Body Shape and Knitting

Since the red dress was so big, I decided to make a closely fitted dress.  As I knit, I jot down the key number of stitches I use, like the casting on, how many increases or decreases and the shoulder number.  Otherwise, I generally just visually match up the pieces without counting rows.  Aren’t you glad I don’t knit professionally?  lol.

So far, knitting loose fitting sweaters for Rosey, I have not been concerned with her exact body shape.  But this time, as I was knitting the front, I noticed how dramatically different her front to her back is in size.  I mean I know this because I so love her chunky torso after all the painfully thin BJDs I have sewn for, but I was not considering it when casting on for the back panels.  It stuck me that it is why the red dress was so off in it’s sizing.  I feel so dull witted.  Of course, if I halve the stitches that I made for the front and add the usual 6 for the overlapping button edges, the back would be too big!




Here is the same piece on the front and again on the back.


And this is why on this dress, as well as the red dress, I ended up switching the back panels to the front because they fit better.


Rosey thought the constant fussing over the fit was too much, she was cold and wanted me to stop and just finish the dress so she could wear it.  Back into the duvet and blanket while I knit!


My husband has been teasing me way too much these days as he notices I keep her wrapped for warmth and put her to bed each night.  He asks just how cold a piece of wood can get.  Even with the heat on, our flat doesn’t register above 60 degrees and we are so cold!  I wear sweaters, thick socks in my slippers, and a shawl over my sweater.  I cannot bear to see Rosey nude while I am so wrapped up.

He compares me to the woman in Twin Peaks who carries the log around.  Rosey and I ignore his silly comments, but then we saw a photo of my grandsons each carrying a log and husband is now convinced it’s genetic.  I am hearing no end of it.  He calls me the Log Woman who has Log Children. 

(5) Bente Gilbertson - Opera_2012-11-30_07-34-06

I might as well add a few other photo’s I snagged from my daughter’s online album:

(5) Profile pictures - Opera_2012-11-17_18-11-38(5) FallWinter 2012 - Opera_2012-11-17_18-16-47


(5) Profile pictures - Opera_2012-11-17_18-12-20

My daughter and Ryah while I was still in Hawaii with them.


This is how I would live to finish the bottom of Rosey’s dress but I have no clue as to the pattern.  I have never knitted this delicately or fine.  It’s so lovely though, I thought I would share it.


Ryah’s Dolly

Just a test to see if my photo’s now show up in my blog post:

DSC04365 My granddaughter’s first birthay and first dolly.  She is a dolly-nut in training.

Goodbye Pixie

I see that Planetdoll Elf Renee did sell today.  So did her travel case.  I have to admit a few heart pounding feelings about it all, but I know it is the right thing to do.  It was a wonderful idea when I was sitting on a truck and imagining it all, but it was too complicated and too small in reality.  Simplicity and larger scale is best here and now.

Last night I packed up Frank and his gang (minus Arnold, who has been bided on) and set the box in the closet.  I put Joanie’s room up on top of my armoire, so that photo’s would be at eye level view.  It’s a bit high, but my youngest grandson cannot reach it and that is a plus for Joanie and I.  I was able to then put her armoire on the bookcase making it a better level for me to access.  I love it, I want so much to paint it and decorate it, but until I am absolutely sure of the eventual style of Joanie and her room, it is best to leave it alone.  I think it will be fun to have the oranges as her room while here in Hawaii, but eventually I will make it a soft and more old fashioned room.  I have lots of ideas and love to muse about them all.  I am in no hurry.

I had an inspiration and let the idea move into a fun direction.  I thought of Joanie having a very different kind of blog, one that she herself shows the drawings that she makes.  It’s all an experiment and I will see how it works for both her and I.  I want to try something I have never done before. 

That new blog is here:

Packing up the 1/6th stuff gave me a much needed relief.  So much so, that I half wonder if I should go ahead and let that go all go too.  I would like to keep Frank and let him have a permanent display sitting in a tiki bar with the hula girl, much like the permanent display of Charlotte and Saraband in their room.  With Frank,  all of the Asian re-ment would work.

