A Trip to Glasgow

2013-03-23 Glasgow 001  A huge thank you for a gift received from Lorraine!  Adorable vintage tray, easel for school, and the most incredible cuteness….mini skeins of yarn, in perfect dolly scale! 

2013-03-24 Glasgow 001 A recent photo of Rosey.  She was dancing and prancing and making me smile.

2013-03-28 Glasgow 005 We went to Glasgow yesterday.  It was cold, but we really wanted to just get out and about.  We’ve been there only a handful of times, so I knew of a couple of places that have dolls, but so far, nothing I would want.  At one shop there were 3 Gotz dolls and while not my style, they were adorable and I was tempted by their sweetness.  In particular, I liked their plump chins and pink mouths.  The were £15.

2013-03-28 Glasgow 006

2013-03-28 Glasgow 008

And  this tiny one, a Mini Muffin:

2013-03-28 Glasgow 010

All had that wonderful glowy vinyl that has such a nice quality to it.  I could feel their weight by holding the box.  I saw a lot of Monster Highs, running about £12-£22. 

2013-03-28 Glasgow 017 At a variety shop, I saw some dolls that I had not seen before.  These were not high quality, more like the old super-market dolls.  Still, I was somewhat pleased to see less of the Bratz look in teen dolls, even though there are Bratz icons on the boxes(?).  I would guess the smaller one was about 14 inches, the taller one about 18 inches.

2013-03-28 Glasgow 018  These girls were really interesting.  About 22 inches tall and the tallest, may have been 28-30 inches.  They had sweet faces.  I couldn’t find a price on them.  Having a restless husband along, I didn’t get a chance to check out the quality.  The more I look at them, the more I wished I had insisted on checking them out.  They were either really cheap plastic and looking good or better than I initially thought.   I do not remember the name or where this shop was.

This lack of dolls here in Scotland depresses me.  A few fashion dolls, a few pram dolls, but nothing that grabs me.  There was such a burst of artistic dolls in the 1980’sand 90’s, it seems to have faded away.  Modern dolls are looking so cloned and lack personality in my opinion.  Babies and fantasy fashion dolls….what about the vast in-between?

We went to the People’s Museum.  I found a cute photo of a girl and her doll in Glasgow

2013-03-28 Glasgow 046

The only other doll related item was a couple of doll houses being used as models for types of housing.

2013-03-28 Glasgow 0512013-03-28 Glasgow 052

I was fascinated by this one, because it showed a tenement block of flats and how they were refurbished over the decades.  The bottom photo shows the bed closets which is what is now my kitchen.  I can still see the rounded inset corners.

2013-03-22 Glasgow 005  My kitchen was divided in half by a wall so that there was a bed closet on this side, and on the other side that led into the second room, which is now our bedroom, but once was a large kitchen.  Both rooms had fireplaces, the one being  more of a cooker

2013-03-28 Glasgow 055 Sorry for the bad photo, but this is exactly how our bedroom is shaped, see the rounded corner next to the chair…that is that weird indent I have written about, it was where the bed closet was.  I could show lots more, but this is more of side hobby of mine, exploring architecture in history and oddly, the Scots seemed to have stuck religiously to the exact same lay out all of their tenement flats.  I get a kick out of watching for the ones that come on the market and can see those who still have their fireplaces and those who have converted these bed closets into smaller kitchens and or small nooks….but never, so far have I seen them remain bed closets, which is a shame, what a space saver they are.

2013-03-28 Glasgow 0422013-03-28 Glasgow 0432013-03-28 Glasgow 044

These are the other dollhouse, all handmade, including all the furniture.  It was fascinating and made me crave to build one of my own.  I really liked this approach from the top, it made it so much more real in the sense it was all self contained.



I felt better today, a bit of energy returned and I took full advantage of it.  I really want to start sewing, but of course, I could not as I had Rosey’s room camped on my sewing table.  What to do?

I sat down with some paper and came up with some ideas, which mean some re-arranging.  I have limited space, limited ways to do it.  I had to think about what was practical, how to keep Rosey close to me at night, where I could sew and so on.  The original intent was to put the sewing table under the bedroom window, but it was so cold all winter, I thought it would be best by my side of the bed, where it would be warmer.  But it did take up a lot of space.  So I put it under the window and although that is husband’s side of the room, he will just have to deal with flying threads and fabric.  I will have to be extra careful with pins though.  His bare feet always finds my missing needles and pins.

2013-03-04 005

I then moved the big wooden wardrobe back to the original spot, which now left my entire side by the bed open.

2013-03-04 002

I dragged the wooden chest in the bedroom (it has all my yarns in it).  That is now Rosey’s room.  It is smaller by far than my big sewing table, but that’s just how it will have to be for now.  I kept the school room on the THING, but did not put my table table back on as a floor, so the school room is a bit smaller no too.  I want to start drawing again, so I need it.  2013-03-04 006

I had set Olivia’s teapot house on my night stand while working and at the last minute, realising I had no place to put it, thought it would be fine where it was. This all worked out quite well, my doll and knitting books at hand, my sewing boxes and knitting needles handy and Rosey’s bed is close to mine.

