A New Dress

Pernille is set to go into Honolulu with me today.  She has on her new Hawaiian dress that I made, which is in a muumuu style with ruffled lace.  She has her purse and rice paper umbrella too!

DSC04542 DSC04514

DSC04524 I wanted to show of photo of how the AG shoes fit her so much better now.  I have ordered a few more AG shoes after selling a vintage Japanese jewelry box. 

While looking for buttons to close up the back I found something in my sewing basket that I had completely forgotten as a option on Pernille’s clothing!  A ZIPPER!  I had a zipper that was light blue and fit 3/4 of the length of her dress, wow!  I have sewn for such small ones for so long that standard zippers were just not an option.  I was so happy about this.  I now wished I had grabbed the bagged up zippers I saw in the thrift shop last week.  They were all new, about 20 of them for $2.99.  Sigh.

In other news, Joanie Claire is on her way to St Petersburg, Russia.  What an adventure awaits her!  I am so happy she is going to a wonderful home full of love and happiness. 


Joanie Claire

I have made the decision to re-home Joanie Claire.  With my new found addiction to Zwergnase, believe me, this decision is very hard. 

Yes, I have gone through many dolls in the last few years.  Wow, always searching, trying to find the right one. From size considerations, skin types (resin, wood and vinyl), to reconfiguring Evie, all through these many phases I feel as though I have found my one and only companion.  Just like that, love at first sight and without a doubt or hesitation, Lilly is my long searched for girl.

I am grateful to Joanie for introducing me to Zwergnase and for opening that door for me.  I think I have gone through just about every type of doll now, from antique to modern, from tiny to large, from manufactured to artist made.  I think I needed to do that, I needed to find the different things that pleased me about certain types so that when I held the right companion, I knew what to expect from the way it was made.  Joanie completed the cloth body experiment, and Lilly completed the search.

I will most likely get another Zwergnase when the right one comes available and within my price range, but I will be very careful to make sure she is the same size as Lilly.  I am in no hurry, I want to spend all of my time with Lilly right now, get to know her, play with her, just enjoy her companionship.  Frank has been packed up and ready to go home, I want nothing else to distract me from being with Lilly.  I want to practice a one and only companionship for the year I am here.  I have been talking about it for so long and here is my chance to see how that works!


Remember the days when we just had to wait for the mailman in order to see if something we were waiting for would arrive?


Today, we can watch the tracking information and know it all like looking in a crystal ball.  Wow.

Today, Lilly Lucille will arrive and I am so beside myself with excitement.  I suppose I didn’t have the same kind of excitement with Joanie Claire because I did not know what to expect since she was my first Zwergnase (and first cloth body since my childhood).  I know what to expect now and I cannot wait!  Hurry mailman!  I am waiting by the door!  lol.

Another few finds yesterday, one being something that I have no use for, but knew I would regret it someday if I didn’t grab it.  It was a metal vanity table and shelves, that I found in one part of the store, and then I found the bed in another, each piece was 99 cents. 

2011-07-10 005

I also found Lilly Lucille a blankie of her own with Pooh bear and a funny Gund turtle dressed like the hare.  He has a fluffy bunny tail and ears.  The bride and groom is for a story someday.

2011-07-10 0062011-07-10 009

I also found some boots that came from an 18 inch doll and another Sanrio doll with a hello Kitty outfit on. 

2011-07-10 0112011-07-10 012She is 16 inches tall and slender, so none of the clothes would fit anyone I have, but I could not resist the $1.99 price as I wanted the sandals.  Shoes are extremely hard to come by in thrift shops, and whether or not I have a companion that they will fit, I want to grab them, you never know who will need shoes in the future.  The purse is adorable too, but more than likely I will sew it on a dress as it is really a beaded patch.

I also took Joanie’s furniture out of the citrus room and put Frank and his stuff there.  Of course nothing he had went well in there except the jukebox. 

