Soon I will be Sewing Again!

Husband is on his way to Ikea to get a bookcase for my dolls.  Today, the landlady is coming to take the two sofa’s and the wood table that are in the bedroom.  I will then move my craft table in the bedroom and set  up the bookcase to hold my dolls and my sewing box, patterns and such.  I will be able to start sewing!!!!!

We had planned on buying more furniture this month, but a few other expenses came up and so things will take a bit longer than we wanted, to complete the flat.  We still need 2 dressers in the bedroom so that I can use the wardrobe for doll stuff and we need one more display unit for artwork in the living room.

With husband home on vacation this week, I pretty much relaxed and didn’t do more than knitting for dolly stuff.  I finished Yorik’s red sweater:

2012-08-09 001

I am currently working on a sweater coat for Rosy.  Oh, yeah, Jollyann finally settled on Rose Marie as her name and I get to call her Rosy.  I am at this particular time very attached to her.  Audrey certainly pulls my heartstrings, but Rosy just keeps me glued to her.  I received a refund from a seller on eBay after she couldn’t find the item I bought and the funds were promptly converted into dolly dollars!  Well, dolly pounds anyways.  I looked at dolls, but I really don’t want a new doll right now, I am happy with the ones I have and I thought that maybe a bed would be nice.  I found this one:


I am hoping it will be okay for Rosy, although it is 17.5 and I bought it thinking she was 16 inches.  I measured her to find she is 17 inches!  Oops!  She’s been sleeping next to my bed in a basket, and well, I thought she might as well have a bed.  I did save some antique dolly bed linens, so this will be fun to have.

I’ll take photo’s of the sewing machine and shelf set up tomorrow.  I’ll include a shot of the knitting too.  For now, all the dolls are hiding under my duvet and waiting until the furniture haul away is done.

2012-08-09 007

Rosy and Audrey

2012-08-09 008

Audrey and the bike I found before she arrived

2012-08-09 003

Sophie and Peter

I need to reposition her wig so that her bangs are not so short. 


Does a Name Travel with a Wig?

Audrey continues to enchant me.  She sits by my laptop and plays away the time.  Gets into everything she can. 

2012-08-04 0132012-08-04 0142012-08-04 0152012-08-04 0172012-08-04 0202012-08-04 021

So this morning, I decided to pick up another doll….any doll, just because I was feeling neglectful with my Audrey mania.  It was still dark in our room early this morning, so I sat for a few minutes, in the dark, staring at the sofa and suddenly just reached out for Sophie (aka Allina).

2012-03-24 040

I went into the front room and tried to get her to stand.  It was not working.  I had noticed this before, before we packed and moved.  Was it her stringing that had loosened?  Did she need sueding in the joints? I tried to figure out what was causing this flop over when standing and figured it must be her heavy hair.  I went back and got Evie and Jollyann and played wig swap.  Husband winced as I peeled wigs off, but someone has to do it.

2012-08-05 001 The dark wig was on Sophie (right), the blonde wig was on Evie (middle)and so I swapped them and found that the blonde was thinner and more light weight and better suited to Sophie.  The black hair was dense and heavy and more suited to Jollyann’s big head.  So Evie played for awhile with a few wigs in the bag (I have so few now) but with her waif like looks the wild red hair does seem to suit her best.  They are not glued down yet, I am going to get a feel for it throughout the day, so they are sitting and being observed.  I wonder if dolls get creeped out when we just stare at them?  lol.

These three girls could not be more different from each other.  I am enjoying that for a change.  The differences, in their skin, hair, eyes, size and build.  As I look at the wigs, I see how the differences in being delicate or fine textured and being more hardy and bulky can be reflected in the overall look.  The black wig is human hair and is the most luxurious and shiny, thick and bouncy wig that I have.  It was too overwhelming for Sophie, who seems to be graced by blonde hair (she originally had a flax wig in soft blonde, which I still have).  So now she looks like Allina again.  I smiled, because that name Sophie seems to go with the wig and I would not be surprised if I start calling Jollyann, Sophie.  lol. 

I have noticed that I feel like I am becoming more aware of each of the doll’s individual presence.  Instead of the way it use to be;  making do with wigs, eyes and clothes before we get back on the truck, I now like to watch and see what seems to fall into a rightful place.  I have the time to do it now. I am practicing mindfulness in other area’s in my life and so it seems appropriate to let it continue on in the dolly realm.  There is no hurry for anything, I don’t know why it feels like I must make decisions about them all the time. 