I have such a desire to refine and define everything.  I definitely want another Zwergnase, I am hoping to find one the same size as Joanie so they can share shoes and clothing.  Fingers crossed that I can.  I already know her name, Lilly Lucille. In that fabulous shoes set I got, there are a couple of matching pairs of shoes and that has just got to mean something.  lol.


Up for Sale–Re-homing Planetdoll

I have decided to go in a new direction with my dolly world.  I have tried so hard to guess the dolly needs before we sold the house and lived in the truck and again trying to guess the needs before living in Hawaii for a year.  Both times, what I thought I would need and wanted ended up not being right for the situation.  Live and learn.  I spent too much time obsessing about size when in the end it was the companionship I needed, not the doll’s perfection.

When Allina and Mikko came into my life, I realized how  desperately I needed their simplicity and cheerfulness!They brought a calm to me emotionally and helped balance my very topsy turvy homeless lifestyle.  I also realized how simple doll play was far more enjoyable than developing complex personalities, stories and all that came with the the direction I had been steeped in for years.  I no longer seemed to be pulled to the perfection of a doll’s body and face, but finding that I am far more pleased with the simplicity of just being with the doll and enjoying their companionship.

When Joanie came into my life, I felt the same as I did with Allina and Mikko.  I had this sense of comfort, of happiness from just being with her.  This, is what I want and need from dolls right now.  Simple pleasures, quiet moments, playtime.  maybe someday when we have a home again, I will have more time to be creative and have different thoughts when it comes to dolls.  For now, it’s all about pure companionship.

I now begin to re-home anyone that does not make me feel the companionship I seek.

I have listed Ane Thea Ema Bia for sale.

Very hard for me to do, but very necessary.

I have also listed the wooden trunk I made for her, here:

At this moment in time (but it could change) my plan is to re-home Dollstown Seola, Dollzone Kay and Ani, Girls of Many Lands (India one, can’t think of her name), Miette and the 1/6th scale items and dolls when I return to Colorado next year.  I plan on going through every doll item I have (thank goodness I sorted most of them out the last couple of times I was home) and be selling anything that doesn’t fit my current doll world.  A year is a good time to see if that is the right thing to do and going home and seeing how I feel about it all will then be the final test.

I plan on keeping Charlotte and Saraband because the china’s Victorian world is not a cross over into mine.  Charlotte and Saraband have a parlour and continue to live a Victorian life without any help or input from me.  They are the ones I love to look at, love to imagine their lives and conversations.  I have never had any trouble leaving them when I travel. 

I really want just one dolly world where everyone, including me is a part of it, and we are not having separate lives, living in separate rooms, different time periods, having separate stories, right now this is just not where I am at.  Companion seeking has just all been too hard on me over the last two years. I have a very deep and strong need for cheerful or expressive faces, where I feel a connection, not just through admiration of the doll, but through a relationship.  I just can’t continue to fuss and fret over who is coming and who is staying behind.  This year, while here in Hawaii, I will play and spend time with a couple of new dolls, Joanie and one other, both of the same ilk.  When I return to the mainland next year, I am sure I will know what the next step is.

Joanie’s New Room

Joanie’s bed arrived today!  It is absolutely perfect for her.  Just the right size and I like how it is low to the ground for her short little legs.  The rocker is the same way, so this is working really nice for her room.

2011-06-13 001 This is her new room.

2011-06-13 005 My find at the thrift shop today was the miniature radio, which is a real working radio.  It takes a square battery, so until I get one, I really don’t know if it works.  But oh, how I love the look of it and it was only $1.99!

2011-06-13 006 I found this wall plaque for her, and because it has the number 7 on it, we agreed Joanie will be forever 7 years old.

2011-06-13 002 I have no idea why I find so many toilets for dolls.  This one was too cute to pass up.  It needs a lid, but for now, it is a perfect size.  My daughter found a white 1930’s style toilet that was white with green polka dots.  I had to laugh, at home in CO, I have a green sink in the same scale in green with white polka dots!  I will be saving them both for Audrey and Hammie.  Perfect for them.

2011-06-13 004 But the bed is such a delight.  I am really happy with it. 

2011-06-13 014In one of the grab bags was some Hawaiian fabric.  I was surprised to find one was an actual dress that fits her!  It is in a Hawaiian print, so she now has her official muumuu.  Also in a grab bag, there was a Madeline doll, so she got that too.  She is a happy girl this evening!

