A Christmas Box from Anne-Marie and Peggy-Sue!

Christmas 2012 008Christmas 2012 009

Rosey was absolutely astonished that she received a Christmas box this year!  A beautiful Christmas card too, one that was written JUST FOR HER!  ‘’My very own Christmas card!’’ she whispered.  And a red ribbon for her hair….now she could be pretty for Christmas!

Christmas 2012 010

She carefully unwrapped the most lovely tea set she had ever seen!  They had a little Hummel girl on them and Rosey was delighted! “Meredith Bear and I can have proper tea parties now!’’

Christmas 2012 011Christmas 2012 012Christmas 2012 013Christmas 2012 014

Rosey never had a Christmas decoration of her own either!  She sends her warmest thank you’s to Anne-Marie and Peggy Sue!

She also received a lion brooch from Santa.  Oh so pretty!

Christmas 2012 015Christmas 2012 016

And then there was one more present….a strange looking present.  What could this be?

Christmas 2012 017Christmas 2012 019Christmas 2012 021Christmas 2012 022Christmas 2012 024Christmas 2012 025

No matter what she tried to do, it made the most horrid noise!  Screeching and hurting poor Meredith Bear’s ears.

Christmas 2012 026

Meredith asked her to please stop.  Rosey just wasn’t sure just why she received such a gift, it made terrible noise and she thought maybe Santa must have mixed up the presents somehow.  ‘’This must really be for a musician” she told Meredith.  But Meredith wasn’t so sure.  ‘’Perhaps you are suppose to LEARN how to play it’’. 

Christmas 2012 028  That left Rosey wondering if there were hard lessons ahead.  Oh, oh!

Carrier, Christmas Photo’s


Rosey goes wherever I go.  I love this Happy Doll carrier, it is the most comfortable doll carrier I have ever had.  Slings across my back and I never feel the tug of it.  I love that she has a real down comforter to snuggle under.  I love that I never have to worry about resin scratches or eyelash crushing as I did with other companion dolls.  I love thinking of her warm and snug in the carrier when I am out and about.  However, I realize the poor dear hasn’t any mittens!  Perhaps that might make a nice Christmas present?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.





Rosey is charming me every day.  I really need to photograph her more often.  I also need to find a better form of lighting.  When I had a doll room, I had a wonderful light I could angle and create great shots full of mood and contrast.  I just don’t have good lighting here. 

Evie Wishes You a Merry Christmas

I have to say I am ever so grateful Evie and Yorik are here with me.  I have enjoyed their company and lately, have needed to retreat into their world with any moment I could spare.


Yorik received a camera for Christmas.  He was really excited, now he can record his journeys.  I made him a silk robe too.


We test his camera out.


Evie received a doll and a set of books:

DSC06908 With the last day of her Advent Calendar  opened up, she finally settled down to bed.

DSC06910 She read to her new doll all about Santa.

DSC06950 She got up this morning to watch the children open their presents.  Never once did she let her new dolly go.

DSC06963 But, she said, the dolly can’t talk, she hasn’t a mouth!  I smiled and said, those were the best kind of dollies and winked at her, but she only pretended not to hear me.


I am not sure she should have gotten a dolly after cutting all her hair off.  But I guess I can’t say no to my Evie.


Merry Christmas, Everyone!