Decision Time

I finally found my mojo to get going in the direction I needed to go in and do it with bravery and a positive outlook.

It was looming large in my heart and mind and the time is growing shorter, the decisions had to be made.  I have no idea when I can return yet to Colorado, not until my son in law knows his return date.  I may have 1 week, I may have up to 4 weeks before we leave, but whatever time I have, I will have more than enough on my plate to decide the fate of all our household goods, pack what we want to take and clear the rest out of the apartment in that short time.  I promised myself that I would be clear about what needs to be done BEFORE I stepped foot in the door.  This is about everything, not just dollies.  My husband sends photo’s of things in closets and drawers and bookshelves, I make notes and we talk about what to keep.  So at least we are prepared for the mad rush when I return.

Anyways, my dolly decisions came in two parts, what to do with the companions I now have and what about all their clothing, shoes and stuff.  I agonized over it and felt defeated and trapped by it.  Indecision was always at the helm and frustrated me.  One thing I learned about the trials of dollies on the truck was that there was no way to truly predict my dollies needs in advance.  So I tossed the idea of size matters out the window.  Then I thought about my dolly play and what brings me the biggest joy.  Stuff and nonsense!  lol.  I love to play and play, and the items the dolls have mean a great deal to me.  So that had to be a part of decision.

Next, I closed my eyes and thought about each doll.  I love the ones I have, each has a special place in my heart, but I realized that not only because of the long separation, but because of all the traveling that some just haven’t been played with in a long time and I was not quite as close to them as I once was.  I tried to figure out the differences, why one would be picked up and not another.  This one was harder for me and I am sure I concentrated so hard that I began to dream about the dolls in my sleep, which is how Evie came on so strong and she is on her way here.  I do believe that until I figured out what to do about Evie, nothing else could be decided.  I had thought Pernille could replace her, but in the end, she could not.  Not my Evie.

Once Evie became my focus, I looked carefully at some of her things that I had so lovingly found for her, her bicycle, her antique blue plate, her heart shaped spoon.  These things were so precious to see again and the desire to keep them was ultimately strong.  Then it hit me…..the dolls that I love AND the items I had collected were strangely the same size!  My woodens and Evie are in the same scale!  In fact, Allina and Mikko fit Evie’s clothes and shoes and can use her stuff!  I was so excited to come to this realization from a different point of view than I had been taking.

So that took me to studying my dolls and their stuff and I saw clearly that it made no sense to bring anyone who could not share the same things.  Oh, how this would cut down the amount of clothing and shoes and accessories by TONS!  Barbie scale, dollhouse scale, American Girl scale….and Evie scale.  I dropped it to Evie scale and realized that I had exactly all the dolly stuff I loved the most AND the dollies I loved the most.  The ones who have given me the most in my heart, had traveled with me, had brought out a part of me that brought me such joy.

Evie, Allina, Mikko and Jollyann, along with Yorik (who also shares the same scale because he is not a full SD) are the chosen ones to move to Scotland with us.  Olivia the Pig is going, but she is an entity of her own.  Five dolls is the right amount, which allows for some shared items too.

Miette, Audrey, Hammie, Girl of Many Lands (India), Sarabond, Misc Barbies, Pernille and all of their things are moving on.  This decision cleared out all my excessive re-ment, barbie stuff, tiny shoes and clothes.  I was shocked to see how much Pernille had collected too, of AG sized things.  It was getting out of hand.

Charlotte is going to be left at my parents, as she is a family heirloom.  I may send for her one day, but not until we are totally settled.  She is also of the same scale as Evie.  How perfect is that?  lol.

While I am letting Frank and his Babe go before I leave, I am keeping him right now to enjoy how they look together.  I switched out Stepping Out Barbie’s body for a jointed one, not being able to get the neck joint out (it was different than the one on the jointed body, her head now is loose and can look up and down and works out fabulously!  Here they are on top of the cabinet:

DSC05629 What a fun couple they are!  lol.  She is kicking her shoe off.  I kept all his booze bottles for now.  I think they will be having lots of parties until I leave.  lol.

I have tons of stuff on eBay right now, including Pernille and her 24 pairs of shoes (did I really buy that many?) and re-ments, etc:

I will be selling the above mentioned dolls and their things in late March or April.  Everything I sell is starting at 99 cents, with no reserve and I will not be relisting anything that does not sell.  I will donate them instead.

It feels really good and the decision feels right in my heart.