Photostory: Good Books

DSC09967 Audrey: Once upon a time there was a frog that ate flies.


DSC09966 Evie:  It doesn’t say that, you can’t even read yet/


DSC09969Audrey: It can say that if I want it to.  It’s MY story.


DSC09971Audrey: ,,,,,and the frog loved the princess like me….and got to eat lots of candy canes,,,,,and and….flew up into the sky on a bluebird to the castle….


DSC09970 Evie:  Oh brother….


DSC09973 Evie: My DIARY is more interesting than your book!


DSC09972 Audrey: What’s a diary?


DSC09974 Evie: it’s a book with my thoughts in it.

Audrey: Can I read it?


DSC09976 Evie: NO!  They are my PRIVATE thoughts!



DSC09977 Audrey: (sobbing) You don’t love me anymore!

Evie:  (sighing) You’re such a little drama princess!


DSC09978 Audrey: So you can read me your diarery now?  So does it have a story about princesses?

Evie:  You drive me crazy.


3 Dolls for Sale

I currently have three dolls on eBay, if anyone is interested:


Soom Mini Gem Uyoo Elf


Mel Odom Gene Marshall


Dollzone BB Ami


Auction ends in 10 days.


As I mentioned, I have been working on outlines and history information on my dolls, trying to find the balance of the dolls I really want and who to keep, who will travel and those whom I just don’t do anything with.


I had bought Soom Uyoo with the idea that she was petite and easy to travel, but as lovely as she is, there is something about thin small dolls in my big huge hands that make me feel I should not handle them.  Uyoo is not fragile, I just can’t enjoy playing with such a thin doll….I feel the same way about Barbie sized dolls too.  I like thick dolls, what can I say?  lol.


Gene is not my type, I am not much into fashion glamour girls.


Ami is a sweetheart and I really like her.  I just don’t seem to enjoy multiples of the same doll.   As cute as having 4 BB was, it was like having a nursery of toddlers, and my attention was too diverted. 


I am refining my dolly world, lots of new ideas coming soon!

Photostory: Hungry Girls

DSC09783 Audrey:  Pssst….EVIE!  Are you awake?

DSC09781 Evie: Yeah.

DSC09776 Audrey:  I am hungry!

DSC09775 Evie:  I smell something good!  Chicken, I think.

DSC09777 Audrey:  Oh Boy!  Dinner!

DSC09753 Audrey:  Evie, get me down!

DSC09756 Evie: Okay, I’ll get down first, you have to be really careful….

DSC09757 Evie: ugh….umphf…you’re too little to do this, you wait for me.

DSC09758 Audrey:  don’t drop me!

DSC09761 Audrey: Are you ticklish?  (giggle)

DSC09768 Evie: Sit here, Audrey.

DSC09770 Me: Here’s something to drink.  We’re having puppy dog tails for dinner….you hungry?

DSC09773 Evie: Puppy dog tails?  I don’t want to eat that!  Is that what we are having?  I don’t know….

DSC09731 Audrey: I don’t want to eat puppies!  (sniffle)

Evie: Me neither!

DSC09732 Audrey: YOU eat it!  I want your corn.

Evie: NO, let it go!

DSC09737 Evie: It’s mine!

Audrey:  WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC09738 Evie: I am sorry!  You can have my corn.

Me: Silly girls.  It’s chicken strips, not puppy dog tails.  Sigh.  You are both little drama queens.

DSC09744 Audrey:  It’s chicken?  Really?  YUMMY!

DSC09750 Evie:  That wasn’t funny!  You tricked us!

Me:  Easy to do!  (smiling)

The Truck Cubby Room

Well, it is a done deal, I am going to Hawaii for a year, starting next April or May.  It is going to be quite the challenge.  We have been talking about it practically non stop and working out the details.  The best idea coming out of the lengthy separations is that my daughter suggested we all come back to the mainland for Christmas, which is of course what we need to do.  That made me very happy.  My husband can at least be definitely home for Christmas!

I took a few photo’s of the girl’s cubby room.  Click on any photo to enlarge.

DSC09709 The end of my bed.  Their room was first up in the left hand cubbie where my clothes are now.  The white mesh bags is for my laundry, my laptop is by the window, the red bag is filled with dolly clothes, shoes and food.  My black camera bag and the chair are there and so is my knitting bag, tucked into a side cubby under the large cubby.  When I return home, the chair will go of this grouping.

DSC09718 My bed is very long, so I can have stuff at the end of the bed, but I love having the window and don’t want to block the light.  As you can see, my feet only go to here.

DSC09715 This is what I see from above.  Where my husband is sitting with his laptop is where I sit every day with mine.  Behind him is my kitchen, with a pull out table.

DSC09717 You can kind of see my husband’s bunk below.  I keep a white sheet to keep his bedding clean while I sit there to cook.  In this photo, there is a black lunch box oven cooking up our dinner.

DSC09723 This is the head of my bed.  When we get home, the first thing to go is all the pillows, except the blue one.  I want that window behind the red pillow to be free from being covered up. To the left I have a long cubby for books and a drink, to the right  I have a small cubby I keep lotions in, above that is the girl’s cubbyroom.  You can see Evie’s head resting on her pillow.  Now I can not only see them, but play a bit too.

