Rosey’s Bed

2012-08-15 017 Rosey’s bed came today.  It was fine in the size, she can lay full length in it.  I had to repair a hole to the mattress, but that took only a minute to sew a patch on.  I put on the antique linens I had, everything was so sweet! (excuse my bed, the sheets are being washed!)

And just for fun…with no dryer or Laundromat in town,  the wash has to hang up inside.

2012-08-15 001 I only hang the bedding in the main room, our clothes are hung in the bathroom.

 2012-08-15 019The bed is quite old, has been not-so-well painted a light pink colour. By and by I will repaint it and add roses on the head and footboard. There is a nice centre panel for that.

2012-08-15 005I have no place to put it, so for now, it will have to be under my sewing table and next to the bed.

2012-08-15 024 Rosey was very pleased.  She insisted on the lighter weight comforter though.  She liked the flowers on it.

While taking these photo’s I grabbed a few more.  Here is Yorik with the shirt I am working on for him.  This was something I cut out before leaving the USA and was my first piece on the sewing machine.

2012-08-15 030I found his vest and he looks quite nice in it!    That a pin holding it together to try the fit, the shirt is not done yet. Yorik sits on the top shelf with Charlotte.  He prefers her company as they like to talk about traveling (Charlotte has travelled to the Orient) and philosophy.  I noticed that Charlotte has looked positively radiant since meeting Yorik.

2012-08-15 009 

2012-08-15 037I think this is the best photo I have of her.  She looks so serene. 

2012-08-15 027 I think Evie is glad to have found a best friend and these two seem to spend a great deal of time making up stories of fairies and princesses and castles.  Very wistful these two are.

2012-08-15 033My childhood trolls.  I cannot remember their names (which really bothers me).  The white haired was the grandmother, the dark hair was the mother and there was a short brown haired one that was the father.  Then I had a lot of the little ones.  I remember I had one with two toned hair, my first one, that was yellow with brown tips.  I loved that one the most and I remember her name was Nikolina.  They seem happy to be out of the box and amongst the others.  I will have to make them some clothes, they have not been played with since my daughter was a child and that was 30 some years ago.  Wow.

2012-08-15 035 Rosebud has the most wonderfully defined body for being so tiny.  I just discovered that her metal dog can hold a piece of paper in his mouth!  I really wished I could have kept that little dollroom I made for her in Hawaii.  Sigh.  She seems to be fine in the leather case for now but she is in desperate need of a gown. I think I will make one tomorrow, poor  dear.

2012-08-15 041 Rosey’s sweater coat is coming along nicely.  This is the back and I am working on the of the front sections.  It’s a lovely yarn with a heavy silky weight to it, a nice flow.

I am feeling more relaxed about the dolls, but I have to remind myself when I feel the still strong urge to “pick one”.  I am so glad I don’t have to do that anymore.  I t
hink the shelf has helped me relax, because I can go and visit them, see they are fine and I can play with Rosey and the guilt of spending so much time with her is lessening.

Rosey is earthy, warm, chubby, well balanced, simple and has a touch of magic about her.  Something clicked with the dark wig, something made her blossom.  If I look to hard at her painted eyes or her mottled wood skin, I think, oh, I should sand her down or repaint her, but then I look at her and I think, NO!  Now, she is just right, just as she is right now.  There is a warm glow in her eyes that has nothing to do with paint.

2012-08-15 Rose Marie Nighty 003Just look at those chubby arms!  She’s in her summer nighty and all ready to sleep in her new bed!


Photostory: It Wasn’t a Very Good Idea

DSC09628 Charlotte: Evie, there is something I have to talk to you about.  I know you really wanted the children to come with you.  But they cannot come along this time.

DSC09625 Oliver:  Yes, yes dear girl, The children have all come down with the measles!  They will have to stay in our care until they are better. 

DSC09614 Evie:  Oh my gosh!  They all have spots!


DSC09615 Hammie:  I fell sick. 

Evie: You sure do look sick too!


Evie: Does it hurt?

Charlotte:  It doesn’t hurt.  But they do have fevers and chills and cannot go anywhere for many weeks.

DSC09618 Evie:  Well this is just so sad!  I hope they all feel better. 

DSC09624 Oliver:  They will, Evie.  We have plenty of Sugar pills! (winking)


DSC09619 Evie: (sniffling)  Now I have no one to play with!

Evie’s Morning

The days of leisure are soon ended.  I leave for Hawaii on Wednesday morning.  Where did the time go?  lol.