I guess I still have this urgent sense of impending travel constantly nagging me.  Husband has this next week off from work and wants to go see Glasgow and I cringe at the thought.  I love to explore, but not now, I am so sick of traveling!

One and All

2012-08-03 001

Little Audrey has come back into my life . 

2012-08-03 0052012-08-02 056

2012-08-02 042 Sometimes I wonder why dolls do this.   One can think one has fallen head over heels for a companion doll and then it fades.  Then it comes back.  Sometimes I wonder if it is an inner fear of mine, being afraid to love someone and losing them.  Every time I love a doll to distraction, the fear of losing them starts.  I worry about them getting broken or stolen or falling out of a bag unnoticed.  I start to worry about broken fingers and noses.

Last night, after adoring Audrey for an entire day, I laid on my bed and looked down at Jollyann sitting in a basket by my bed.

2012-08-03 038 She looked so forlorn!  I picked her up and hugged her.  And so starts the inner conflict as it always does.  Who to love?

I looked up at Evie on the table.  Not even bothering to talk to Sophie and Peter.

2012-08-03 022Gads!  Is it making her depressed that I am playing with Audrey?

And then, I realized that a lot of my dolls looked pretty abandoned.  Un-posed, this is what I saw:

2012-08-03 029Hammie, without Audrey.  Olivia with her nose in the air as though to ignore me.  My teddy bear I have had since I was three years old, pondering when he’ll ever have a chance at being hugged again.

2012-08-03 030Does Madeira feel sad over the magnificent true china head?  Being vinyl and modern, does she feel slighted?

2012-08-03 026 And what’s this?  Companion dolls who could care less if you exist?  Well! 

Sigh….how can I love them all up at the same time?  I am such a one on one kind of person…..the guilt just gets to me sometimes.  Here I whined for years about not being able to have them all at the same time, now I do and I don’t know who to hold and for how long without making anyone feel abandoned and alone.  Being a dolly nut isn’t always easy!

2012-08-03 037And dear little Audrey is not letting me put her back on the sofa with Hammie.  She is DEMANDING my attention just like Evie use to do.  She’s got her Hello Kitty purse and wants to go shopping with me.

Audrey’s Faceup

It is really different to work with tan skin.  It is hard to keep the skin tone even whether sealed or unsealed.  Sigh.

I took advantage of removing her faceup to round down the tip of her extremely sharp pointed nose.  This, along with not applying the black eyeliner she had before, has softened her face in a wonderful way.  I did not want to change her faceup, I liked it, but now, after spending the day with her, I can see the softness adds rather than diminishes her Audrey-ness.  I really worried on this one, as Evie is always open to experimenting, Audrey needs to stay Audrey.  Know what I mean?

2012-08-01 003Before

2012-08-02 0172012-08-02 014During

2012-08-02 036After

The last remaining problem is her eyelashes, it is impossible to reuse old ones, so tomorrow I will pick up a new pair and let Audrey and Evie share a net set. 


2012-08-01 Audrey Faceup Click to enlarge.  She had straight across eyebrows, I did thicken them and curve them a bit. She was blushed on the chest and shoulders, toes and fingers and knees.  I did not add back the black corners to her lips so her lips actually appear somewhat thicker because the illusion of wideness is gone.  I think she looks younger.

2012-08-02 0342012-08-02 033

The only downside is that the sealer started to make the pastels more hazy under the 3rd coat.  It took away the subtle colouring I spent so much time with.  Over all, with her now button nose and her softer look, I am please Audrey is there and still melting my heart by the minute. 

Audrey Bathed

2012-08-01 0022012-08-01 005

2012-08-01 0132012-08-01 024

Audrey was given a bath and had her hair washed and conditioned.  I noticed, just like I did with Evie, that the Testors coating had yellowed, which I could not see until it was removed and she was washed with soap and water.  Audrey’s skin is now more latte coloured than golden tan.  I also noticed that some of her faceup had worn off, so I will be reluctantly redoing that too.  I could not get a good photo of it, but in taking tons of extreme close ups, I decided that although I cannot do the fine eyeliner style, I can pretty much give her most everything else in colouring.  it helped for me to see the close ups.  She won’t have the dark eyes she has now, but I think I can keep a similar look.

2012-08-01 056Here you can see the chipped lip colour.  The cheek wear  is the most noticeable, but I could not get it to show in the photo.  It’s like she has a ring around her mouth from cheek to cheek.

