A Trip to DDE!

Yesterday was my date day with my husband.  We went up to Denver for the day, starting at Denver Doll to see dear Wendy!

DSC09280 Wendy is on the right.  We have Prudence (right) then Calla, then Lenore and Evie on the left.  It was so sweet to see these lovely girls of Wendy.  I was so impressed with their loveliness!

DSC09287 Lenore had gorgeous hair in such pretty waves and I was so enchanted with her eyes.  I loved her shirt – I HATE EVERBODY.  I want a shirt that says that!

DSC09288 Calla was as sweet as ever.  I was tickled to see the jeans she was wearing, and pointed them out to my husband who was braving the unknown territory of dollyland.

DSC09289 Prudence was stunning in her black hair and clothing.  She looked a bit hesitant about all the attention, but I think Evie whispered something in her ear, because I caught a tiny smile light across her face.

DSC09291 Here is my favourite photo of Wendy’s Wombat and Lenore.  He was quite a nice fella to meet in person!DSC09296Evie loved meeting everyone.

DSC09293 I know the girls were whispering while I was busy checking out the store.  I wonder what they talked about?

DSC09298  This is my husband, I was so pleased he enjoyed the experience, so glad he met another dolly nut besides me and now knows why I love this place so much!  I was so excited to see Wendy, the girls and several new dolls, that I completely forgot to take more photo of the new dolls I saw!  I really regret that now, because the dolls that really called to me, I wanted to see again in photo’s!  This must be a sure sign I have to come back to DDE soon.