I am more than old.

Evan has found a new home.  The buyer sent a message saying she love him.  Oh, such a relief. 

Evie and I played today.  Just a quiet kind of play, as I had a bad headache.  Weird about the headache, because I cut my hair off yesterday, and it felt so odd that I think my shoulders scrunched and tightened, causing the headache.

I swore I would never cut my hair again, but it was getting too long to be manageable on the truck, So it is now shoulder length.  I can still wear it up in a french twist.  Grows like a weed, so I am not worried about it.  But wow, it seemed to put me off balance.

Back to Evie.  We tried on wigs, and I dyed the lambs wool one a chocolate brown.  I liked it, (I love these kind of wild looking wigs) but they don’t suit Evie, pretty, yes, but not her.

I like soft romantic looks, but she doesn’t.  So we tried another one.

Evie has worn this one before, but with these lavender eyes, I really liked it!  I like her in all kinds of colours and styles, but she doesn’t.  Here we go again, I thought….difficult Evie.  I got sarcastic and put Evan’s old red wig on her.  Geez…THATS the one she wants to wear!

I called her Mia Farrow but she has no idea who I am talking about.

How about Twiggy?  She looked at me blankly.

I suddenly felt ancient.  Sigh.