Evie and Knitting

I found one skein of yarn the other day, lovely multi-coloured Marino wool.  It was 75 pence and I was thrilled.  Even though this does not really go for antique girl, I had to knit something for Rosey right away.

2012-11-02 0012012-11-02 004

It is much more fiery in colour than I could capture with the camera in early morning light.  I love the seed stitch which really shows off the colours well. 

Then, I had an impulse to remove the light coloured eyelashes from Evie and give her a more normal appearance.  I am still having a near-repulsion to handle my other dolls, I really don’t understand it and it bothers me.  I try to find reasons just to pick them up.  I do look at them every day, even several times a day but something makes me hesitate to touch them.  My heart holds all the memories of the times I did interact with them, held them, took them places…I feel that all the separations and upheavals have threatened the relationships somehow.  I keep hoping for it all to pass. 

2012-11-02 005 It was strange and difficult to handle her today.  I have many conflicted emotions about her. 

2012-11-02 016 I put in the coffee brown sparkle glass eyes and a dress I made a long time ago.

2012-11-02 019 This look is so typical of bjd’s and while it still appeals to me, I kept thinking that maybe she loses something in the translation.  Wild hair, ho hum.

2012-11-02 021 I put her in the short brown bob and she made me sigh.  She was tender, gentle, childlike.

2012-11-02 Evie 020 And so incredibly sad.

2012-11-02 Evie 042

2012-11-02 Evie 035

2012-11-02 Evie 048 As I sat her down, the thing that drives me crazy with her body is the legs that swivel.  I put her back on the shelf. 

2012-11-02 Evie 001

What a difference between the two.  I seem to have fallen for brown eyes and brown hair….like my granddaughter.  Sigh.  I miss her so much.


Making Eyelashes

Make do with what I have is the only thing I can do right now.  If I wanted lighter (blonde) eyelashes, I would have to make them.  So I did.

2012-09-05 008 I took the bottom edge of a human hair wig between my fingers and spread the hair out evenly as I could and placed a piece of tape across it.  Hard to see, but there is tape in this photo.

2012-09-05 009 I then added a thin line of glue and placed a another piece of tape over the glue line.  I now have hair between two pieces of tape.

2012-09-05 010 This was the piece trimmed and then cut in half and trimmed to fit the eye well.

2012-09-05 011 I cut one piece to the size of her eye and then matched that size to the other piece.

 2012-09-05 013I add glue to the inside edge of her eye and press the eyelash to the glue, keeping the tape INSIDE the eye well, only the lashes are glued, not the tape.

2012-09-05 017 lol…I loved this shot.  So weird looking.

2012-09-05 0122012-09-05 016

You can see the taped part is inside the head.

2012-09-05 018 Giggle…she looks positively gruesome.

After everything was dry, I trimmed the lashes.

2012-09-05 045 I added hairspray to a brush and brushed her lashes and taped them up to curl them.

2012-09-05 048 This is a VERY different look for Evie.  Once the lashes have had a chance to set in a more curled position, I will take more photo’s.  She looks old fashioned, in a pale fragile sort of way.  Sometimes she looks blind, sometimes ghostly and at other times, hardly any different than I have always seen her.  Weird.  The faceup works very well with these cloudy eyes.  It’s still all an experiment.  I will let whatever needs to happen, happen.

2012-09-05 032

2012-09-04 071 In the meantime…Rosey smiles.  She got a bees waxing today.


2012-09-04 0082012-09-04 004

The wig isn’t brushed out here, I was just trying on for colouring.

2012-09-04 0252012-09-04 003

This wig is equally interesting, more so I think with the black eyes.  The wig is too heavy to sit right on her head without glue, so it wouldn’t be set back so far.

Neither of these eyes worked with coloured wigs.  I have brown and reds, those need her normal blue or green eyes.

2012-09-04 0562012-09-04 058

Perhaps this wig is too old for her?  Or just that it doesn’t bring out any unique qualities? This is the sad look I saw and it really bothered me.

2012-09-04 002 And I can’t help but keep looking at this one.  It’s the wig I worked on for Yorik trying to make it grey.  It’s silver now.

Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome!

Sad Things

I have been very reluctant to hold any of my other dolls.  I really enjoy looking at them and have happy feelings towards them, but when I reach out to touch them, I pull away.

It’s been bothering me that I don’t touch them.  Today I made myself pick up Evie.  I have been meaning to give her some eyelashes since her face-up and I thought how it would help if I just handled her.

I tried on wigs and eyes, took lots of photographs, but nothing struck me.  I did not feel as though I were handling a beloved companion.  How sad.

