Floating in the Pond

2012-06-23 Story 002

Last night after dinner, husband and I took walk in the park.  He saw her before I did, but this little girl was floating naked in the pond!  She was covered in mossy gunk and has a bad dog bite to her one ankle.  I brought her home and came up with a wonderful story line for Thistleshire.   It’ll be later, but it will be fun!

I gave her a good bath.  Her hair was too frizzy to do anything with it, so I braided it, sewed the ends in and white roses that I happened to have in my mini sewing bow.  I do not have any fabrics to make her clothes, but I still had the tricycle clown and so I took his neck ruffle and a piece of the front pink satin panel and sewed on a tutu for her.  She is 6 inches tall.  I also gave her black pupils in her eyes for more emphasis.


2012-06-24 005

2012-06-24 008

Poor clown, now I want to rescue him too!  Maybe I can give him a new body?

2012-06-24 010


The Cottage Dolls Arrive

The dolls for the cottage house arrived much sooner than I expected!  The cottage is no where near ready.  They are a bit a larger than I thought they would be, 6-7 inches tall. All were hard plastic, even though two looked like composition.  All were inexpensive souvenir dolls.  All were absolutely filthy.

2012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 005 All were intact, a missing wooden shoe, a tam hat on one in a kilt, the skis for the skier.  I wasn’t sure what to think at first, wondering if they were salvageable.  Washing them could make their clothes dissolve or their painted faces wash away.  But it was necessary.  They had no odours, so it wasn’t tobacco smoke grime, seemed to be plain dirt and dust type.

2012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0062012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 007

The poles slid out of his hands, so that will be nice for stories (not always holding the poles). I may make him a pair of skies someday.  A bit of rosy blush may help those scarred cheeks a bit.

2012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 008 Her eyes were stuck.  She has a red paint dash to the side of her mouth.  She may be missing a hat.  She looked so solemn.

2012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0092012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 010

These guys were fine, the lace extremely dirty and never will be white again.  Probably both are missing a bagpipe, the one missing a tam and has very unruly hair.  Both looked like they needed a whiskey.

2012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 011 A soft vinyl, initially I thought I would give her to one of the bigger dolls as a doll, but I thought, no, she belongs with this group.  It makes me wonder, had they all been sitting in a box together up in the attic or an unused closet?  Were they played with or just displayed?  I was seeing a whole lot of potential in each one. 

2012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 012 This little Asian cutie made me smile.  Pretty brown eyes.  She seemed more wise than the others. More mature in some way.

2012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0132012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 014

This more intrigued me.  I liked her snobbish look.  Her skirt is lined in white and she has a full onesie under her dress.

They all got a bath.  I filled a tub with warm soapy water, whished them around in the water bath, then used a small soft brush to clean their faces and feet and hands, lightly brushed the dirt out of the clothing and held them under clean running water, pressed them in a towel.  They are now in the window drying.  Once dry, I will make small repairs to clothing, re-glue some hair and touch up faces.

2012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0152012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0162012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0172012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0182012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0192012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 020

The eyes unstuck and she can see again!

2012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0212012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0222012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0232012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0242012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 0252012-06-18 The Cottage Dolls 026

When I compare the first dirty pictures with the clean and scrubbed faces, I swear I see happiness and relief!  Doesn’t the Asian lady look so surprised that she got a bath?  Eyes are all now sparkly and clothing fresh.

And the dirt they left behind….

2012-06-18 001