Working on It

I spent most of yesterday revamping my various blogs with an all new look.  I loved the themes and visuals and it helped me feel more creative. 

I changed The Problem with Pixies blog to Cabinet Cabaret, as I am thinking on possibly just letting what happens in the cabinet happen on it’s own, with me taking a snapshot now and then.  This involves a more adult type story with Ane Thea and 1/6th scale figures.  To help my thoughts on that, I am working on a personality sheet for each character.  So even if no story is yet posted to this blog, it is in the works.  If nothing comes out of my head and I don’t get a feel for it, they all get sent packing home.  So far, I do feel a bit of a stir of ideas, I just need to harvest it.  The basic idea is that they create their world inside a locked cabinet.  Entertain themselves, so to speak.  That blog is here:

Then I created a new blog for the tiny creatures I have.  I am working on a personality worksheet on them too.  One of the blog templates had Kimiko as the theme, so I decided it would be fun to run with that idea….little Kitty Bye (Hello Kitty figure) would be seeking her frog prince, Kimiko.  This will be their “holy grail” seeking Kimiko.  Nothing more dramatic than that.  lol.  when I was at the park with them the other day, I sort of had a feeling out how they are so different from each other just by looking at them, so it may be fun just letting them play off of each other.  That new blog is here:

I did want to keep them separate, letting them each be their own little world that I can enter when I feel like it. 

My Companion blog remains my main dolly world thoughts and doings.  That got a new look as well, but I plan on adding individual portraits of each of my dolls in the sidebars.

I unfortunately accidently deleted my blogroll, so that needs to be rebuilt too.

Lastly, if anyone is interested, I revamped my travel blog, which is mostly for my family to get photo’s of where I am and family type photo’s.  Any Hawaii photo’s I take are here too, and when I am on the truck, that is recorded there.  Nothing to do with dolls, just personal things:

Zwergnase Alma Gets A Name

I decided on a very unique name for my Zwerg, as Alma just didn’t fit her at all.  The name game is always hard, so many names I really like, but the more I hunt through the name books, the further away from the right name I get.  It’s like picking out a present for someone else, I know what “I” like, but what someone else would like always seems so elusive.  I shut the book, looked at her, thought that the most suitable name would not be exotic or unusual, it would be sweet and nurturing, soft to say, plain.


I gave her the name of Joanie Claire.  I have never known a Joanie and never had a dolly by that name, so I have no associations with it.  It is truly her own name combination.


Yesterday I took with me to run errands.  By wrapping a pillowcase around her, she sat in my purse and was fine.  I smiled when I held her in the sunlight streaming through the window onto her face and it did not matter.  She was not about to turn yellow like resin can.  She was not vulnerable to chipping or anything.  I felt a sense of ease with her.  I delighted in her presence and each time I looked down into my purse, her sunshiny face just beamed at me.  Sweet Joanie Claire!  I am bonding with her immediately.  She has not left my side for one moment. 


I also undid her braids last night, her wig is hand rooted onto a cloth base with mohair and I believe human hair and is lovely.  I rubbed my hands with a drop of coconut oil and did a french braid so I could see the possibilities of simple hair style changes.  She can have braids or buns at the ears, braids across the top and pigtails, twists to the back.  Her hair is strong and in excellent condition.


2011-05-27 060  2011-05-27 0402011-05-27 0352011-05-27 037


I love her hair.  I am hoping it lasts a long time with all her future play times, I will keep an eye out for a human hair wig and may replace it some day.  Until then, I will make her bonnets to protect it.  I think perhaps a 1930’s style clothing will suit her best, high yokes and bonnets, like the old Shirley Temple dresses.  I think onsies will work better for her than the usual panties.  I noticed that the only patterns I see so far available for a 13 inch (I measure her at 13.5 inches) is Shirley Temple, baby dolls and Lissette (antique style) which is too old for her.  With her cloth body, I will have to either get use to it being exposed or create old fashioned clothing to cover up.  I am not too worried about it, the only thing I am not sure about is how to make a bathing suit.  I think we’ll be going to the beach on Wednesday.


Speaking of, I had left behind Evie’s beach umbrella, sand pail, hula dress and lei and towel.  I am so glad I did, it fits her perfectly!