I am not sure if I hate the ability to see how many watchers there are on a selling auction or I like it.  I have so many watchers on old Evie’s body.  I know the majority are just watching to see what happens, but for me, it creates pins and needles sensations.  Will someone bid?  How will I feel about that?

Gads, too much time on my hands to worry and wonder.  I am so PO’d about getting delayed on home time.  Steam is coming out of my ears.  She is waiting for me, I am waiting for her.  Even my husband commented on her being with us on the next run, saying it might be best never to leave her behind again.  I am tickled that he was tuning into my angst, but it’s true.  I don’t care if I become known as the crazy doll lady who totes her doll everywhere she goes.  When I am old I will wear purple.  I am old.  lol.

I started a lacy knit sweater for her, but I really don’t know this body.  It is very different from all other MSD size bjd’s.  I found this comparison on DOA (let me know if you want credit for the photo):

I’ve read that she can use many things from SD and MSD but not all in either.  I see the gap that someone in my group mentioned in Planet Dolls abdomen that she didn’t care for.  The one on the right is Olwen’s (DZ Fei) size and of course, most MSD’s are made as mini adults.  So Seola (left) is huge for MSD size.  It’s funny to me that if you see Seola alone in photo’s she looks like a thin tiny waif, but she is quite substantial.

Anyways, I stopped knitting the sweater until I know what size she really is, I don’t want to guess.  I have two gorgeous sweaters from Sisko that were made for Evan and Evie with matching hats.  Little Evie will wear them, even if they are large on her, I think that it will be cute for her to wear oversized sweaters this winter.  Her head fits an 8-9 wig, so she can wear Evie’s hats and wear the sunglasses.  I also have some vintage clothes that need to be repaired that were Evie size, but with little Evie’s body, I can take them in and salvage the fabric that was torn and worn in the seams.

I adore her body.  It is truly a child’s body.  I can’t wait to make her little summer tops and jumpers.   I am starting to doubt that any of Olwen’s clothing I made will fit her.  Olwen was pretty slender.  Sigh.  I NEED to get home NOW!!!!!