mikko’s sweater and love

DSC00178 I finished Mikko’s sweater.  I added the pocket to over compensate for the missing stripe.  I think it still looks odd.  I need to add buttons yet, but I will wait until I find the right ones.  I think black would be nice.


DSC00182 DSC00179 It’s is a bit big on him, as it was meant for Allina who is slightly larger, but this is a sweater meant to wear like a jacket, so that is ok with me.  I can’t block and press it, so it does look bulkier than it really is.


DSC00184 DSC00187


DSC00189 Last night, I found myself hugging Allina.  I was really feeling down and hugging her brought relief.  I marveled that I had no worry of crushed eyelashes and that her wooden warmth penetrated through me.  I could really hug her unlike any doll I have had since my Gotz Anna.  But even Anna did not have the warmth, she was stiff.  I then picked up Mikko and hugged him too.  There is something these two bring me, something I have been missing before.  There are not dolls I watch and look at like my resins or antiques.  They are very much hands-on and nurturing.  My mood changed as I held them, I could feel the tensions drain away.  The comfort permeated through me….the love of these little wooden hearts!  I have been playing with dolls for 6 years now, and never had the connection I feel physically with these two.  I hug them, I feel better.  I play with them, I do not have fears of chipping or crushing or damage.  I hold them and feel their sturdy little bodies.  I am grateful for short legs and solid torsos and cheerful faces.  I have never cared for painted eyes, but I see them in their eyes….I love their simplicity and yet they are more than just that…..


I am in awe of Allina and Mikko.