Laredo, Texas


The Red Coat is Finished….as in NO MORE.

I had very little luck at Walmart.  They were out of red ribbon, had an awful selection of buttons.  Sigh.  I decided that since the coat was not going to be one of Miette’s favourites, I would go with white.  If only there had been a more muted colour for a contrast.

Lucky for Miette, we were now in Texas and it was hot!  The whole coat thing was started when we were in a blizzard, so much for being practical.  The temp was now 85 and we were sweating.  Off with the coat, and let’s redo the hair!  Miette always loves to have her hair done.  Since we had ribbon, we could now use it to hold her braided buns.
We played around with an old dress (much too short so she wouldn;t let me photograph it in full) but I made a quick lace cap and she was pleased.  THIS, she mentioned with emphasis, was the style she preferred.  Pastels and lace and there can never be too many bows, she reminded me.  

Yes, Mon Amie, you are right.