She’s Here and Safe

This morning, a woman came to the door with a package saying the mailman had left it in her box.  It was such a relief.


2012-02-16 002 This is my first glimpse of her.  All 3 inches of her.

2012-02-16 003She is solid, not hollow.  She has dirt in her eyes,so first thing the little dear had a bath.

2012-02-16 004Her details for this size are incredible.

2012-02-16 007 She has eye lids for heavens sake!

My first attempt at adding hair and a face were all wrong.

2012-02-16 035 She lost something in the. translation.  I wiped it off and went a different direction

2012-02-17 001 I used wool yarn instead of human hair, made a wig cap and sewed the yarn on, made braids and sewed them up around her head.

2012-02-17 002 2012-02-17 003

2012-02-17 005 2012-02-17 010 The dress is not done, it needs buttons in the back and trim of some sort.  I am not sure yet of how to do her face, even with a magnifying glass I can barely see her eyes!


Pinafore and Underdress

DSC03990.JPG Here is the pinafore I have been working on. It is not finished, buttons need to be added, threads woven in and som sort of finishing trim added. I decided to make a long sleeved underdress for it, which would have long sleeves and be longer in length than the pinafore. I started it last night, the collar shows above.

DSC03988.JPG I am making it light and lacey so that there isn’t too much bulk under the pinafore, which is heavier. I am thinking at this time, the underdress will most likely be a simple A line. It’ll take a long time to get it finished, but thought I would at least show the progression. When my daughter was very young, I made a lot of crochet pinafores to put over her clothes that helped keep her warm in our cold apartment. This reminds me of those long ago days.



I haven’t decided on the final look of all this. It will come as I finish the underdress.

Back to the Hammock

Evie was too cramped in the carrier.  She couldn’t lay comfortably in it.  One evening I took the folding chair that makes into a bed out and laid it along side me.  It worked, but I was so fearful all night of her rolling towards me and  me crushing her, that I couldn’t sleep solidly.

Then I remembered I still had the hammock I made last summer for big Evie.  I hung that up, but my configuration at the end of the bed was not the same as last summer, and wouldn’t work now.  I thought on it some more, and came up with it hanging along side the bunk rather than across the bunk.

DSC03607 DSC03609

It works!  I slept soundly last night and it was so sweet to wake up to Evie-O looking at me:

DSC03606 DSC03603

She loves it too!  I want to add rings to the ends.  I had wooden dowels and removed them, but there needs to be more structure to the ends.  There are more advantages to her bed being in this particular spot, my bed stays clear of “stuff”, the hammock blocks the outside light from truck stop lamps, and Evie is protected from the intense summer sun as it is the darkest spot in the cab of the truck.  You can’t really see it well, but above here is my light (on the panel) that both her and I can read a book in the evenings.  The only downside I can see is that now Evie can reach that panel, which has control to the air conditioning in the back, the lights, and the power for the laptops.  I know she will mess with them!

Miette's Crochet Dress & Wig Adjustment

I finished Miette’s crochet dress.  I knew I needed to figure out a front panel and a closure. 

I decided to use a contrasting thread:

Then I discovered that I had NO buttons that would work, I had enough white buttons, but they didn’t look right, the brown buttons I had, I didn’t have 8 of, so when we went to Walmart, I was hopeful, but they didn’t have but a few selections and nothing that would even remotely work.  So I looked at the beads, but the wooden ones were too large.  Sigh.  I bought the silver heart beads until I can find a suitable set of buttons.

But a good thing was that Walmart had clear craft glue, so I went ahead and re-did Miette’s wig.  I had reduced it from a human size wig, down to a size 8-9 then down to 7-8, then down to Miette’s size all by darts and stitches.  I peeled it off (I always glue wigs on) and went into the truck stop restroom and washed it in hot water to remove the glue.

After I removed all the stitches, I selected a row of weft about 2 inches up from the bottom and careful cut between two wefts.  I then basted all around the edge to gather and then glued it to her pate, leaving an edge all around that would then be glued to her head.   Her hair is now much thinner, much easier to brush and it lays nicely in a more realistic way around her.  I put her cap on and a rubber band to hold the hair down while it dried.

I had also just washed my hair, funny, we have nearly the same colour!  Mine is still damp, but dried, it is so close!

We are now heading to Texas, deliver tomorrow and then head to the Yard.  We are not sure, but after a couple of days there, we may be sent to Colorado with a load.  Home time is around the 9th….so maybe, just maybe we will soon be there!

Miette's Dress and Hair

I desparately hoped that I would dream of Evie again last night, but it did not happen.  Here I am confessing out to the internet world that I am trying to commune with my doll.  Sigh.  Practically over the edge, I suppose.

I had started a project a while back, creating a history of my dolls and their familiar relationships.  I stopped because at the time I felt it was getting too involved and intense.  I wonder if I should go back to it?  Maybe I was going into the wrong direction with it.  I will toy with it again and see where it takes me.

I adore little Miette.  She has been an anchor for me lately.  Funny that I start a blanket for her because I worried about her being cold, and now we sit in the Arizona desert at 104 degrees!  Oh well.  Chances are we will hit another snowstorm before summer is here.

I mentioned Miette’s dress, which is not finished.

The dress is too snug as is, and my plan is to add a front panel in a contrasting colour or make closure straps with buttons so that an underdress would show through.  I am still thinking on it.

The backL

I have had this human hair wig a long time, it has been worn by Evie and Olwen, each time, I stitched tucks to make it smaller, but it is now creating a thick lump in the back of excess wig.  When I am back on home time, I will be cutting it to size to fit Miette perfectly.  In the meantime, I am applying jojoba oil and brushing it daily to condition it.  The colour really suits her and I like the feel of it.  Funny how I hated it on Olwen.

Crocheting a Dress, 1889 French Fashions for Young Ladies

The smallest crochet hook I could get at Walmart the day that I was last there was 2.25mm, which would be fine for the regular cotton thread, but the colours I had were brown, black, red, and a multigreen.  The cream/taupe I had was a thinner thread.  I went ahead and did a single crochet stitch and it felt soft and lacey because of the size of the hook, but I like it.  I started the flounce, but later when looking at french fashion illustrations from 1889, the older girls did not wear the dropped waist styles. 

After see this, I am inclined to make the thing I started perhaps just a simple summer dress with a low waist, but not particularly dropped.
Hopefully on the next home time, if I can get everything unpacked quickly, I can go through some of the dolly things I packed and for the life of me, I cannot remember it all!  I believe I will have some small objects for Miette that are too old fashioned for the Nisse children.  I also have a wooden lane chest for her, so she can have a hope chest filled with things she makes for her future marriage.  I will put together some scraps of fabrics and ribbons to hand sew a few things too, I especially want to make a nightgown for her.  As badly as I want the apartment, I am most annoyed that the unpacking and errands I must do will keep me from having some relaxing fun time with dollies!  lol
The dress I am working on now is another one of my organic works in progress, meaning I am shaping it as I go without a pattern or a clear picture in my head as to what it will look like in the end.  I like how it looks so far!