I was going to make a bedspread or coverlet for Evie’s bed, but didn’t have any fabric that was suitable.  I had her old down comforter, so I decided just make a duvet cover.  I was saving this fabric for Charlotte, but it was the only one that went with the bedroom, so it was used.  I really liked it.  I then made a chair pad for the vanity chair.  I also re-worked a few vintage doll clothes and generally just played with Evie.  She has been such a wonderful companion, I have been so pleased and happy with her.

I watched Evie start her morning:











I just love this room for her.  There is a strong pull to my own childhood in the look of it.  Although I had set out for a modern and bright look, this room has an enchantment to it that I love just pulling up a chair and sitting with Evie. 

I am way behind on sewing.  I want to make at least a pair of regular jeans and a pair of jean shorts as I have made several summer tops that need plain jeans.  This will be the end of summer sewing for this year.  In September I will decide on the fall pieces, perhaps a few velour tops, a nice sweater and such.  I’d like to make a plaid dress for her too.

It really depends on how much I can get done this morning on the baby dresses.  I am visiting my parents this afternoon and I want to be able to mail the box out to my daughter tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.  So between getting the jeans made for Evie and the baby dress and bonnet, I don’t know how much time I will have for Charlotte’s wedding dress.  I feel sad I let that slid to the wayside and I am sure she is quite disappointed in me, but perhaps I can still manage to give it go.  Once I am at the machine, I can sew pretty fast.  If I can’t manage it, it will have to wait until September, where I should have a week or two before getting back on the truck.  I have to say that Ollie and Charlotte are a perfect couple together.  They just glow with happiness in each other company.

Shopping Spree



I went shopping yesterday to get paint for Evie’s trunk room and ended up back in a thrift shop and the Antique Mall instead.  I was too tired to make it to the paint shop so I skipped it.   Evie went with me of course, and I brought my lunch since I knew I would be out most of the day.  I love this pet tote to carry her in, it’s lightweight and easy and I feel good that she is comfortable.  I can see her through the mesh too.

More finds.  Sheesh, I need to stay out of the shops!  Husband is going to faint when he sees how much I have spent while he’s been on the road (I have internet access, he doesn’t).  So he can’t check just yet. 

I found some fabric for Charlotte’s wedding dress.  I was going to use whatever I had on hand, but I could not resist this piece for $2:


Anyways, I found more doll clothes.  One huge stuffed bag of Barbie clothes, including a couple of nice Ken clothes that will go to Frank Sinatra. 

DSC06871 DSC06869

I also found some clothes for Evie at my favourite doll booth at the Antique Mall.

DSC06863 The vintage clothes look so cute on her.  I love these tailored shorts, perfect for Hawaii:


Since these bags of clothes have mixed clothing, I ended up with some baby clothes too….perfect for my baby Emily.  I don’t usually mention her in my dolly babblings, as she is my little secret play, reserved for me when I need to nurture.

DSC06861 DSC06859

There was also one small bag of clothes that had two pairs of eyeglasses in them, one really small and one that fit Evie to a silly T.

DSC06875 She LOVES them and she made me laugh so many times with those owl eyes.

DSC06876 That’s my Evie, deadpan seriousness.  This outfit brought back memories of when as an teen, she dressed in a similar way and wore a straw hat.  Liza Doolittle.

There was a pair of old doeskin shoes too:


While at the Antique Mall, the seller I always hit up for the doll clothes (and she had a LOT this time) also had an old composition girl that kept pulling at me.  She was about 14-16 inches tall and so sweet.  She was in good condition, grazing but no peeling or missing compo.  Her face paint was good but her brown eyes were clouded, one eye no longer had a pupil.  She was $65 with 10% off.  I was tempted, I liked how she felt in my hands, heavy and solid, but I heard Evie squirming in the carrier and I came to my senses.  I really have no need of a new doll as my doll situation is not about acquiring, but about reducing.  She had on the most adorable thin cotton dress in red and white which I would have loved to have snagged for Evie, but I sure did snag plenty of other fun and vintage clothes as it is.  This seller bags clothes for about $3 a bag, sometimes there are several pieces, sometimes just one.  All are vintage.

As I continued to hunt for more dolls, I was glad the pricing was out of my reach and none actually tug at my sleeve.  I still thrill at seeing them and wondering about their histories and lives, but I have my Evie and that is enough.