DSC09711 Their room has two soft fabric beds, a wooden Lane cedar chest with a sink on top, a fan and a TV.

DSC09712 I need to glue some rubber under the TV to keep it from sliding.  Behind the chest is a blackboard for the girls schooling.  I like that there is plenty of room (truckwise) for them to play.  The chest is filled with toys and games.

DSC09713 Audrey’s bed is really a pillow book.  It is a pillow case like sleeve that you can push in or pull out pillow “page”.


DSC09720 There are a couple of pillow pages inside the book cover for her mattress and I fold two pages back to make a pillow.  Now it is like a comfy sleeping bag.  Found it at a thrift shop and saved me from having to sew something up for her.

DSC09714 Evie’s bed is made from a fold out futon type chair made for American Girl.  I put a human baby pillow case on it, which make a perfect sheet that covers the entire chair.  Evie is resting on the back of the chair so she can see the TV, but does have a lavender filled pillow that she sleeps on, you can see the corner of it under her.

DSC09722 So the girls are comfy and secure (the hanging chair is not necessary for the bouncing road) and they are accessible to me.  I could not have asked for a better dolly situation while trucking!

Puppy Dog Eyes

I found out about Evie inviting the Nisse children on the truck so she would have someone to play with and the subsequent bout of measles that the children came down with.  What a fiasco.  I had a long talk with Evie about how hard it is to handle multiple children/personalities on the truck, that such a small space and all having to run as smoothly as possible is so important or stress builds up, but she looked at me like I was lecturing and I could tell her concentration was slipping the more I explained it.  She was simply heartbroken to think of going on the truck with no one to play with but her doll. (click to enlarge any photo).

The last night we were home…..

DSC09630 I was confronted with a pleading Evie, begging me to let Audrey come along.  Audrey had huge puppy dog eyes and I was not able to say no, even though it meant checking with Charlotte to make sure Audrey was well enough to leave before making a final decision.  As long as Audrey rests and eats light meals and I take her temp to watch her fevers, she should be ok.  I feel strange taking her and not the other children, but in the end, everyone seemed ok with it (or too sick to care) and I grabbed a bag labeled “Audrey’s winter clothes” and shot out the door to board the truck.

DSC09634 There was no turning back at this point.  We loaded up the truck with the foods we will eat, the last minute things we brought.  I climbed up on my bunk.  Here is a better picture of the “dolly room” cubby.  What I did not see in the dark the first time was that it is not square as I thought.  It goes back in a triangle to fit the shape of the truck.

greenshot_2010-10-12_10-22-56 The dolly room is up by the antenna on top of the truck.

Anyways, the couple of pieces of furniture I brought did not fit at all.

DSC09633 As you can see, the odd shape does not lend to much in any square or rectangle shaped furniture.  Also, I do need to store Evie’s clothing (and now Audrey’s) plus their food and toys.  I wanted a bed too….so I was stumped right off the bat.

DSC09635 I had no time to mess with it, so I put the wood desk in the back, made the bed in the front part, set the port-a-pot for them and left it at that for the first day. 

DSC09638 This toilet cracks me up, it actually produces a ‘full pot” when sat upon and then you can flush the toilet and it all disappears!  lol.  I have an earlier photo of it:

DSC08750 DSC08751

I did figure out that I could use the hanging chair as a seat during the day, adding a seatbelt pad.

DSC09639 I tied it to a metal bar (holds up the bunk if not used) and that keeps them safe during the bouncing on rough roads.  At least this time, Evie has a window to look out of.

The first day out was filled with me being quite busy getting back into the swing of cooking and cleaning, and getting use to the new overall set up.  We had to drive until 10 pm, so I was so tired I could not do much more than fall asleep.  Evie and Audrey did sleep in their new beds and are still there this morning, as they are quite over tired, and Audrey is of course, still sick.   I am not sure how this will all work out, but we will just have to make the best of it.  I will have to decide on what dolly things to keep, and set up the room so that they can play and enjoy the space, I can put the wood desk in the big closet to take of the truck when we arrive home sometime mid November.

I cannot be on the top bunk when the truck is driving, so fixing things up will have to wait until we are parked for the evening.  Hopefully I can get it done tonight and I will take more photos and report on how Audrey is doing, poor dear.

Photostory: It Wasn’t a Very Good Idea

DSC09628 Charlotte: Evie, there is something I have to talk to you about.  I know you really wanted the children to come with you.  But they cannot come along this time.

DSC09625 Oliver:  Yes, yes dear girl, The children have all come down with the measles!  They will have to stay in our care until they are better. 

DSC09614 Evie:  Oh my gosh!  They all have spots!


DSC09615 Hammie:  I fell sick. 

Evie: You sure do look sick too!


Evie: Does it hurt?

Charlotte:  It doesn’t hurt.  But they do have fevers and chills and cannot go anywhere for many weeks.

DSC09618 Evie:  Well this is just so sad!  I hope they all feel better. 

DSC09624 Oliver:  They will, Evie.  We have plenty of Sugar pills! (winking)


DSC09619 Evie: (sniffling)  Now I have no one to play with!