First Bite

I kept trying to find my dolly world again.

I was given some Christmas money, and actually had the chance to bring a new (inexpensive) doll into the fold.  Would that help inspire me?   Would I find a new love?  I found several antique dolls that caught my attention and of course the Zwergnase’s that still cause me such a longing to possess one again.  But something was holding me back too.  I have done that for so many years…reached out for the elusive doll that will bring something to my life.

I went back into the study and tried to find that which once existed in each doll that remain.  So many memories in those faces!  Of course, I do realise that I am giving it too much thought and this sort of thing just can’t be rationalised.  I picked up Audrey.  She was missing her eyes and wig.  Her faceup was scratched.  I wondered how that happened, since I have not played with her since I did that face up.  I picked up Rosie.  Come, on, old girl…give me that look that melts the ice within me!  Rosie’s wig had come loose and fell off.  Sigh, these were just not the magical moments I was hoping for.

Unfortunately, wigs and eyes and all accessories and clothes are buried deep in boxes yet unpacked because I have nothing to sort the items into.  This hindrance fosters the inertia and

keeps me just hanging about staring at dolls who stare back with just as much lack lustre in their souls as I have.  What a bunch we are!

  I don’t know why, I picked up Maris and brought her to my desk.  There was no particular reason to.  The most recent and the most neglected of the bunch.  I had made only one ill fitting dress and at best she sat by my computer and we looked at each other silently many a time.  Her face up is bad too.  I think that purity seal was not good.  I see rubs.  So I ordered some Mr Super Clear and will redo any faces that have suffered.  I think it is only Audrey and Maris that got redo’s with that brand of sealer.

Maris (Iplehosue Luna) is larger that my old Evie.  None of Evie’s remaining clothes fit her.  The antique style leather shoes I have do, better than they fit Evie at the time.  Silly clodhopper looking shoes though.  So I took off the appalling dress and put on a chemise and antique handmade lace trimmed underskirt.  I found Alina’s soft blue scarf and put that around Maris’ shoulders.  Soon I was pulling some wool out of the yarn box and starting a dress.You have to start somewhere, I thought to myself…just do something….anything!  Maris smiled, I swear she did!  I gave her a Rudyard Kipling antique small book to read.  My knitting I am sure will take ages.

So the knitting was started and we occasionally looked at each other and I was hearing a faint voice from her.  So deep breath and knit.  See what happens.


Peach Dress for Spring

2013-03-15 0012013-03-15 004

I guess I am always going to need something in my hands when I watch soaps or a film.  So I threw this on the pins and hope to make a nice spring dress for Rosey.  The crochet part is the upper yoke, their will be either short sleeves or a ruffle.  I don’t know why I do this when there is something else I want to do.  It’s getting really strange.

I have not been happy with my camera’s bleached out blue tinted photo’s and found some filter settings I had not seen before, one called vintage.  Not a sepia or black and white, but more of the old kodachrome look with more green tinting.  I will see how it looks over the next batch of photo’s, I noticed that the peach really stood out more with this filter in the above photo’s.  I am still being a chicken and not trying new patterns, sticking to what I know.  But I do like the cool cotton and it is a lovely colour, all perfect for spring.

Undies Done

I finally got the bottom bloomers to the camisole or vest finished.

2013-03-12 001

I wanted the bottoms to button on.  This turned out as I imagined it (rare these days) and I am happy with the results. 

2013-03-12 0032013-03-12 004

These are two side pieces seemed in the front and back centre and then the inseams.  I suppose it could be used as a summer pyjama’s. 

My illness continues, which is knocking me down daily.  I have no energy at all.  But I am craving to sew and I hope each day that I revive enough to actually get to have some fun.  As always, Rosey sticks close to my side and tries to make me smile by reciting nonsense poems. I think this child thinks of nothing but teacakes!

The Food Chain

The doughnut asked the butter scone, Is it time for tea?
It is, replied the Kunzel cake, I hope they don’t eat me!
The sausage breathed a heavy sigh, At least it’s not yet dinner,
And if they skipped that dratted course they’d end up so much thinner.

But what about that breakfast thing? the cornflake glumly cried,
OK for you, the egg yoke said, at least you won’t be fried!
The bread it gulped a gulpy gulp, I hope they don’t want toast,
And the ginger snaps did softly chant, Please eat the Sunday roast.

While jelly sat upon its plate and shivered in the sun,
Oh, being in the Food Chain, it really isn’t fun!

Rosey’s Style

2013-02-24 0012013-02-24 004

I finally after much delay, finished the wool lime dress.  I decided to keep the sleeves short as we are heading into spring anyways.  Two shell buttons on the back are the closure.  This was knitted in all one piece, sewn under the arms and down the sides.

2013-02-17 009

I have been searching for a style for Rosie, I really feel I am not keeping her in anything that I feel really bring her out.

As summer is approaching, I will  be dropping the knitting and sewing more. I researched for idea, and I think I might have stumbled upon a look I think will be good on her.

1920sKids Fashion-1920s-children-catalog-page-from-free-vintage-digistamp-729x1024I really like the 1920’s styles, so as I found the photo’s I became more and more interested. 



