All of My Companions

I continue to admire all that is Planetdoll Mini Elf Renee. I just haven’t had a doll of this small size that was as substantial as she is.  She sits firmly, feels solid.  I find her face so appealing to look at. 


I was thinking how “just right” my doll family is right now. Even though I cannot play with them all, I still have many ideas and future plans for them.  I have whittled my dolls down to a handful, grouped them, sorted out who owns what, given them rooms of their own, found a “place” in my heart for each of them.  These are all the dolls I have that are ‘companions”, the OTHERS are a reborn infant, 4 Action Figure/Barbie types, a Pig, a Girl of Many Lands (India)and a hedgehog.  I have a Crissy that I will be selling.  These are all loved, but do not play a significant role as a companion, they are my little amusements for stories or simple play.


Here are my companions or significant others….lol:


Evie – I believe we will someday get close again, when I can give the one on one time she needs.  She is still my prima donna and I will try to find a way to work with her difficulties in design.  I am not sure how it will all work out in the end, there may be a possibility she needs a new body once again.  I will leave that to the future.  I have about 3 years to work that one out. My main concerns with the body: she has is the wonky knees and the incredibly sad face.  This may balance out happy dolls, but every time I see her, I have the urge to apologize for giving her such a sad life.  Evie makes me feel guilt to the hilt.  My future plans for her are uncertain, but I think that if we could spend more time together, I may find that her sad side may be something I could share as I sometimes feel as sad as she looks.  


Allina and Mikko – Never have I felt such a deep contentment with any doll as I have with these two.  I love their cheerful faces, the feel of their wooden skin, the delightfulness in being utterly unique and one of a kind.  They are easy to play with, easy to dress and give a warm hug when I really need it.  These are the only two that have never made me feel like an outsider to their relationship with each other.  It just always seemed that they are brother and sister and yet can give me attention when I need it.  My future plans foe them are mostly photostories in Denmark, simple ones involving trips to the seashore and in the woods, picnics, that sort of thing.  They still represent my childhood play.


Audrey and Hammie  – Sigh.  Such incredibly delightful children.  I really want to play with them more often.  I love their chunky bodies and their natural posing.  For a long time now, I had an idea in the back of my head of a mother for them, having considered a Dollzone lady many times (she would need to be tanned).  I had worked out a long storyline of their history and how their mother found them once again and were re-united.  As I plan on having one more BJD before I leave the USA, I still am considering this option.  If I did, I would have them in the Regency period so that I could have all the fun of the costuming.


Jollyann – Well she is one doll I keep feeling such a strong pull to, but I fear Allina and Mikko put a damper on her coming out.  She has all the feel of an Antique, the shape of her face, the appeal of an old doll.  She is like an oversized Bleuette to me, and one that I long to play with.  I feel a bit of guilt with her too, as she came too soon after Evie and Allina and Mikko came before I could settle in with her.  She also went through major renovations that I wanted to spend more time with, there are clothes I want to make, stories I want to do.  My future plan with her is to include her with Mikko and Allina’s adventures and stories as “the woodens”.  Since this sort of conflicts a bit with timelines, I may join them together in perhaps the 1920’s or 30’s so that they can share clothing styles.  Allina and Mikko’s bodies are very similar to hers, so that they would fit together well.


Charlotte & Sarabond – the china’s.  Wow, how I have often wished for the time to sew for these two.  I have written up a long storyline on these two, how they met, the breakup of Charlotte’s pending marriage, oh, how I have so many ideas for these two that keep getting put on the back burner.  Someday, these two Victorian ladies will have their moment in the sun.  I need their fancy primness, their lace and fans, their little debaucheries under cover.  lol.  I need them to look at and dream about.  I don’t need to play with them as I do the others, they exist mostly in my imagination.  To me, they are like peering into a dollhouse and watching them go about their business running a household. 


Miette – ah, my little French girl.  She is certainly full of antique play.   I love her in her trunk room, filled with antique things.  I see her writing on her fine engraved monogrammed  paper, her minute scrolling handwriting, her perfect pronounciation of words, well modulated and with precise meaning.  She plays her piano, has tea, and keeps all the perfect order to a well planned life all for me to admire.   Everything in Miette’s world is perfect and gives me great pleasure to watch.  She is the one who sits on silk cushions and holds the perfume scented handkerchief.  How sweet of her to care for her baby brother, she makes the best of her circumstances.  She also has a story I have written and I look forward to letting her come out to play.


Ane Thea – Wow, what can I say about this little Pixie?  She is the much needed travel companion.  The Pixie on the shoulder, much like the Pirate’s Parrot.  Just moving right on in as the sidekick, the commentator, the otherworldly imaginary playmate.  She is the fantasy I had as a child, the deep desire to find a “little people” of my own, the one I could have as a secret friend, the one I could keep in a cigar box and no one would ever know I had a real little person in there.  This yearning was so deep in me as a child, that I have come to realize what that intense “one and only” companion thing was coming from.  I kept thinking it was all about having just one doll, but I believe I have stumbled upon it being about having one very small sidekick, an equal, the parrot on my shoulder kind of companion.  She is my secret world of pixies and represents the stories I loved as a child that had anything to do with miniature people, Tom Thumb, Thumbelina, The Borrowers….etc.  She is Fiddy, she is Mimosa, she is all the small dolls that I wanted that relationship with, but were too small or not stable in their body designs.  This companion is definitely all I could hope for in a tiny body.  By virtue of her Pixieness, she does not compete in any way with any of the others, nor my relationship with them.  That is a HUGE relief to me.  I was so worried about bringing in a new personality and having all the conflicts that can bring.  Nope, Ane Thea is her own world and my delight.


Now there is one doll left that I own.  I have tried to sell her a few times, but she didn’t sell.  She is Lizzy, a repro shoulder head that had the goofiest staring eyes.  I found her head in a thrift shop for $3.  I made her a body and she ended up a fun character.  She was nearly forgotten, as she is the only doll I had boxed up, in readiness for a sale.  Recently, I realized her French Fashion Doll potential.  She definitely has the face for it.  And I am not sure why I never considered giving
her beautiful glass eyes!  With the right body shape, she would be a perfect French Fashion!  So I will be working on that in the future too.


Having found where the need is, what the companion brings to me, what the future may hold, all seemed to pull it together into a good working plan of play, stories and period piece sewing.  Each have their place, their world of existence, their ability to delight me and comfort me in their own ways,  Evie is the only one I feel an estrangement to, and I am hoping to repair that as best I can.


My first entry

Dear diary,

Today we are in Texas and it is snowing a lot.  We cannot go anywhere yet.  we have to wait until tomorrow to travel to California.  I think today I will read a book and dream about snow fairies and how pretty their snowflake wings must be.