2011-07-10 0142011-07-10 0162011-07-10 0172011-07-10 018

Yet, I thought about how it could in a weird way work and ideas popped into my head about it.  It would need bamboo flooring and a bar, chairs and a tables.  None of this is “arranged” I just emptied his box that I was sending home, just to see the scale and possibility of it all.  So far, I have left it and since it is at the end of my bed, I look at it at night and already a story seems to be developing.  I am still not sure whether I want to do it, I will wait until Lilly settles in and I know what I want to do with the girls and their “stuff”.  For now, I set Joanie’s bed and dresser on my night stand.

2011-07-10 013

Where is the mailman????  I cannot be any more ready to meet Lilly than I am right now!

Mohair Sweater

It was a bit nerve wracking, as I had only one skein of this mohair yarn, but I was able to complete the sweater *whew* and I just love it!  I tried to extend beyond my usual conservative knitting and added 5 antique shell buttons on each side to go with the more eclectic look of Zwergnase’s clothing designs.  I need to push myself to do this.  My instant reaction was to remove the last two buttons to remove the bulking at the armpits, but then I thought, no….this is the look I am wanting to try, layered, oversized, mismatched clothing.

I was studying the Zwergnase clothes yesterday and love the looks of many fabrics, unusual combinations and the general over sized look.  For the first time ever, I forced myself to buy bigger shoes than her feet and now cannot imagine Joanie wearing fitted shoes.  I will ne now looking at the clothing in the thrift shops, seeking the fabrics to make her clothing.

2011-07-03 010 2011-07-03 015 This sweater was a breeze to make, usually I hair messing with furry yarn, so I am glad I bought it.  A thrift shop find, it was 99 cents, made of mohair and wool blend.

I did not go with the family to the fireworks display yesterday, as it was a place here at Schofield, known to be packed as it had live bands and concession stands.  I had no desire to be around so many people and so much noise, so I stayed home.  when I heard the fireworks, I went outside and stood in the driveway, just holding Joanie and watching the fireworks with her.  The was a misty rain coming down and something so magical about that private moment shared with a companion.

Another note, I came to fins out that my Pixie is going to a very good home, a fellow doll lover who was looking for a sister to her Kaye Wiggs doll.  I told her about our group, I hope she comes to play!

Goodbye Pixie

I see that Planetdoll Elf Renee did sell today.  So did her travel case.  I have to admit a few heart pounding feelings about it all, but I know it is the right thing to do.  It was a wonderful idea when I was sitting on a truck and imagining it all, but it was too complicated and too small in reality.  Simplicity and larger scale is best here and now.

Last night I packed up Frank and his gang (minus Arnold, who has been bided on) and set the box in the closet.  I put Joanie’s room up on top of my armoire, so that photo’s would be at eye level view.  It’s a bit high, but my youngest grandson cannot reach it and that is a plus for Joanie and I.  I was able to then put her armoire on the bookcase making it a better level for me to access.  I love it, I want so much to paint it and decorate it, but until I am absolutely sure of the eventual style of Joanie and her room, it is best to leave it alone.  I think it will be fun to have the oranges as her room while here in Hawaii, but eventually I will make it a soft and more old fashioned room.  I have lots of ideas and love to muse about them all.  I am in no hurry.

I had an inspiration and let the idea move into a fun direction.  I thought of Joanie having a very different kind of blog, one that she herself shows the drawings that she makes.  It’s all an experiment and I will see how it works for both her and I.  I want to try something I have never done before. 

That new blog is here: http://joanieclaire.blogspot.com/

Packing up the 1/6th stuff gave me a much needed relief.  So much so, that I half wonder if I should go ahead and let that go all go too.  I would like to keep Frank and let him have a permanent display sitting in a tiki bar with the hula girl, much like the permanent display of Charlotte and Saraband in their room.  With Frank,  all of the Asian re-ment would work.

I have such a desire to refine and define everything.  I definitely want another Zwergnase, I am hoping to find one the same size as Joanie so they can share shoes and clothing.  Fingers crossed that I can.  I already know her name, Lilly Lucille. In that fabulous shoes set I got, there are a couple of matching pairs of shoes and that has just got to mean something.  lol.


