Tongues, Music and Royalty

Oh my, lots to catch up on.

Pernille’s little dog got his eyes, a pink heart nose and even a tongue:


And I finally got tiny screws to fix a thrift shop find:

DSC04648 This is a photo holder, but the lid does close. I put a background on it:

DSC04651 Pernille has been listening to Peter and the Wolf all afternoon!

DSC04646 I found a crown for her, and she wants to be a Queen for Halloween.  I went ahead and bought some fabric to make a Queen’s gown:

DSC04653 You can’t see it well here, it is a sheer silky gold and rose print, gold fabric and tulle, gold ribbon and cut glass buttons.  I picked up eyelashes to try on Pernille, which I put on her last night.  It really changes how she looks and I was actually startled by the look.  I am not sure yet whether to keep them or leave her bare eyed, which I actually like.  The lashes give her older eyes.  I will give it a couple of days tryout and get a photo soon.  Then there is black paint to fix up Frank’s dressing room. I have the Hanna Montana case soaking to remove all the girly stickers.  I will then paint it black and I have some accent paint for details.

I am getting better and better at leaving many of the finds behind in the store, but the record player and crown were musts.  I plan on using the gold fabric for Frank’s pink velvet sofa too, although I have no idea how to set about doing it just yet.

DSC04647 Here is Pernille’s wallet with passport and airline tickets.  I want to make an ID for the holder.  I am so tickled with it.

I bought longer screws for her bed, now it is as tight and solid.  I completely forgot to look at varnish though, it slipped my mind.  I do want to give it protection eventually.  Antique white paint for the wardrobe, but I could not find the periwinkle paint for the table and chair set.  So I have lots of little projects to do, photo’s will come as they get done.


Stuff and Companionship

I have not had much presence of mind to post lately, but I wanted to cheer myself up a bit. Lilly has been a wonderful companion, her solid presence gives me such comfort. Until our personal situation finds it’s new path, I cannot spend a single penny on anything. Nada, not so much as piece of penny candy.

How does that feel? Very strange. I am not lacking for anything, it’s not a dire situation at this point, but knowing that I cannot spend any money makes me want to spend it. lol. I had once again packed up Frankie and all the 1/12th stuff and was ready to send it back to the mainland, but now this would be too frivilous of an expense. So I took him out of the box, and set up the sofa and bar for him. It cheered me up to see his wide grin like there wasn’t a care in the world. He had a bottle of booze in his hand and oh, how I wished I could join him for a drink and a song. Please, Frankie, sing a lovely song to me, let the cares wash away. Wow, how weird that Frank’s smile was just what I needed. I have always seen him as a prop, but here he was, giving me a bit of companionship.


I am so thankful that I do have plenty of fabric, yarns to knit or crochet, patterns to play with and Lilly and Frank really do have enough stuff. I am glad I invested in shoes for her. Glad Frank has a well stocked bar. lol. I am glad I did not buy a new laptop, which I was just about to do. Glad my computer is in working order again and the small investment of an external cd/dvd rom drive before the sh*t hit the fan. So as long as I ease into this new crisis with a deep breath and a feeling that for now, it will be ok, I can hold Lilly and wink at Frank and be glad they are both with me.

DSC04013.JPG Last weekend (my last spending spree, *sob*) I found a doll for Lilly. She thought it looked like she wil look when she grows up with red hair and blue eyes. There is no tag to be found, but I think she may be Russian. The outfit Lilly is wearing is human new born clothing, fitting like a dream.

DSC04014.JPG I love her little red heeled boots. I also bought a can of spray paint for her big wardrobe in periwinkle. I may go ahead and spray the table and chair set too. Oh, and some playdough, which I want to make some food pieces. All fun projects ahead. I am still working on the crochet underdress, which of course will be a stand alone dress too. I have the front and back done and one sleeve is halfway done. I hope I won’t have forgotten the pattern by the time I pick it up to finish. That’s all for now.


Remember the days when we just had to wait for the mailman in order to see if something we were waiting for would arrive?


Today, we can watch the tracking information and know it all like looking in a crystal ball.  Wow.

Today, Lilly Lucille will arrive and I am so beside myself with excitement.  I suppose I didn’t have the same kind of excitement with Joanie Claire because I did not know what to expect since she was my first Zwergnase (and first cloth body since my childhood).  I know what to expect now and I cannot wait!  Hurry mailman!  I am waiting by the door!  lol.

Another few finds yesterday, one being something that I have no use for, but knew I would regret it someday if I didn’t grab it.  It was a metal vanity table and shelves, that I found in one part of the store, and then I found the bed in another, each piece was 99 cents. 

2011-07-10 005

I also found Lilly Lucille a blankie of her own with Pooh bear and a funny Gund turtle dressed like the hare.  He has a fluffy bunny tail and ears.  The bride and groom is for a story someday.

2011-07-10 0062011-07-10 009

I also found some boots that came from an 18 inch doll and another Sanrio doll with a hello Kitty outfit on. 

2011-07-10 0112011-07-10 012She is 16 inches tall and slender, so none of the clothes would fit anyone I have, but I could not resist the $1.99 price as I wanted the sandals.  Shoes are extremely hard to come by in thrift shops, and whether or not I have a companion that they will fit, I want to grab them, you never know who will need shoes in the future.  The purse is adorable too, but more than likely I will sew it on a dress as it is really a beaded patch.

I also took Joanie’s furniture out of the citrus room and put Frank and his stuff there.  Of course nothing he had went well in there except the jukebox. 

2011-07-10 0142011-07-10 0162011-07-10 0172011-07-10 018

Yet, I thought about how it could in a weird way work and ideas popped into my head about it.  It would need bamboo flooring and a bar, chairs and a tables.  None of this is “arranged” I just emptied his box that I was sending home, just to see the scale and possibility of it all.  So far, I have left it and since it is at the end of my bed, I look at it at night and already a story seems to be developing.  I am still not sure whether I want to do it, I will wait until Lilly settles in and I know what I want to do with the girls and their “stuff”.  For now, I set Joanie’s bed and dresser on my night stand.

2011-07-10 013

Where is the mailman????  I cannot be any more ready to meet Lilly than I am right now!