I went through most of the two remaining unpacked boxes, looking for her clothing and objects, I did not find Rosebud yet.  I pulled out the trunk I received from Alex, but she was not packed in there either.  I just cannot picture in my head exactly where I packed her.  I couldn’t tear everything up today because we were expecting the flat to be inspected.  I am sure I will eventually find her, but I am a bit worried.  In the meantime, I am going to set up the trunk as Audrey’s room.  I am Audrey-fied right now and can think of nothing else.  I hope this happens with all my dolls, but for now I can only do one at a time.

Anyways, I have been playing with Audrey and holding her heavy body in my hand and being delighted with her like I haven’t been in a long time.  I took a few photo’s of the flat today, nothing is finalized yet, we are still working on it.  We did get the go ahead for an additional 2 year lease, so I felt a lot of relief with that.

2012-08-01 028That brown table and sofa will be taken away (came with the furnished flat) and I will put my work table there so I can sew.  I have no idea where I will put my dolls though.

2012-08-01 042 Our entry way between the bedroom and lounge.  That table is my working table and will be moved to the bedroom.  That’s all  my husband’s stuff. 

2012-08-01 044The lounge (living room).  We have the dining table in the window bay. We opted for a double desk over sofa’s and a TV.  We watch films on our computer’s anyways and so don’t have a TV.

2012-08-01 033 Looking towards the kitchen from the bay window.  Now you can see the entry room and the bedroom in the distance.  On the left a display unit will be set up with more art objects.  Maybe in a week or two.  In the bedroom, once the sofa’s and table go, we will add two dressers under the window.

2012-08-01 040our long long bathroom.

So that’s it for now.  We will be here until November 1 2014.  At that time we will make the decision whether to go to Denmark or stay 2 more years.   I feel I now have LOTS of dolly play ahead.  Starting NOW!!!!!

For the Love of Audrey

I remember the day I found Audrey at DDE.  At the moment, I can’t remember what I was looking for, but it wasn’t her.  I didn’t even know she existed. 

I remember having a list in my hand for several BJD dolls that I wanted to see in person, and Wendy carefully pulled them all out of boxes for me to paw over.  I wasn’t finding IT amongst some of the dolls I had drooled over in photo’s.  I walked along the shelves of dolls and saw this little urchin peeking out behind a bench and I picked her up and was instantly smitten.  She was a heavy little thing and she immediately conformed to my hand.  She had on a horrible wig and awful eyes and I spent the next couple of hours going through loads of eyes and wigs until I found the right ones.  I was so in love with her and she was the most perfect poser, the most perfect size…..everything I had ever wanted in a little companion.

When I brought her home I could not put her down.  There is something in Audrey that is lacking in the same dolls by the same company (including Hammie).  Tonight I picked her up (half afraid to) and after all this time, she poses as though it were the first day I brought her home.

2012-07-31 Audrey 0012012-07-31 Audrey 0022012-07-31 Audrey 0032012-07-31 Audrey 0042012-07-31 Audrey 0062012-07-31 Audrey 0072012-07-31 Audrey 0082012-07-31 Audrey 0092012-07-31 Audrey 0102012-07-31 Audrey 0112012-07-31 Audrey 0132012-07-31 Audrey 015

I remember feeling terrible guilt over loving her so much.  Evie was the prima donna companion doll, but I was falling for a new girl in the same way I fell for Evie.  I set Audrey aside for awhile to try and break the bond.  I started playing with her again and decided that having another like her (Hammie) would help keep her occupied and my intention was that they were both small enough I could bring them on the truck.  Soon, I bought more of them but as cute as they all were, they were not Audrey.  I sold them all.  I set Audrey aside trying to get involved in other dolls.  My plan (then) was to find the perfect companion doll and sell everyone else.  Audrey would be sold, I was pretty sure. Well…sorta kinda. 

I have not really realized it until now, but I have been afraid of loving Audrey!  I figured that if I did not handle her, didn’t pick her up, I would lose the connection.  I was wrong.  I picked her up tonight and my heart melted.  I wasn’t even going to pick her up, I headed into the bedroom to get Jollyann. 

This perfect little cherub still has her original faceup, her original eyes, lashes and wig, the only bjd I have had, that kept their originality.  Perfection from the very beginning.  Silky smooth resin, poses like a dream come true, cuddles in the hand like no other doll I have ever had.  And no wonky long legs!  lol.  Oh, what am I going to do?