2012-09-04 002 This was the most interesting look of the usual thousand I take. The wig is not in good condition.  It just gave her a ghostly waif look.

2012-09-04 009 I wish I had white eyelashes, I bet it would be a very ghostly look for her. She is not this white (nor is the wig) but I love how the paleness works here.  I also love these haunting eyes, but I am not sure how I would feel about a doll wearing them all the time.

I tried the wigs because I did have some auburn eyelashes and didn’t want to put them on if she ended up with a black or blonde wig.  But after they dried, I put in lavender eyes and her red hair again as it seemed more Evie.  I noted that while trying on wigs and handling her while doing her eyes and lashes, her legs and lower arms kept swivelling around.  It was irritating and I grew impatient with it.  She has such long colt like legs, so far out of proportion with the rest of her.  I re-dressed her in a soft gown and set her back on the shelf.  (I am spoiled by my Schoenhuts stay put limbs).  I went to take a photo of Evie to show the eyes and dropped the camera.  It is now broken!  My brand new camera!  I could cry.  I thought about how many times I dropped the glass eyes while trying them on her.  I am dropping things a lot, knocking things over, I am getting so clumsy.  That is really bothering me too.  I feel like an elephant in a china shop.

When I looked up at Evie, she seemed to look so pensive and that really bothered me.  I just stood there and looked at her.  Her face up is really quite wonderful.  Lots of different nuances of colour and it suits her.  The way her red hair wisped around her face, she is a lovely doll.  The lavender eyes look so nice too.  But there is an aloofness, a far away sadness that comes with so many of the Asian bjds.  I walked away hoping another day will bring another feeling.  I looked at each and every doll with loving affection, but still no desire to pick them up.

Rosey was sitting by my computer in her wicker chair looking like a senorita!  I smiled.  While I had the eyelashes out, I had a pair of black ones and just for fun, I though I would try them on her.  I never had even considered that she could wear lashes and I have never seen a Schoenhut with them on (perhaps the sleep eyed ones do).  I like them!  It gives her a completely different kind of look.  With the red lips and black lashes, I think she looks exotic!

2012-09-04 0422012-09-04 049

2012-09-04 0512012-09-04 044

Sweet dear Rosey.

Photostory: Good Books

DSC09967 Audrey: Once upon a time there was a frog that ate flies.


DSC09966 Evie:  It doesn’t say that, you can’t even read yet/


DSC09969Audrey: It can say that if I want it to.  It’s MY story.


DSC09971Audrey: ,,,,,and the frog loved the princess like me….and got to eat lots of candy canes,,,,,and and….flew up into the sky on a bluebird to the castle….


DSC09970 Evie:  Oh brother….


DSC09973 Evie: My DIARY is more interesting than your book!


DSC09972 Audrey: What’s a diary?


DSC09974 Evie: it’s a book with my thoughts in it.

Audrey: Can I read it?


DSC09976 Evie: NO!  They are my PRIVATE thoughts!



DSC09977 Audrey: (sobbing) You don’t love me anymore!

Evie:  (sighing) You’re such a little drama princess!


DSC09978 Audrey: So you can read me your diarery now?  So does it have a story about princesses?

Evie:  You drive me crazy.

A few Changes and Ideas

I thought it was time to change the look of the blog.  There are some really cute themes, but I had trouble with the settings, especially ones that I was not savvy enough to fix.  This one blended everything well and is easy on the eyes.


I will be writing up back stories and personality traits on all my dolls and that will be on the individual pages up at the top of the blog.  I made portraits to add the the blog, but I don’t have photo’s on my laptop to do a few others I have at home.  It will sort itself out soon enough.


We have been spending our free time working on our retirement budget.  Sigh.  All doable and should be fairly comfortable but the dolly thing…..it’s going to be put on a severe cut back.  I knew this, but re-acknowledging it causes a deep panic in me, making me want to buy as many of my little heartthrobs now, before it’s too late.  I hate that feeling, it’s so irrational.


I have bid recently on a few small dolls, but lost them all.  It irks me to remind myself that I don’t really need what I keep searching for.  I can carve my own wooden doll if I want one.  I have a doll in most types and sizes.  I have adult dolls, child dolls and even baby dolls.  So what am I seeking?  I keep seeking what I already have, it is simply insane.


I am definitely making Evie some leg braces.  The old fashioned kind.  I already know how I will make them and I believe they will help her legs remain straight and not flipping backwards, or having her knees pop.  I am unhappy about his design flaw in Dollstown Seola legs, but I love my Evie, bad knees and all.