100 Strokes, Please.

I love brushing Miette’s hair.  She likes it too.

Yesterday was very stressful.  Husband was having a bad day with the produce loads and even lost his temper a couple of times, which he rarely does, he is so even tempered.  I lose my cool much quicker than he does.  So when he blows his stack, I cannot help but feel protective and I tend to withdraw.  So my day went completely introverted.  I spent it thinking about my companions.

I wrote their names down and played around with free association.  Charlotte and Lizzy were tagged as biddies.  The Old Biddies.  Aloe Vera and Olivia the Pig became tagged as The Pixies.  I smiled at that one.  Olivia a Pixie?  Pixie Pig!  lol.  Of course, the children are always the children.  Frank and Lucy seemed to drift into Frank’s Place, as I could see Frank having a lounge and Lucy being a goofy waitress there.  I let my imagination drift into Frank’s Place and loved the 1960’s atmosphere.  Yes, that seemed to be a wonderful place, dark, quiet, good music in the background, Frank polishing the glassware and shaking up martini’s….and Lucy dropping a tray full of drinks in the background.  Miette was a bit harder, I kept coming up with The French Girl, but that didn’t bring any clues.  Ever since I changed her wig, I see her as Alice in Wonderland.  I am drifting in that direction with her.  French is all so wonderful, but she seems to have more to her than just a nationality. 

But while everyone was moving into a thought pattern, Evie and Evan completely eluded me.  I thought about a period in time for them, but each era that I imagined them in didn’t feel right.  I imagined them as parents of the children….but no, that wasn’t it either.  A king and Queen?  A Duke and Duchess?  Actors?  Who were Evie and Evan?  I gave up on my tagging and imagining, went and spent hours looking through the history of clothing.  Nothing.

I went to bed for the night and laid there not really thinking, but drifting in and out of all kinds of gossamer thoughts.  Then something took form.  Something that seemed to have a life of it’s own, once it came into view.  There was a way to connect each one of my companions!  Even in all their varying sizes and types, there was always one place that united the odd ones…..THE CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!  The tall and the small, the young and the old….are all a part of an old fashioned circus.  I will drift into this world for awhile…..I wonder if this is what Evie meant by a family?  I feel happy today.  Just maybe, I have a circus family in the making!