Today I am going to sort through my fabrics and trims, get them organized.  I am tired of tearing up everything in tubs and boxes, so I am going to clear off the shelf above my sewing table and stack the fabric there so I can see what I need.  Everything becomes a jumbled mess when I am searching for a trim or a fabric.  I hate it when I exclaim…oh!  I forgot all about that piece!

Leisure Time

I have been re-arranging, cleaning, polishing, sorting, washing…..sigh…for DAYS.  I have been off the truck for nearly two weeks and I have not had any play time!  But now, after giving my mother a birthday luncheon as the last of the “things to do” which prompted even more polish to the apartment, I feel I am completely done and have the rest of the time to play.  Although I am loathed to make any messes right now.  lol

I sat out on the balcony this morning with Evie (who, by the way now has chairs all over the apartment so she can sit with me anywhere) for breakfast.

DSC06839 I had the stack of dolly magazines to go over the patterns and dress idea’s for Charlotte.  It was so nice, the warm but nice early morning air, the stillness, the birds singing.  It was heavenly.


But then I passed by Evie’s room later in the morning, and thought, I really need and want to work her room to something pretty and enjoyable before I start on the wedding dress.  The wedding dress seems like a perfect weekend project, there is no hurry.

So I will head out to the paint shop today and look for colours that might work.  Whether to make a little girls’ room all powdery pink or something vintage with blues, greens and purples, or modern, it just is not coming to me.  No matter how hard I stare at the room I am totally blank for ideas.  I think the rug is throwing me because the colours are so strong and it lends itself to thinking all the dresser drawers and panels in the walls all ought to be different block colours like the rug and that thought makes my stomach queasy.  And just picking a colour from the rug might still be too strong.  I am leaning towards softness.

DSC06845   I will look for another rug today and see if that will inspire me.  While Evie isn’t ultra feminine, I do think there needs some softness and sweetness added to this room.  Maybe it would be easier to give her a wooden floor and pale walls and be able to change the colour scheme by the bedspread.

The ceramic toilet was a find ($2, lid comes off, advertising for a plumber) and not going to go there in the corner, I haven’t found a home for it, Evie already has one, but I won’t pass these kind of fun items for future doll rooms.  Other recent finds have been a red plaid rocker for $6:

DSC06782 This one sits by my computer.

A metal (heavy) shopping cart with fold out seat:

DSC06779 I had seen one of these on an asian eBay store but they didn’t give the size.  They wanted $10 for it plus shipping, I found this in a thrift for $4.  And it was funny, because I was looking for a magazine holder for my husband and instead found one for Evie!

DSC06846 What’s so fun about this (besides the 3D horse picture) is that the picture is in a holder, like a photo frame and can be changed.  It is about postcard size.  It’s cute to sit by her chairs.  I found this for $1.

Evie’s eyelashes were too long.  I knew that, but didn’t want to cut them until I knew whether to keep them or leave her bare eyed.  I took a few bad photo’s last night, but heavens, the lashes were obnoxious, so I cut them this morning.

DSC06827 DSC06836

DSC06847 DSC06850

I love the look so much better.  I also love that they are the same colour as her hair, that is hard to find in human lashes.  Ok…so Evie and I are off shopping this morning.  Oh, and the little doll head I repaired, her eyes were only shipped yesterday and so was the hedgehog doll.  That just irritates me when people receive money instantly and don’t bother shipping for 2 weeks! 

Busy Little Bee

Ack, so many projects that I think I am overwhelming myself! 

The apartment is done, even though it takes daily work to keep it that way!  While I haven’t accomplished all the sorting out in the sewing room as I wanted to, I will be doing it as I go.  I like that I have drawers close to Evie’s room and the other 2 rooms, I will give them each a drawer for their clothes and shoes (two for Evie’s massive collection) and store all the SD stuff in a box.  Still not ready to deal with that yet, or the little ones.  Quiet honestly, I don’t have the room for them to have rooms.  Sigh.  I have the shelf that goes around the top of the sewing room that I want to do something with…..we’ll see what I come up with.

I have yet to start on Charlotte’s wedding dress.  I am ready to do that now, so today I will look through my stuff for appropriate fabric and trim.  One of the finds I recently had at the thrift shop was Doll Reader and a few other brands of doll magazines from the 1980’s and 90’s.  I sat down and flipped through them all and chose about 20 of them!  They were .99 each, so I had to be choosy.  Lots of them had patterns in them, two for wedding dresses for China’s!  What luck!