Doll for Sale, More Pillow Cases

2011-07-01 007-Pillowcase Dresses Yesterday I was very lucky, one of the thrift shops we went to had 1/2 off all bedding.  I found plenty of pillow cases!  Most were $1.99 and a couple were $2.99 so that was a perfect solution for my sewing pillow case dresses.  The last photo I want to make a apron, pinafore or bonnet.  It is linen with embroidery.  It’s hard to see the fabrics (you can click to enlarge) but I didn’t capture the soft colours as well.  I chose either very soft vintage cottons or those with an interesting border.  I’ll write more about them as I make the individual dresses.  I see I forgot to photograph a plain blue case, which I want to make an Alice type dress from.

I also found a Viola with a bow that makes real music!  Another blanket, which I forgot to photograph these things.  I have found that those cute baby woobies made for babies, that have a stuffed animal in the middle, well I have found it is very easy to snip off the threads that hold the animal in the center and that then provides a perfect traditional type blanket for a doll bed with nice satin binding. 

The last thing I found was a tea set, I had not wanted to get one, as Joanie does have a teapot, but it was a a very cheap price and complete, so what the heck.  I plan on purchasing one more Zwergnase, so tea parties just may be in the future! 

I bought a Paradise Horses doll, which I just wanted the boots she was wearing.  They were nice and solid, would make good rain or mud boots, so it was worth buying the whole doll for them.  I could not find any information about the doll, nor any photo’s of her.  She is 18”, she is American Girls size and I believe could fit all AG clothes and accessories.  She has ball joints in the hips and shoulders.  If you are interested, she is listed on eBay here for a $10 starting bid:


2011-07-01 028

Today is a sewing day for me.  I will first finish up Joanie’s mohair sweater and then begin on the pillow cases.  Happiness!

Daisy Pillow Case Dress

This dress I am not as pleased with.  It was a well washed vintage pillow case in pale blue with white daisies and purple dots.  I should have made a white pan collar and kept it simple.  But with the purple dots, I remembered that I had an Angel patch I could use and then I embroidered purple trim.  It just doesn’t look as charming as the collar would have.  I am certainly not going to pick off all the embroidery!

2011-06-27 001  But the feel of the dress is really nice, I just loved this kind of cotton.  I used the opened edge of the pillow case as the bottom hem of her dress, using the full go-around, opening up the one seem on the side and putting it in the back to make a larger opening to dress her in.  I used snaps on this dress as my pearl shell buttons are only going on the best dresses.  This pattern I drew up is very simple and suits her very well.  The 3/4 length sleeves cover to to her vinyl an are snug enough to stay put.  Later, after I took these photo’s I removed the Angel patch and left the embroidery.  Better, but something is still not right. 

2011-06-27 0042011-06-27 002

It appears that Joanie Claire is much more of an old fashioned girl than I realized.  Pants seem all wrong now, as I had put her in them before I started sewing for her and it was causing me to see her short legs as a distortion.  Now, with full dresses, her legs are not at all too short or distorted.  Her hair being down gives me that delight of seeing her look so Victorianish with the big bow.  I had bought small barrettes at the craft store, so I can make permanent bows since I don’t have an iron to periodically straighten out tied ribbons.

I have been looking at the Shirley Temple pattern I bought.  I can see that they are too small, which is easy to adjust, but also way too short in the dress length.  This pattern is for 13 inch Shirley, but I think maybe the 15 inch pattern would fit better.  The thing I have noticed about vintage doll patterns is that they used more seam bindings, facings and rolled hemming and not a lined bodice, which I prefer.  Facings are fine for coats and jackets, but in a dress, I think they are more work than just doubling up the bodice pattern pieces and having a nice finish to the dress.  On an A line dress, I still create the lining, but let the inside lining become the slip, usually in white with lace at the edge.  Anyways, I will be looking more carefully at the Shirley pattern to see what I can enlarge for Joanie and it if will suit her.

I have a few ideas for Joanie, the dress style will probable stay the same for the most part and I will make them different with collars, trims and such.  I also think I can change up the looks with pretty pinafores, where I can put some time into hand embroidery.  I also think Amish style caps will be perfect for her, and Juliet caps too.  I will be looking into patterns for them. I also would love to do some smocking and white work embroidery.

Lastly, I want to make another onsie, this one with snaps around the waist so that I can make a petticoat that can snap on.  Her waist is too easily scrunched and I cannot help think how uncomfortable that is!  lol.