No Name Yet

I still have not found the right name for the little one.  I can tell she is going to require a very special name.  After searching through hundreds, she is still not satisfied.

2012-05-11 009 I gently washed her hair, which is hair that is glued on, I see a seam down the centre part, but other than that, it is glued to the scalp.  I washed the ends to take away the frizz and dust, and it falls in lovely curls now.

2012-05-11 012 I wish I could capture her on film.  She is not very photogenic, but in person, she is marvellous in her colouring and in her face and eyes.

2012-05-11 007 I wish I knew who she was.  I wish she would say her name!

The boys….well they are being boys.

2012-05-10 019 2012-05-10 021

2012-05-10 020They spend a lot of time in the window and plotting something.  I hope the window washer didn’t give them any ideas.

2012-05-10 001