Then I stumbled on Dolly Dingle and I was hooked.  lol.

220px-1922_Dolly_Dingle_by_Grace_Drayton Wish Rosey as this plump!  How adorable!

ddingledolly dinglegdollyd2


All I need is to see the shapes, the trims, the style of it, I can make the pattern myself.  Plenty here to give me a direction anyways for summer.

I have been wanting to crochet an undergarment, which I started today, ecru fine cotton.  I have a basic idea, sort of like this:

antique  eBay - Maxthon Browser

I want more thickness on the shoulders, and perhaps bloomers that button onto the vest.  It’ll be designed as I crochet, lol.  My usual method of madness.

First Snow Where We Live in Scotland

2013-02-05 003

Having our first snow was really exciting for me, even though my husband cursed.

So exciting, we all decided that the moment husband left for work at 5:30 am, we all got dressed and went out to play in the snow…in the dark.  I had a feeling it would all be gone in no time, and so we decided to take advantage of the moment. 

Here is the story:

In the second photo…my husband is walking down the path to catch the bus and train to work.  I  am pretty sure he was still cursing!  There are I think 4 or 5 parts to this little story, which wasn’t planned at all, but I will have it lead into the subject I had planned on, which will have to wait until next week.  I was surprised to get any photo’s at all.

Here it is when the sun came up, which lasted all of a couple of minutes, then the rain came and the snow is already gone.  I am so glad we ventured out in the dark, even though it felt sort of scary.

2013-02-05 046

2013-02-05 048

2013-02-05 049

Rosey’s lime & cocoa dress is coming along, normally I make each panel separate, but I am yearning to try different ways just to amuse myself.  So far, I plan on crocheting a lacy collar in cocoa and making long sleeves but not sure yet as to the stripes.  I thought maybe I would do the opposite stripes in the sleeves and make matching leggings to the sleeves.

Lots of planning going on for a joint effort, co-authored doll story blog which I will post a link to once it is up and running and ready to be announced.  It will be a while yet, but the planning part is the most fun anyways.  I will be tying some of Rosey’s blog to that one and I will talk about the production and designs ‘’backstage’’ here.

Winter Wool


I made a sweater for Rosey.  I usually make sleeves separately but I made this one all in one piece with seams under the arm and down the sides.  I found a very old tin button and although I made the button to go to the back, I like it better in the front.


I then out of the blue, made a fun hat for Rosey out of this yarn that knits up like a sheep’s pelt.


I crochet a fine black wool band around the neckline of the hat and added a wooden button.  I wished I had more of this yarn, it would have made a fabulous winter coat.  I am a little peeved that so far we have not had but ONE day where there were snow flurries but nothing stuck to the ground.  For all this rain we have had since the moment we arrived last April, I am irritated that there wasn’t at least a winter storm to lend a feeling that the weather actually changes in Scotland. 


On the pins now, is a fine wool in lime and cocoa.  I should have plenty to make a gathered long sleeved dress and perhaps leggings.


I am not making anything co-ordinated, a hat that goes with nothing and another dress without the effort of learning a new pattern.  I am sticking to a safe zone for some reason and not extending myself.  I hope this soon passes.

Overdue Update

I have been ill.  Not the easy, get over it kind.  Hoping to be in a better place in my heart and mind in the coming days.  On the mend with new medication.


Being ill hasn’t helped me be a better knitter.  Gads this thing was certainly creative but it did not suit Rosey at all.  What was I thinking?


It suited my Sasha much better, so I quickly knitted up a skirt has she had nothing to wear with the sweater.  I barely made it as I was running out of yarn.  Working with her, I admired as I always do, the fine quality of Sasha’s and the beauty of their bodies.  I love absolutely everything about them except one, I dislike the eyes.  The eyes have always bothered me.  They are lifeless to me.  If only this Sasha had glass eyes, I think she would easily be a favourite.


I have been going through new-dolly withdrawals.  I really wish it would stop.  I find myself searching endlessly for a doll and even though I rarely find one that catches my attention, I still now and then wonder if it is time to truly let completely go of this habit.  All I have to do is ask myself what would a new doll bring me that I haven’t already got in some form?  I have babies, children and adults, I have small and medium size, I have bears and trolls, I have characters, I have antique and modern, vinyl, resin, china, bisque and wood.  Anything else would be more of the same, just different sizes I suppose.  I think I am grasping at something to spark an inspiration.  New dolls always bring new promises.

I recently bid on a handful of dolls that were dirt cheap and needed TLC and I lost on all of them, two recent ones in the very last seconds!  One by one, I lost.  I wasn’t upset, as I really didn’t need any of them. it just made it feel so much more out of reach.

I still am not playing with the ones I already have, I merely look at them and occasionally change their positions.  Is it because I am not feeling well that the malaise transfers to them?  All I have to do is ask myself seriously, what has this doll that is garnering attention online got that Rosey hasn’t…or any of the others for that matter? 


I watch and listen and imagine the dolls talking and playing, but I feel as though I am just a spectator.  I can’t seem to harness the stories like I use to.  I often walk by wondering why, when I have all the time in the world to play, I don’t.