Evie and Knitting

I found one skein of yarn the other day, lovely multi-coloured Marino wool.  It was 75 pence and I was thrilled.  Even though this does not really go for antique girl, I had to knit something for Rosey right away.

2012-11-02 0012012-11-02 004

It is much more fiery in colour than I could capture with the camera in early morning light.  I love the seed stitch which really shows off the colours well. 

Then, I had an impulse to remove the light coloured eyelashes from Evie and give her a more normal appearance.  I am still having a near-repulsion to handle my other dolls, I really don’t understand it and it bothers me.  I try to find reasons just to pick them up.  I do look at them every day, even several times a day but something makes me hesitate to touch them.  My heart holds all the memories of the times I did interact with them, held them, took them places…I feel that all the separations and upheavals have threatened the relationships somehow.  I keep hoping for it all to pass. 

2012-11-02 005 It was strange and difficult to handle her today.  I have many conflicted emotions about her. 

2012-11-02 016 I put in the coffee brown sparkle glass eyes and a dress I made a long time ago.

2012-11-02 019 This look is so typical of bjd’s and while it still appeals to me, I kept thinking that maybe she loses something in the translation.  Wild hair, ho hum.

2012-11-02 021 I put her in the short brown bob and she made me sigh.  She was tender, gentle, childlike.

2012-11-02 Evie 020 And so incredibly sad.

2012-11-02 Evie 042

2012-11-02 Evie 035

2012-11-02 Evie 048 As I sat her down, the thing that drives me crazy with her body is the legs that swivel.  I put her back on the shelf. 

2012-11-02 Evie 001

What a difference between the two.  I seem to have fallen for brown eyes and brown hair….like my granddaughter.  Sigh.  I miss her so much.


Bobbed and Beautiful!

I gave Rosey a haircut today.  It most mostly trimming and cutting it just a bit shorter for that antique look.  I love it!  It has given her a childish lift and sweetness.

2012-10-29 011 Still a little damp here, I used tape to give the hair a curling under.

2012-10-29 013 Now dry, she has a bit more curl.

2012-10-29 026I cut a slightly wider fringe because the sides were so wont to cover up her face.  I need to find large thick ribbons for her hair to complete the look. 

I think she looks marvellous! 

Thrift Shop Finds

Sept 23, 2010

A couple of incredible finds today!  I found Neela, in her box, with wrist tag and book for $3.99.  No kidding, I have never had this kind of luck with thrift shop dolls, and now I have had two finds in a row! (Gene and Neela).  Neela is gorgeous and I am so impressed with the quality!  Reminds me of the Kish Riley I had, and of course my Kish Alice in Wonderland and Season’s Kish.  She brings back those fond memories.


I also found a vintage dresser (really a jewelry box) for $2.99 (I haven’t cleaned it up yet).  I may give this to the Schoenhut, she has nothing of her own yet.


In the Halloween costumes at the thrift store, I found a chestnut brown human hair wig for the Schoenhut for $3.99.  The hair is luxurious and thick, actually a “fall” but the wig cap was perfect for her head size.  I washed it and conditioned it well.  Now she can have all kinds of hair styles.  I have the front sides pulled back in these photo’s. 

DSC09009 DSC09004

DSC09015 I need to stop taking pictures at night!  Such bad lighting, but as you can see the wig is thick and lovely.  I can brush it to my heart’s delight, the small wood screws have been used to secure the wig instead of tacks.

I have made quite a few clothes in the last few days, when the are all done, I will take photo’s. 

Evie Just Sparkles

It was not a planned thing.  I was really stressed and sad yesterday and needed a project to occupy myself with.  I had noticed that there was an uneven blush on Evie’s right cheek, it looked as though I had wiped a spot before sealing it.  My eyes are just not as good as they use to be.  I really did not want to re do her faceup, I liked it.

I thought that since I use pastels, I could just blend more blush over the spot and add another coat of sealer.  I took her glued wig off, and decided to try a couple of wigs while I had the chance.

DSC07202 I don’t know what it is about this very pretty wig, but I just can’t do it.

DSC07212 This is such a cute wig too.  But it is too big and it’s red, and Evie just doesn’t seem right in red.  I happen to love red, so this is odd to me that I don’t see Evie in it.