2013-03-04 007

I added two screws to the back of the white cabinet, turned it upside down and hung it on the wall.  This way Rosey can hang a towel from the bars.  I really struggled to find the right things to make the room work, with less space, it was a challenge.  I will be keeping my eye out for something to better surface areas, I would love to find a proper table.  I had to bring the sofa back to the bedroom, since the lounge has been changed a bit now that I removed the wooden chest.  That sofa of course takes up a lot of room.  I wouldn’t mind the sofa and bed, it’s the middle part I think doesn’t look as comfy.

2013-03-04 004

2013-03-04 008

The flash went out, so the photo is bad, but this arrangement isn’t working for me.  I think of all the things I did, this room proved to be the most difficult.  The issue is how I may be photographing Rosey in it, lacking two walls is daunting.  I have the wall I created with a window, so I may end up adding that when I take photo’s.  I would love a bookcase, but my wooden knitting needle case will have to do.  I was able to put the school items not in use in the case.

Lot’s to think on, I may have to get creative and build something instead of trying to find it.  A proper table and perhaps a nice big fireplace to the centre wall might be the best solution in Rosey’s room and walls for the school room.

Rosey’s Room Improvements

Today I worked on Rosey’s room and classroom.  I had a big space between the wardrobe and the table that is Rosey’s room, plus there is a weird indent to the wall in the corner as the place where the table is was originally an opening to a bed closet.  So I pushed the wardrobe up to the table and that created another wall.  To keep anything from falling into the indent, I took the wall down from the classroom.



There you can see the indent and the new wall.  Which ends up being great, because now she has a widow!


Here is the room full on, as I see it from my bed.  I can sit on the edge of my bed to play.  I no longer have the lovely furniture I once had in this scale, so boxes and tins had to make-do.  It took awhile for me to figure out what to use and not use, I have a lot of antiques and vintage and feel unsure about what to blend up.  My sewing machine makes a nice sideboard/mantle and the box ended up making a kitchen area.  I even made a small bathroom using a toilet bank (flush to drop coin) and a small doll trunk for a table, a bowl for a wash basin.  I’ll put up a mirror when I find one.



Here is the kitchen area:


I have since moved the telephone, but I thought it was fun to have the tins and tea boxes out.  This tea set belongs to Meredith Bear as it has bears on it.  I also found a tiny antique bear book, perfect for her too.

Meredith is an adult bear, so I am sure she will take care of the tea, but I will have to make a step stool for her, she is too small to reach this counter!


But I did think the little stove would be perfect for her to heat the kettle on, but I will have to find a kettle, lol.

The classroom was a challenge as I have no bookcases anymore.  I took a cardboard box and wrapped the small piece of scrapbook paper I had, it didn’t cover but the front and one side, but at least I got a surface for the books to be on until I find or make a bookcase.


I had a partial map of Scotland, so I cut that out of a brochure and taped it up.  I got out the violin stand and took some of Yorik’s things, like the diploma, calendar and globe and clipboard and typewriter.  I do have two computers, but I don’t know yet about going that modern.


Here I tested the sepia tint.  I guess the bookcase ‘’hole’’ can be a window.  I found a wooden hanger and thought it could hang there, but I may add a piece of clear plastic and make it a window.  I would love to put up a chalkboard, I am sure I will find one eventually.  Sigh, so many things I already had and had to give away.  I had to really try hard not to get upset about it.

Lastly, I got down a box that had the bicycle in it. 


Poor Rosey’s feet don’t reach the pedals, but she insists that it doesn’t matter, she wants the bicycle so much. 


I am not sure the Duchess approves! lol.

Small Changes

It was quite by accident.  I finally could not stand the rug that came with the flat, it was impossible to brighten even after a good wash and husband has a habit of shuffling across it which made it pill up so.  It was dingy and grey and suppose to be a nice pale blue and cream.  So I jumped up, folded it and attempted to put it under the bed with storage boxes.  However, it was quite large and it meant I had to take something else out to make room for the rug,


I had two folding tables we used on the truck.  It stuck me that I could use them to alternately put dolls out and be next to me when I am sitting at my desk.  I put the sofa on one and a chair on the other (they are not overly strong) and as I did this, I realized that maybe this will help me feel more connected to the ones that sit in the bedroom so much.  Maybe just walking by them was not enough, maybe they should be close enough to touch, gaze at, photograph randomly.


I placed Rosey’s desk (to clear up my desk a bit) in her room (the table by my bed) and we both liked that.  I figured that if Rosey wanted to sit with me, there is a couch and chair already present.  Perhaps, I thought, she could sit with others and get to know them too.


