner of pork cutlets and asparagus.   We sat up awhile, sharing brandy and talk of the old days.  I went to bed early, but slept poorly. 


Tuesday, 19, 2011 Travel Day

Not very good sleep last night, I really feel rather yucky. Oh what a very long day.  Once I got to the Denver airport and got checked in I was relieved to find that I passed right through security and no one freaked out about my Pixie, nor her wooden travel trunk.  I had about a 3 hour wait for the plane.  All the while, I had Pixie in her small carrier.  I really felt a nice relief with her so close.  But I have to admit, I also felt an incredible longing for Evie and Allina and even Jollyann.  I swear, at this point, I would have had a larger doll companion sitting on my lap the whole flight.  Wished I had done it.


On the flight to Seattle, I had to put the trunk under the seat in front of me because we were allowed to only put one bag in the overhead.  This meant that I could not stretch my legs out and I was getting cramps in my right leg.  On my return, I will definitely spend the trunk by mail.


I was overwhelmed with the commotions around me, with the exhaustion of carrying my heavy bags, and well, getting older just means less resiliency and ability to snap back.  So I waited 3 hours in Denver, had a 2.5 hour flight to Seattle, a wait of 4 hours there, the second flight was about 8 hours, and we were delayed by 45 minutes sitting on the tarmac, so it was long day for me.


I sat next to a man with a disorder on the flight flight who mumbled to himself incessantly and rubbed his hands in a fitful way.  I wondered how he managed not to break through the skin.  On the second flight I was next to ugh….children.  Noisy, in constant motion and I was bumped constantly.  When they are not your own, they are less charming.  I also sat in the back, near the restrooms with constant traffic, being bumped by passing attendants and passengers….I was tensing up and it made reading my book impossible.  By the time I arrived in Honolulu, my whole body ached from tension and sitting compressed for so long in my seat. 


Written today:

I woke up after sleeping for 6 hours, nice and soundly but really not enough to get back into the swing of things.    I unpacked my suitcase and it felt nice to be able to put my things away instead of living out of a suitcase like last time.  My daughter had set up a table for Evie, with her cabinet and some Evie size chairs, and I instantly regretted not bringing her.  I set Pixie’s trunk on top of the cabinet.  I felt overwhelmed and unsure if I had made the right decision.  I have several little packages to open for Ane Thea, as soon as I have the energy.  I am hoping I made the right decision, but it sure is hard to see the set up my daughter did, the furniture she found for Evie…..ack, I left them all behind!  Maybe I am just too tired to think straight.


Lots of pictures soon.

Right before the Trip

I packed off my husband yesterday morning, it was very hard.  I think when he left the first time I had so many projects to work on, I did not feel it quite so hard hit as I did now that everything is done, I am packed and ready to leave……a bit if reality check I guess.


To distract myself, I went to an Antique Mall I had found last year, one that is difficult to find.  I had found lots of doll books there and a booth filled with all kinds of dolls.  I wanted to get more books, but when I got there, she no longer had a booth at the place.  I was so disappointed.  I found a couple of things for Ane Thea:


2011-04-17 004 Birdcage, bottle of something, flowers in a vase

2011-04-17 005Porcelain table picture, pair of scissors and a wooden jar with a lid that says “cookies” on it.

2011-04-17 014 The bird cage has two tiny birds in it.  A bit small for her scale, but I liked it so much.  Each of these items were 50 cents.


I also made her a blanket, one that I added trim to, crochet a border and embroidered her initials on:

2011-04-15 003 2011-04-17 006


At a thrift shop, I SCORED!!!!  lol.  I found a coach for Ane Thea, with one broken door and I am not sure if there are other missing pieces, but for $2.99, I was so happy.  The coach lights still work:

2011-04-17 0072011-04-17 008

2011-04-17 011 Here the lights are on.  The broken door is open, it is missing the top half with curtains, but doesn’t need it to open and close.  I can’t take it to Hawaii, but will be here were we return.  I have horses to pull it, so this will be fabulous.  I want to repaint the wheels, but perhaps the rest in gold, too….a project for another day.  I am so tickled to have found this and I have to admit, a young girl in another cart got pretty excited about it too!  Little did she know I was the one it was coming home to.  lol.


Ane Thea and I are all packed. 

2011-04-17 019 I will be carrying her travel trunk, I decided to leave behind the glass table, and bring a wooden chest of drawers instead.  Everything fit just fine, including all her rement foods in the drawers.

2011-04-17 017 She has her own suitcase with a Pineapple Airlines tray of food, a can of pineapple juice, money, cigarettes, her sunglasses and a magazine to read.

2011-04-17 018 She will travel in her carrier.  I also found the pillow which is a quilt pattern in lavender and green which matches her lavender mattress in the carrier.  That was a lovely find for 50 cents too.


Tomorrow I will take my car to storage, my parents will pick me up and we will see my paternal grandmother at the nursing home, then I will stay overnight at my parents.  Tuesday morning we head to Denver, I have a flight to Seattle with a 5 hour layover and then to Hawaii.  It’ll be awhile until I get settled and take my thousand and one photo’s…so Bon Voyage for now!