The saga of finding the best sewing place has been on-going and actually prevented me from sewing.  An excuse, yes.  But a true story.  lol.

This table I found at the charity shop for £5 last summer and it is so fabulous.  The moment I saw it, I knew I wanted it for a sewing table.  Solid hard wood with a laminated top in excellent condition.  In a small flat, perfect that it folds down to nothing.  However, every place that I placed it, was in a spot where opening it up meant it could not permit walking around it.  Then one day I placed it next to my bed, but well…Rosey ended up getting it for floor space in her room.  Cute….but then it was too much work to dismantle to sew.  Lastly, I placed it under the window in our bedroom so that I could sew there, but today that proved a very stupid idea.  Not only did the cold come around the window drapes, but opening them for the light made it sufferably cold to sit by.  Also, it meant I would have to take it down before husband went to bed, otherwise, he’d have to do some crawling from the end of the bed.  Not happening.

I dragged the poor table to the front lounge with every intent to put it back in the bedroom by the end of the day.  The only reason is that it is dark wood, we have white furniture and a couple of natural light wood pieces in the room.  But oh, how it worked so well.  I was able to sit in my desk chair, wheel between the table and my desk, I had plenty of light (my sewing machine does not have a light) and I got to sit right next to the radiator!  HAPPINESS!  When husband came home and I told him of my situation, he was fine with it staying in the front lounge as long as I promise to put it back in the bedroom if the Queen comes to visit.

So happily, I sewed.  Fabric stash is dismal.  When I think of the tons of fabrics I use to have….sigh.  But I am thankful  to have ANY so enough of that.






Threading the bobbin bullet.  I am so tickled that this machine was made in the UK, ended up in America (I bought it from a seller in Texas) it was shipped to Colorado and now back in the UK.  Savvy traveller!

So I am back to hand cranking away…loving every moment of it too!