Evie’s room is still bugging me.  I thought last night that maybe a soft yellow and sky blue would be a nice colour combination.  I also thought that maybe if I bought yellow, red, white and blue enamel paint, I could mix my own colours and be able to coordinate the rug in with the trunk and furniture.  It sure would be a colourful room!  I’ll have to go to the paint shop and see if I can get small cans of the paint, otherwise it would be too much.  I may just get some colour samples to bring home and see what works with the rug.

Yesterday I finally got hooked up to our new printer and printed out some paper doll sets for Evie, made her a passport and even a shot record, birth certificate and a report card.  Her papers are all in order now.  lol.  Actually I found blanks online and filled in her name.  I have Ollie’s and Charlottes marriage certificate ready too.  That was a lot of fun to play with.  I also can now scan in so many of the patterns I have drawn up myself so I can use them again and again.  See what I means….so many projects to get done!

Home-Time Catch-up

Oh my goodness, I don’t know where to start or leave off….

Mr. Hackensack is a delight!  I love his jovial face and looks so fun next to Charlotte!  They are the same height, with Oliver perhaps a few centimeters taller.  They seem to be in a decent scale to each other, although Ollie has very thin and short legs for his rotund body.  His skin is quite yellow next to Charlotte’s perfect white, but I try and tone it down with some blush to those fat cheeks.  Much more on this union later.


I fixed the little broken Halbig head.  Whomever tried to fix her before used pink FROSTED nail polish.  It was a bear to get that off, and I still have a bit more to remove that I can see reflected in the light. Otherwise, the repair was clean, I re-enforced the crack on the inside with modeling goop made for repairs and will use the same goop to fill in her chip on the cheek.  I will then blush her up to cover, but it will probably still show and I don’t really care.  When I have time, I will attempt to carve a body for her, or find one on eBay.  Her head is smaller than Miette’s, but I think she would make a perfect younger sister, size wise.

Evie Olive.  Oh what a wonder she is to my heart!  I removed her faceup, cleaned her up (trucking is certainly dirty) and started on the new faceup.  I worked her in peach tones, getting her eyebrows in a ash brown and her lips a darker reddish colour than the pink she had before.  I loved the end result and with the beautiful new eyes and wig, she just really came together.  I am not 100% though on the faceup, as sometimes I still see too much “rusty” tones and would like more pinkish).  I have sealed this one very well, so I will think on it for awhile.  It suits her, so maybe it’s just the artist’s eye who never see’s things as finished.

 DSC04111 DSC03909 Before

DSC06605 After

DSC06619 DSC06594

The wig is adorable, easy to care for, but will crush easily in the back when she lays down.  I am not sure how that will work in the end, but her wig is staying one quite well so far without glue, so perhaps now and then I can refresh the style with a wash.

The eyes, well, what can I say?  They are fabulous.  I am so glad I forked out the excess money on them.  They not only have the most incredible depth, but seem to suit her as though they belong to her, being a part of her.  I see Evie in those eyes.  I think they are called Hand Glass Craft, or some order of those words, they are made, I believe in England, but I don’t have the info handy.

Here are the few things I bought when I was out on the road:

DSC06557 Sand pail set (with beach ball and goggles) for the beach, panda shoes, pale blue shoes and boots (I plan on making a pale blue winter coat), darker blue shoes, and a set of antique tiny real shell buttons.  All are for Miette and Charlotte. 

For Hawaii, Evie has a beach chair, pail set, bathing suit, towel and grass skirt!  I can’t wait to take photo’s of her on the Hawaiian beach!

Lastly – Evie’s room.  I did spend a lot of time with the scrapbook papers at Hobby Lobby trying to decide on a wallpaper design and colour.  I found a couple that I liked, but not enough to say THIS IS IT.  I couldn’t decide on whether to make all of the panels in the same wallpaper, or have coordinating patterns and colours.  I couldn’t decide on whether to go with a design, or a child’s print.  So I gave up and decided to think on it some more.  Perhaps when I can shop without feeling like I need to get home and fix dinner for Husband, I can take all the time in the world to pick out the right colours.

DSC06620 I really don’t like the dark blue paint, and I want to blend everything well.  I also want to find a rug.  Perhaps I ought to start with the rug as that will probably be the hardest to find and go with the colours in the rug.

Next two days are the last with Husband, so I won’t be able to get too much into any doll play until later in the week.