The sofa had been on the top shelf, so I moved those who were on the very bottom shelf to the very top which was nice to see them better.  


I think Olivia really liked the trolls and mouse, maybe she will have more friends here.


I don’t know what it is about these two, but I never would have thought they’d still be together.  Their love for each other makes me smile. 


I had placed Charlotte in with the children as a Nanny and I suddenly thought that perhaps she could use a break from holding her baby, which she has literally done for years.  I looked that the this piece of furniture and thought it could double up as a crib!  I didn’t have any bedding, so I placed one of my handkerchiefs down and placed Kameko in it.  What a happy baby!  She has a place of her own and Mamma Charlotte has some free time once again.


I love this photo.


And this one.  What a beauty.


This is a photo frame that I made into a TV.


The front swings down and I have printed out dozens of vintage films and shows, which I have stored inside.    Someday I will make little knobs for dials.


I finally got around to painting the wildly coloured throne for the Queen.  I swear I pull her arm down and the next time I see her, it is back up in a royal wave.


I brought Yorik out.  I still haven’t put his wig back on, not sure if I want him bald or not.  Decisions like this have been confounding me lately.


When I saw Evie, I felt a twinge.  It was kinda nice to notice that.


I think by having them within reach and playing with photographing little odd moments, maybe I can feel a part of their lives once again.  My idea is to rotate them out to the sofa and see what happens.  No stories, no words, just observing.

I have no idea what I am doing, but it feels like something is brewing.

School Desk

I found the most wonderful unexpected school desk for Rosey!  It was a last minute pop-into-the-shop kind of thing, I saw it and it was too expensive.  It had a porcelain doll with it, and at £8 (charity shop), I was not sure I ought to do it.  I left without it and finished my errands, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it.  It would be perfect on my desk, so that Rosey and I can sit together, with both having plenty to read and do.

I went back to the store and asked if they would sell it without the doll, for half the price.  They took it to the backroom and came back and said that they didn’t want to separate the two items, and my heart sank, then she said that they would reduce the price to £4.95 if I would take the doll too.  YES!!!! (although I really did not want the doll).  I always feel bad dumping these girls, I am just not fond of the porcelain types.


I harvested the shoes, socks and hair ribbon from her, but the wig and dress were dreadfully cheap, coarse and stiff.  I was tempted to harvest the lace, but I though she’d have more of a chance to be picked up if dressed, lol.


I pinned a note to her dress and tomorrow I will leave her at the playground in the park.


The desk fits Rosey perfectly!  I took out the Christmas books for her to read, made a quill out of a pigeon feather I found and a cork stopper for the supposed ink well.

009 I couldn’t find anything at hand to fit in the ink well hole, so this was just a quick idea.  I used marker to make a ink well on top of the cork.  I think a thimble will fit in the well, so I will see what I have in my sewing box.  

I am so thrilled with this new way of sharing time with Rosey! I just beam looking at her so busy and content.  Wait until she finds out she has to study too!


Rosey’s Rug

Husband bought a rocking chair for me and when we went to pick it up, the lady “threw in” an old needlepoint pillow as an extra.  I was thrilled!  It was a flat disc, very dirty and useless since we haven’t any sofa’s or lounge chairs, but it was the perfect rug for Rosey’s Room!

2012-10-30 002 My new-old rocking chair.

2012-10-31 0012012-10-31 002

This is the pillow. 

2012-10-31 003

Completely handmade and very well done.  The stitching was admirable.  I snipped some thread to make an opening and pulled out the pillow.  That also was handmade, two different what fabrics and stuffing, both sides having a seam to piece together smaller pieces.  I delight it this frugal use of scraps and re-use.  There was proper batting around the inside edges to bolster the sides.  It was a silky spun batting, an extra special free gift, I can use that for tiny doll body stuffing!

2012-10-31 004 I washed the  piece after carefully making sure the backing fabric was colourfast.  Lots of dirty water and it took many rinses to clear it.

2012-10-31 005  It will take awhile to dry and I no longer have my wooden blocking board, so I will be frequently hand pulling it to keep the round shape and when dry I will iron it and re-sew the opening.  Leaving the back fabric on keeps the rug “lined” and if ever I wish to make it a pillow again, it is ready to go!  But I sure that it will remain a rug.  I love the twisted wool trim.  Since the rug is still wet in this photo, it is darker than when it is dried.  The lighter coloured leaves are actually a lovely rose pink, the background is a taupe.

Rose Garden Bed

2012-10-11 0022012-10-11 005

Rosey has been camping in the lounge while her bed is being painted.  She wanted lots of roses on her bed so we made a whole garden of them.  A few touch up’s are needed, but hopefully all will be dry by next week. 

I am currently knitting a wool sweater top for Rosey to match the leggings.  The torso is done, just needing the neck and arms done.  Slow going for some reason.  Probably because I am starting to get idea’s for holiday dresses and getting the urge to start considering just what I could make for Rosey!