DSC07196 When I plopped this wig on…I knew it was something special.  I was intrigued.

On with the touch-up, I gave her eyebrows a couple more strokes, added a fine and light batch of lower lashes, a bit more red to her lips.  I got the cheeks blended and was very pleased.  Something so tender sprang out of Evie, that it made me take a deep breath.  I saw her older side come through.  When I put her eyes back in, I felt overwhelming love for her, like what was happening was seeing once again, a deeper side to Evie. 

I washed the brown wig (with a skin base, it needs to be wet to shape around the head) and put it on Evie.

DSC07239 I played around with the shaping, looking for the right balance of curls.

DSC07245 I kept thinking, this is such a different look, she looks older, but with so much more personality than just cute.  Evie has never been a beauty in the traditional sense.  I see her as almost homely, but with personality.  Not just cute, not just pretty.  There was something about the wildness of the hair, the messy-ness of it that appealed to me, even though these types of wigs are harder to care for.

DSC07238 I put some darker and longer lashes on and instantly hated it.  I put the very short brown lashed back on and it was just right.

DSC07254 There she was!  Evie!  I about danced around the apartment…I saw her shining through.    Sulky, observant, quirky, all of her personality just was there all at once.  It wasn’t just a glimpse of one or the other…ALL was there in one moment.

DSC07259 We waited for the hair to dry.  When nearly dried, but still damp, I added glue and reshaped and positioned it with a side part.  Evie was very pleased with her older look.

DSC07261 It was hard to wait, but we talked while I worked on the hand sewing of the baby dress.  Evie seemed so at ease with her new look.

DSC07279 When it was dry, I gently brushed it out which instantly thicken the wig and made it poofier.  Now you can see her brows and her wonderfully pouty face.  She almost looks as thought she is vintage and modern at the same time.  I never achieved that combination before.

DSC07303 DSC07316



Leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning!  Time to pack!

Pale Face

I didn’t get anything done that I had planned to do yesterday.  Instead, I got the bug to re-do Evie’s faceup.  Her faceup was fine, but I kept getting the nudge it wasn’t unique enough.  I went through my folder of faceups I have admired and there was one I really liked, very pale, very soft, very unique.  I studied it and studied Evie and thought what would be interesting is to play up her odd eyes by letting the shape dictate the colouring.  I had an art instructor many years ago who insisted we learn to draw the negative space to develop the known space.  So I stripped off the faceup and slowly and very methodically layered colours.

DSC06881 First I scrape a bit of colour so that I can touch a foam pad to the powder and smooth on.

DSC06905 I also scrape pastel colours into a cup to blend a shade I need.  Her I saw her natural brow and barely shaded a brow.  I decided to leave the brow as a shade rather than penciling in the hairs. 

DSC06907 It’s hard to see, but I added a mixture of blues under her eyes, around her nose, under her lips and on the sides of her face by her ears and temples.  Pale skinned children often have bluish tones to their faces and I thought that Evie being a fresh-skin tone, needed that enhanced.  I really wanted to step away from my usual standard faceup and let this one develop on it’s own.  I pulled pink tones from the inside brow area up.  I added pink to the edges of her nostrils and over the tip of her nose.  Pink in the ears (I am working with about 4 shades of pink) and used pearl powder on her upper lids and on the top line of her lips.  I resisted putting lines on her lips and kept them pale.

DSC07032When I put her all together after many layers of sealant, she took my breath away!  She looked like a child, she had that look I love, so pale and natural.


 DSC06998 I added her stubby lashes this morning, although I am really partial to the no eyelash look with her.  At least the lashes are so small they don’t give much more than a shadow to her upper eyelid.  I took so many photo’s yesterday that I am having to re-charge my battery today.  I’ll take more photo’s of course!

There is something about this wig that just really brings her out as I see her.  Not something I would have normally chosen.  I love this mohair wig, it is the same honey colour, but it made her look so much older:

DSC06960 DSC06958 The wig is wet and drying, so it looks limp and messy, but while it would be a gorgeous wig when dried and the curls are all so pretty and well balanced, Evie just didn;t shine through and looked older.  It’s funny because I am always seeking Alice in Wonderland and this look could go there, but Evie is not Alice and so I took off the wig and put the Evie wig on. 

Evie Portrait Yep, that’s my girl!